SD Gundam Capsule Fighter

Anyone else playing this now that the full version is out? If so, post up your username.


I’m dl-ing the game now. GNzaku0023 is my screen name

I already did all that, DLed it. Played it a bit, didn’t like it at all. Controls are easy, looks are fine, just didn’t enjoy playing it. Deinstalled it.

I am on and ready to play with you people! My name is Gundam095 off of my korean username BurningGundam095

i am on and my username is RX0

So what’s everyone’s setups right now?
So far I’ve got a GM Quell, 105 Dagger, GM Cannon, Rick Dom, and my crappy Training MS-B.

Here’s my list so far:

Training MS-A
GM II (Titans)
Space Leo
Gundam Mk II
Hamma Hamma
GM Quell

I gotta ask, do you like the quel? Cause I’m loving the hell outta that thing. It’s my best unit so far, and even though it’s a Rank C, It’s doing really well.

Dunno, I just got it actually. As my name suggests, I’ve been using the hell out of Tallgeese

nice, hit me up with a friend request on there and we’ll do some co-op sometime

Anyone still play this?

i’m on almost every day still

Ok, can you explain to me how you aquire blueprints?

I play and I would like to know how to get them too.

They simply drop sometimes at the end of missions. Higher difficulties will get them to you more often. With this recent patch, it’s now somewhat common for GP03 Dendrobium Orchis blueprint to drop from expert missions. I believe I’ve gotten about 7 or 8 of them. You can simply buy most blueprints with points also.

Be sure to log in on Christmas Eve. :wink:

Who still plays this because I play it quite often and have for a bit, would love to play with someone from the forums :smiley:
My username is Rowdain

I’m still playing. By the way, I got an early Seravee Gundam! :smiley: I love it, and it’s OC6 now!

What’s your name?:stuck_out_tongue:

I just built a Gold Frame Amatsu it’s pretty cool but still getting used to it ^^

My in-game name is NewtypeAndy.