SD Gundam Thoughts?

So my first exposure to the Gundam franchise was though the SD Gundam figures and show.


Now from what I’ve heard is most of the fandom isn’t a big fan of the SD. But still love them so much. There so cute and funny in an absurd way and some of the series are actually pretty good at times. The current show SD Gundam World Heroes is actually pretty good.

So I was wondering what you all thought about SD Gundam?

Some sdcs kits are good.

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Haven’t ever gotten into the series, but I think the line is awesome. I dig that not only can you make a chibi version of a cool Mobile Suit, you can also give it cutesy eyes if ya want.

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SD Gundam actually covers a whole bunch of series. Way more than the normal Gundam series, novels, and manga. And they actually released many kits too.

As far as the looks of the SD Gundam in general, the original ones were a little bit too “squished” and the later ones were actually too tall, almost similar to a full MS. The ones that were in PS2 G Generation series seemed to be about okay size.

SD, which originally stands for Super Deformed, almost always have goofy look. So unfortunately, whatever medium they appear in will always associated with some jokingly situations and that make some people not taking the SD looks serious or even dislike them. The later ones seemed to be trying to make SD Gundam more serious, but they still cannot help it and insert some jokingly situations.

well the whole cutsi chibi designs are not my thing. I do have some sd kits that are really impressive. And there are some really fancy good sd kits out their.

I should not that aside from the proportions often restricting posing. Sd kits to look really good often require heavy painting and work. And well really delicate hands to paint complex details.

My preferred gunpla scale are master grades.