Saz's MG Strike Freedom FB. (Gunpla Competition Entry!)... 1st Serious build!~

Hello guys!

I’m gonna be updating this thread with my 1st Serious Build.

Also the very 1st Kit I’ve ever bought. MG Strike Freedom Full Burst. I’ve decided to enter a Gunpla Competition under the Intermediate Category. Hosted by GoodGuyDan.

This will be my very 1st attempt at plenty of things… and those are

[ul][li]Airbrushing (This includes any sort of Shading)[]Gunpla Modifications[]Creating my own Thrusters, Metal Detailing, etc[]Scribing[]Display Base Creation[*]& I’m sure many more to be done.[/ul]
The deadline IIRC is April 1st but I’ve set my mind to finish this by the end of March

The Plan

To make Strike Freedom as eye-catching as possible and still stick to it’s Original Colors. And in doing so I’ll be adding some Metal Details(Ones I made like the Thrusters & Things I pick up at Hobby Town/Lobby). It will also be my 1st attempt at doing any sort of Shadows and hell even airbrushing but I’m hopeful. I’ve scrapped the idea of LED’s as the time won’t allow it.

We get it Saz, now get on with the pictures godamn.


Now I started the project on 3/10/14. I’ll try to update this as I get more progress on it done. (Hopefully with Descriptions aswell)

More in the next coming posts!

And now we’re getting fairly close, sadly I didn’t date the progress but starting 3/13 I will be :smiley:

And More here…

I decided to move to the living room and watch shows with my wife as she cooks dinner. It’s nice from the regular isolation in our room…

Look at the Thrusters from the kit. Not bad right? I didn’t think so but I have bigger plans in mind!

Wow man big undertaking. Im trying to learn how to do modifying myself. My custom Gelgoog is the first time ive tried moding anything. And mybe we can learn toghether then. Although i dont know what else to do. Oh well. I will be watching this project with great intrest.

Wait. You mean your Blue Frame WASN’T airbrushed!? :eek:

You certainly have big task. I hope that you are able to make that deadline and meet your goals. Seeing that kit comes together really takes me back to when I got back into Gunpla. The MG Strike Freedom FBM was the 4th MG kit I ever put together. I can’t wait to see your progress.

Sweet, man. Progress is looking great.

Ah, you’re finally getting started on this thing. I would have taken longer to start considering how much you’ve got planned for it, haha. Some ambitious stuff, but as long as you take it slowly and do things one at a time, you should be golden. It seems like you’re off to a good start, already finished with the boring de-nubbing phase.

Yea, thats the plan. I’m willing to pick up some tips from someone learning the same as I :smiley: We’re on the same boat in terms of not knowing what else to do hahaha. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hehe, it wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, this is my 3rd Kit and I’ve been told that I shouldn’t set such a high goal, but to me whatev’s. I’m definitely gonna try my best to meet my goals and specially the deadline. Look forward to it! This will be my own Gunpla

Thanks friend!

Yes I am lol, aim for the stars and if I fail I’ll land at the moon. Going to be a fun ride. The de-nubbing was made possible by watching a mix of Movies, Anime, Korean Dramas, League & Pokemon. God I hate de-nubbing x.x

Anyways… Let’s kick it off with the progress I’d finished last night before going to sleep… (3AM Central)

So the 1st thing to show you is it’s V-Fin. Most Gunpla come with a dull ended V-Fin to avoid poking (I’m assuming) and this does not bode well with me. SF’s Fin is Sharp and therefore I decided to sharpen it. The difference it makes is actually pretty big (IMO).

Here it is pre-sharpened. Lame looking right?

Well here is what it looks Sharpened.

From here you don’t see much of the difference but believe me when I say it is huge!

I decided to drill some holes on his front skirts to put something along the lines of a Sensor (either a IC Socket or a Gold Detailing part I got from Hobby Town, meant for planes…) So in this picture, you’ll be able to see what I mean, I have yet to Scribe it but it looks good (Maybe it’s just the kit in general lol).

The difference a Sharp V-Fin makes. It adds some agression into the SF and even a hint that you should fear.

Let me know if you’d want to learn how I did the stuff I’ve and will be doing, that way I can let you know :smiley:

The next post will contain more things that “Pop”.

Now we get to some “Modding” phases.

You must understand though that this is the 1st I’ve ever done anything like this and I’m a nooby so if you see faults and mistakes let me know! My feelings I’ll try to not get hurt :stuck_out_tongue:


The Dragoons had very little detail or color separation at all… Literally 2 Blue Plastic Pieces slapped together. Aside from painting it properly there isn’t much to it…

So I decided to spice it up. I thought of adding some IC Sockets on the tips of it, to give it a metal detailing that actually makes sense! Lazors come out of the Hole rather than the Flat Plastic we we’re given!

Here is what they look like. (Pretty Sexy IMO, and the kit isn’t even painted!)

Not bad, this was the 1st attempt. I thought it looked good.

None of these are Super Glued in, they are currently being held up by the plastic itself. Off-course it will be Kragled in once I’ve painted the kit.

The Dragoons in the Wings. Looking up at this is awesome. off-course since it’s a rough snap build I decided not to “seal” the plastic in prep of washing/priming. What do you think of it? Not bad right :stuck_out_tongue:

And now we get to more modding! This in specific will be the Thrusters.

I thought of the Thrusters as pretty good. Specially since the Gold Plating on it is phenomenal. I mean seriously, the attention to detail in it was astounding. But I was craving more. To make my Gunpla stand out that is.

I could have ordered the Thrusters from eBay and risk it getting here in a month or I could make my own. & That I did.

Those are literally Pen Tips. All of which I got from work. They are metal and they look good as Thrusters lol.

Now for the work I did on here.

[ul][li]Remove the things seperating the Thrusters (To make just one big space.)[]File the inside enough to be able to insert 2 Pen Tips.[]Cut the Metal Pen Tips (Christ, this one took awhile.)[*]File the Metal Pen Tips using a Metal File…(Doesn’t always come out smooth gents.)[/ul][/li]
I thought that in order to make this Gunpla mine, I needed to be creative and make it my own. Although it might be a little “Ghetto” I thought that the results are good, I hope you will to.

That is it for now. I’ll be hopefully finishing up the mods today & Priming some stuff. If not so be it :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate your guys kind comments, it definitely makes me feel more confident as a builder.

Till the next post! Ciao~

The sharpened V-Fin looks really good. And you are right, it adds a good bit of aggression to the kit.

And I wouldn’t ever of thought to use the heads of pens as thrusters. That is a new one for sure. Great idea though.

Excellent progress, and so quickly too. I’m with you with the sharpened V-Fins. I always do that to any kits of mine that have V-Fins and it just adds more accuracy to the look.

The metal tips on the Dragoons are a nice touch and they do look very appropriate. The pen heads… man, I never thought of using those for thrusters. I see the grooves inside of them in that one pic and they look so right. You can be sure that we might be “borrowing” that idea, haha.

Get a roll of Dynamo Tape if you plan to scribe.

Hot damn those are some clean parts. How do you do that?!

Looking good man. Keep it up. Im looking forward to getting some modding ideas from you. The pen tips idea was ingenious.

Those pen tip thrusters look damn good already. And what did you use for the barrels of the dragoons? Im thinking about adding vulcans to my Gelgoog. And i might just coppy your idea there.

Cool, have to say i’m with everyone else pin tops is a great idea. I love the strike will have to pick one up one day.

Thanks, I was looking for some and they just happened to look really good! Also using the Ball Point Pen as an Igniter inside the Pen Tip would work well.

I intend to paint the inside of the thruster anwyho.

Haha, I try. Glad that you guys can learn from me as I’ve picked up quite a few tips and tricks from everyone here.

I had some already since I plan every action or proccess for this project. ye

To be honest, I cut the nubs fairly far and cut it shorter using nippers. I then shave it flat using the Xacto Knife. Seems to do the trick and then I sand it using 1000 Grit.

Glad it was of assistance. I have a couple more that I intend to use and are often times seen as mundane everyday stuff.

Hehe, I used IC Sockets for the Beam Emitters. To be honest, I don’t think it’d look sharp as Vulcans. Rather I’d use some Beads from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, the ones used for Jewel Making. They look much more proper as Vulcans and are hella cheapies! Although if you do try IC Sockets, let me know how it goes!

Thank you :smiley: & TBH I think Strike is the best looking Gundam, hands down. & I mean the real Strike not Strike Freedom.

Now for some Progress!

I was able to do some work today, had my first attempt at some simple Scribing and some minor detailing. But today I was able to prime the Head & Chest so I got that going for me.

Now to the pictures.

I decided to add a small line in the Shoulders, I think it came out pretty well and now I feel I’d be able to mask this area off and color it a darker shade of white for some separation. But even if I don’t I think it’ll be good. One on the Left is the Scribed one while the one on the Right is Stock.

Some straight lines on the arms. I found it too plain TBH but with the addition of these 2 lines I think it’s pretty cool. Same deal btw, Left is Scribed while the right is Stock.

A little line above the drilled hole. To somewhat bring the eye more down there to show off the Metal Detailing.

I love how the kit looks and I can’t wait to see it 100%.

Like going on a date and you wash your balls. You have to wash your Gunpla Parts before Priming or Painting. It is that important.

Head Unit drying from Primer.

Chest Unit drying. I decided to Prime the Gold parts White and the rest in Gray. This way I’m not confused and the Gold will be laid down on a lighter primer or something (Mostly so I don’t forget).

Not bad progress IMO.

oh and I FINALLY finished cutting and filing all 4 Thrusters. Pain in the ass and it took me about an hour each Thruster using just the blade of a Hacksaw… (Foreal godamn)

Anyways here is the plan. I’m going to lay down some Putty on the Base of the Backpack, let it cure and Super Glue or something the Thrusters.

Here they are currently.

I love how the inside looks x.x; I cannot wait till I paint it Clear Red and add a makeshift Igniter.

Well that’s it for 03/14/14.

Let me know what you guys think!

Till the next update. Ciao~

That is some good progress man. I can’t believe how good those pens look. That is ingenious.

Those thrusters on the backpack look great, gives it a much burlier and more serious impression. The new lines are looking nice too and it seems you avoided the issue of scribing the lines too deeply (unlike me when I first tried scribing lines). Are you going to be spraying the gold right on top of the primer or are you putting a base coat on it first?