SD Cleopatra Qubeley custom advice?

So I want to do a custom paint job of the SD Cleopatra Qubeley. Currently they have only released the evil version of the character, so I want to try making the good version.

Basically I need to turn this

into this

So far I’ve figured out everything I need to do and what paints to get, except for the white paint. So can anyone recommend me what white paint I should use to turn the dark blue into a nice glossy pure white? Also feel free to give me any other tips for my custom.

How do you plan on painting? Are you using a airbrush, paint pens, or paint brush? The easiest way to cover up the blue would be to use primer to cover up the blue then paint it white.


I’m planning on using paint brushes and mostly Gundam markers. What I’m struggling with is which brand of white paint should I use. I would prefer some type of acrylic for the model. Also what would be a good primer for hand painting ?

If your doing hand paint I would suggest Vallejo Acrylics and Vallejo Prime. It’s a popular Acrylic brand.


Okay that sound good thanks :slight_smile:

Though does it matter what color primer I get? Like should I try to get a white primer or would it be fine just getting grey primer?

Both will work, but if you use white primer you’ll need less coats of white paint to get the results you want.

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Okay, thanks again for all the tips. :slight_smile:

One last thing, should use primer on the parts I plan to use the gundam markers on or would it be fine just using the markers alone?

Honestly I don’t have much experience with gundam markers. That being said I’ve heard that if you do a ligh color over a dark color it will affect the light color and make it appear darker. Honestly if I was you, I’d test the Gundam markers on the runner first and see how it turns out. If you don’t like the way it looks spray the runner with primer and try the marker again.

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Alright, I have started painting her.

Here is how things look so far with the primer

I hope I used enough primer? I’m going to let it sit over night and tomorrow I’ll paint the rest

Your gonna need another coat or two. You want one solid uniform color.

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I was afraid of that….

I am going to put white over the primer, so would that be enough? And if not, how will I be able to tell when it’s ready to have to white paint put on?

Is the the primer that you are using white?

You want a even color or the white will not be a consistent color.

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I can post a pic when I get home of what your looking for

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Sure that would help :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I’ll go and put more primer on. I assume I just put it on until I can’t see anymore dark blue/black?

I’m still new to this, so thanks again for all the help and patience :slight_smile:

Here’s two before and after pictures for you

Precisely, you want a uniform color like in the pictures. Make sure your apply multiple light even coats of primer/paint. It will take a little while to fully cover the parts , but this will give you the best results and prevent the primer from running.

You’re welcome, we all were new at one point, and thing is with this hobby your constantly learning and growing because there’s always something new to learn. For example I’m workings learning different weathering techniques.

Feel free to ask more questions, the forum is full of helpful people.

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This is on of the channels I watch because he tests s lot of paint products. I’m pretty sure he has a video on priming technique.

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Okay so I have gone and put 2 more layers of primer on

So have I put enough on ? I’m a little worried I may have put too much on and it might fill in some of the details?

It looks like you could use another coat on some parts, but you’ll probably be okay without it.

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Not to criticize, personally have not paint anything for a long time, but borrowing your picture, the part wit red circle looked like it can use a bit more touch up. The colors on the little bumps seemed to be a bit uneven, not sure if so in real life though, but on the picture it does.

That was one of the parts I was referring too. I thought it was just me that thought it need another coat. Some of the other ones look a little blotchy as well, but it may just be the picture.