SD Cleopatra Qubeley custom advice?

I would use Corax Whie as a base and paint over it with the glossy white.

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Okay so at this point the Vallejo white is just not working for me.

So now I’m thinking about just using citadel paint. Starting by using the Corax White as a base and then maybe try using the layer white scar to make it look whiter and less grey. Then at the end I might try getting a gloss paint or Gundam marker.

Anyone have thoughts on this idea? Also any tips on painting layer paint on top of base paint?

Well, this might be one of those time that Youtube videos might be helpful.

You can try:

Not sure why some links do not parse correctly, but it will definitely be up to you if you wish to look at those.

However, regardless whether you still wish to go with the primer or not, you might not want to tackle so many parts at once. You might want to try it with couple parts first. Then if the results were good enough, proceed with the others. That way you can avoid redoing the parts if the results were not satisfactory. But it is quite possible that you might have a little consistency issue though.

Just a thought, it will be up to you.

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Thanks for the links, I think they will help. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve did switch to only painting a few parts at a time eventually. I am thinking about once again starting over and maybe try a few parts at a time.

I think you might be right about the consistency issue. Do you know how I might fix it? Like am I not putting enough paint on at once? Should I be using a bigger brush, and if so what are some suggestions?

Certainly hope those will help.

As mentioned though, have not done paint for a long time, so cannot really tell you how to fix the consistency issue. However, it should probably be similar to doing experiments or cooking where you pretty much need to remember how much you use and/or mix A, B, C, and/or D stuffs like that for one or few parts then repeat for the other parts that you want to use the same color on. So you probably need to take some notes to keep the consistency going. You probably can ask members like RPC to see how he keeps the consistency going for large projects, but probably should not be anything short of memorizing or taking notes of amount of paint or mix used.

SD kits are not big kits, so you probably not going to need measuring tool too much. But if you ever want to do something bigger like MG or PG, maybe you want to get the measuring cups/cylinders/flask and those eye drops things to keep the consistency throughout the parts.

One thing to keep in mind, as someone once mentioned and if remembered correctly, you should avoid using Gundam Marker on ABS materials. Not sure if the SD Cleopatra Qubeley have ABS parts, but that is definitely something to keep in mind if you want to begin painting the kits that you have.

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Okay, so what I have done now is only use citadel paints and Gundam markers. After cleaning the parts that didn’t turn out good, I painted corax white on those parts and then painted the layer paint white scar on them as well as the parts that still had primer. Here is how things are looking now

Right now I’m waiting for a metallic marker to do the eyes. In the mean time, any advice on how I can clean things up and make things look neater? Like should I paint some parts with more layers, should I try putting a gloss or mat coat on when I’m done with the eyes ?

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So far, some parts seemed to be okay. Though unless you can do very thin layers, otherwise, you might need to be more cautious in doing more layers for some parts. You definitely do not want parts to end up with thick coats of paint. While it was not the same, but had done so with those whiteout liquid when correcting the mistakes. And oftentimes, the thicker “glob” of those liquid on the same area, the less it actually corrected the mistakes. So sometimes had to either abandon writing on the same area or scrape all those off and redo with thinner layer. Not quite the same as painting, but hopefully you get the idea… :sweat_smile:

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So I’m getting close to a point I feel satisfied, but I think I may need to redo the leg parts

I think I ended up using to much paint to try to fix areas were the Gundam marker messed up. See I need to fill in these crescent shaped indents with red Gundam marker and I would like them to look neat. Problem is when I put the white paint on they got filled in a bit. So I’m planning on redoing them.

So what I’m wondering is how can I avoid filling in the indents with white paint and then be able to put Gundam marker into them without it getting on the white?

What I’m thinking of try is maybe after I do the white paint, I use some masking tape to try and make it so the maker won’t go we’re it shouldn’t.

Any advice or ideas how I can do this ?

So I’ve been meaning to post an update. The most success I have had lately is I managed to put the eye stickers on

For this I used a metallic green acrylic marker to fill in the eye area. Then I cut out some eyes from some leftover stickers I had from the snibal drago gira kits, which was very stressful.

How did I do ?

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Looks awesome to me.

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