Saz's GBWC 2014 Entry! Nu Gundam Ver. Katoki

Alright folks! I’ve been wanting to make this Gundam and actually I entered this alongside my Strike Freedom as my 2 Entries for GBWC14 at A-Kon in Dallas (Yo if you are there, stop by and say hi!)

I’d like to off-course make this specifically mine. As such I need these specifically

[ul][li]Color Scheme[]Shadowing?(I loathe White as a color but to make it stand out I definitely think I need to do this)[]Detailing[]Posing[]etc.[/ul]
For those that own the kit, what are things you’d tell me about how it is? Some changes you think that need to be done (Aside the Katoki Legs)?

If you have a Color Scheme in mind, let me know! I’d love to hear it and possibly use your ideas (Not steal, ehrm). Who knows lady luck might just grace me with the title Best of Show :stuck_out_tongue:

Ordering the kit now!

Let’s hope for a fruitful build.


Can’t wait to see your build of this man. I am looking forward to it, as eventually I’ll also get a Nu Ver Ka.

I got the kit, but haven’t found the time to build it, much less open the plastic containing the runners so it’s still in the box.

In terms of changes, I’ve only heard about modding the way the funnels mount on the back since the out-of-box option is supposedly weak and unreliable.

Any pictures of your build so far?

Thanks! It’s definitely going great, even ahead of schedule (I believe)

Mhmm I’ll definitely make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Got em’ Coach!

Alright so as far as my current progress…

Just snapped the Frame together, I was able to get the Arms & Torso done up last night and got the Waist & Legs done today (I’d say that the Waist/Legs took me about 5-6 Hours)

I’m loving this kit and it definitely has been a blast. Much much much better than any kits I’ve made. The Plastic quality has definitely been much better than the Strike Freedom.

Anyways here’s some pictures.

Oh and Me & 2 Buddies from the Austin Gundam Club got together at my place starting at about 1 and just had a build till about 6 to go to uh Happy Hour lol. 2 Rounds and some odd number Cocktails we we’re good. He’s building the RG Strike Freedom as his 1st RG :smiley:

And after snap fitting the frame I went ahead and drilled the places to put the Metal Parts. (On the frame)

Anyways, that’s pretty much it as far as the Day & small part of the night in terms of Progress I’ve had.

Anyways till next time.


Good progress so far man. I noticed you already put in a few of the Psycho Frame pieces. Are you going to use the foil stickers or paint the underside?

Looking good. Glad you like the kit. It just goes to show how much Bandai improved over time.

I knew the kit is big, but seeing it next to an RG kit makes it look even bigger. Can’t wait to see how the metal parts will look on the frame.

I’ve yet to decide to be honest but 2 chances out of 1 I’ll stick with the Foil Stickers :expressionless:
I don’t think I can get the Mirror Look unless I go to the trouble of it.

Agreed lol.

You & I both my friend, you and I both.

Anyways to some progress.

Got the primer down on the Inner Frame today!

Also… I went to Hobby Town to get some Primer and ran across this Model Kit of a Desk & Chairs… I had to buy it lol.

It even comes with the fancy floor!


Now that’s super cute. Do 1/144 scale Gundam kits fit on the chairs?

I assume you primed it with Tamiya primer, right? Be very careful with the fingers now. Lacquer thinner eats away at ABS plastic, and the MP-1 hands are petty prone to breaking already.