Did anybody sign up for this?? Looks awesome!! :smiley:
check out their video:
If you signed up for their beta test goign on rite now PM me and see you ON THE BATTLEFIELD!!

I’m wondering if my crap graphics card will run this.

I’m pretty sure RX-0 is gunna’ be doin’ that. RX-78-2 I think is doin’ a different one though. … on second thought you should probably talk to them to get the details, all that I remember is what RX-0 told me earlier today.

I am going to coordinate you and rx-0s entrance to this I played the KR version and there is already a thread for this now I feel Elite! Yes I will be playing this oh and SFA the graphics card won’t ruin it!

Imma try and get in on it

I’m already signed up to try the beta as well

beta tester woot, woot

No no, what I mean, is if it has too high of a framerate with graphics that I can’t toggle down enough, my graphics card will seppuku all over my craptop.

Just locked in for Beta.

Already have an inactive acct on taiwan server. Can’t bring my awesome hanger of suits to the US one, so i shall ignore. XD

For anyone that hasn’t been selected for beta you can get a closed beta key right here:

Can’t wait! Going to be epic.

You can go ahead and download now!

I only have one question: is it free to play?

Yes it is however this a cash shop too with reasonable prices.

You lost me on that last one…could you Decode that one in English?

I’m sorry I was in a rush. It is free to play however they do have a reasonably priced cash shop for actual money.

Sweet. thanks for Decoding that RX.

I’m all set for Nov. 2nd. Just gotta make sure I can run the game, and if I can, errybody goin down.

Right now im in the middle of Downloading it, and well see what its like when done.

EDIT: Just Signed up on the Game, cant wait for the 2nd Tommorrow

got it, downloaded it, waited for it, still waiting, still waiting… rereading it and realizeing that i read it wrong and it starts tomorrow, opps (facepalm)

Dont worry RX-0, i read it wront too, it happens to all of us. lol