SD Cleopatra Qubeley custom advice?

Yeah, that piece was translucent so that’s probably why it looks a little uneven.

But most of it is going to be covered up by a gold piece and some Gundam Markers so it will probably be fine.

So I have now put the first coat of white paint on, along with some metallic gold and char pink Gundam markers ,as well as some blue paint on the skirts and a bit of black on the back of the head.

I’m planning on doing another coat of white next, as well as more for the blue, before I go in with Gundam markers on certain details.

However, I am a little worried about these holes that have apparently in the paint.

I’m hoping another coat or two of white will fix that, but I’m not sure. Should I try sanding these hole area’s or something before I paint more ?

I hate to say it, but that usually happens because the part isn’t clear.

That’s called “fish eye”.

Drat. I think what happened is I didn’t prepare the primer properly, since I thought it was like paint and I used a wet pallet for the first to primer layers. So the primer ended up having lots of bubbles, and I may have accidentally touched the parts and gotten oil from my skin on them…

So is there any way for me to fix this? Or should I try to start over and use rubbing alcohol to remove all the paint and primer? Also if I do end up starting over, how can I use the primer in way were this won’t happen and of do I keep the parts clear?

Time out, you used a wet pallet? What primer are you using?

I used the one you recommended , Vallejo White primer

I just wanted to check. Those are air bubbles, you can try sanding them and reprime the section that you sanded. I would just strip it and start over. Honestly idk if rubbing alcohol would remove the primer or not. Some people says it works, but I personally haven’t tried.

You might want to try the Vallejo thing medium if water isn’t working.

Here a video of a guy hand painting primer.

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Yeah, I think I do want to start over at this point, at least with the places I used primer. I think I’ll start by trying to remove the areas with the fish eyes, and maybe do the rest of the white and primer if that’s a good idea? Should try to remove all the white before I try again?

Also, regarding the Vallejo white paint (not the primer), is it okay to use in a wet pallet or would that make it too watered and bubbly ?

On the bright side, the parts I did with Gundam Markers should be good, so at least I don’t have to redo them.

Okay, so I have decided to start over and remove the paint. So far I’m using rubbing alcohol to remove with cotton swabs. Here is the parts I’ve cleaned so far

After I get back from work later, I’m going to try removing more using an old tooth brush with the rubbing alcohol. Will that be good?

Does anyone have advice for removing paint and primer?

Okay, so I have just finished removing the white paint and primer with rubbing alcohol. Here is how the parts are looking now.

Is this good enough for me to try painting again, or should I perhaps try using something like a toothpick to go and get rid of any remaining paint?

A toothpick and old tooth brush is handy to remove old paint and primer.

I would strip it all and start over.

So I ask my friend who paints miniatures with Vallejo they said to-

Try applying the primer straight out of the bottle. Rinse and dab the brush dry when it feels like it is sticking to the model in order to clean it.

Apply light coats and throughly clean the brush when changing colors.

Do the same process with the paints.


Alright, I have started over and have put the first layer of primer on!

How did I do? I tried to make sure there wasn’t any bubbles left on the parts while I brushed with the properly prepared primer. Also this is just the first layer and I plan to put 1 or 2 more layers on later. Any advice on adding the next layer ?

Second layer of primer has been painted!

Going to do 3rd layer tomorrow, hopefully that will be enough before I put the white paint on.

Alright, I’ve put the third coat of primer on!

Does this look like enough for me to put the white paint on or should I do one more layer ?

Okay I’m getting really frustrated! No matter what I do, the stupid Vallejo white paint won’t stop bubbling! Not to mention the Gundam markers are having a hard time sticking to the primer. At this point I’m wondering if I should get a different paint brand that doesn’t bubble or maybe just a white Gundam marker :frowning:

Some one please help, I really don’t want to mess up this model kit !:cry:

I tried Vallejo’s light grey primer and it kept running off the model whenever I brushed it on. I’ve had no such problems with their black primer, though, and I love the stuff. It doesn’t even need to be thinned. I’ve also not had any problems with it bubbling.

The problem with using black primer exclusively (like I do) is that painting lighter colors like white can take forever. The solution: Corax White paint (from the pot, not the spray primer) by Citadel. It’s actually a very light grey and it has excellent coverage. The paint is VERY thick straight from the pot though, and it tends to separate, so stirring is necessary as is using a palette to thin it down with some water.

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I actually do have some Corax white, but it’s too greyish for what I need. Also I’m using white primer, but yeah the problems I’ve had with it does sound like the primer you mentioned.

So are you suggesting that I use the corax as a base then maybe paint over it with the glossy white Vallejo paint?

Dont worry about messing up. Everyone does! I once ruined a mg kit by snapping a leg connecting pin and it is lost to the void now! Just remember what you learn along the way.

I find that a solvent based primer works best with water based paint. Gundam markers are solvent based so they would potentially melt the primer off if i remember correctly.

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Okay, so I’ve tried to put more of the gloss white on and it keeps looking messy. I also tried paint some Gundam marker metallic gold on one of the parts I primed and I’m not sure it I should have? Here are how things are looking.

I’m really not sure if I’m using the Vallejo paint right, at this point I’m wondering if I should start over again and try a kind of spray paint or something that will look smooth and not get so messy and bubbly.

Please help, I’m really not sure what to do :frowning: