Sazabee's RG Brothers!

I’ve been busy with some RL stuff and tackling a couple other things.

On a side-note, I’ve registered to participate in GoodGuyDan’s Gunpla Contest. Going to be entering as “Intermediate” even though I somewhat still feel lacking in skills… I’m gonna be entering a MG Strike Freedom FB, it was the 1st ever kit I’ve bought and I’m planned to make it as my “1st Serious” Build (whatever that means.)

I’m gonna be attempting to Preshade, Post Shade, Custom Base, etc for it but let’s save that for another time. I’m going to show you the rest of the Gunpla that will be sitting with the MG Strike Freedom when it is complete. It’s predecessors in RG Form!

RG Strike & RG Freedom.

Did a quick photoshoot with them, didn’t get the chance to mess with the lighting too much but even these results I like.

Here they are!

I’m gonna be following this up with a response of both of them together :stuck_out_tongue: (Since that’s how they’ll be displayed in my shelf anyways…) I really like how they both look, & I feel that it’ll look really good when I finish up the Strike Freedom for Display, since it’s an MG the size difference will be perfect.

Anyways on-wards!

Here they are, the duo together!

And here is how they will look in the Case! MG Strike Freedom behind them should complete that part of the shelf really well.

I apologize for the lack of Action Poses, this photoshoot literally was just a quick one to test out some stuff (hence both kits never got posed aside the standing pose they we’re originally in).

Maybe more in the future! Till then, thanks for looking!

Your work is looking great, as always.

Great work on these two. Basics done cleanly and thoroughly. I see that you went with the stickers too. How did that go? I remember applying the stickers on my RG Aile Strike… I’ll just say it was a test of many things for me.

Great looking kits man! So clean, and the lining looks very even and crisp. You did a superb job. I’m jealous of your RG Freedom. Mine didn’t turn out near as good as yours did. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Strike Freedom.

Both look great and clean. Did you topcoat them? I can’t tell if you did. The lighting is playing tricks on my eyes.


That’s what I was aiming for, it was an OOB Build since they will both be used to show the MG Strike Freedom up, although both of these RG’s are phenomenal. The stickers wasn’t too too bad, I’m just not a fan of the 1/144 Scale so I found the stickers to be pretty small, though I’m gonna hate myself because the MG Strike Freedom, I bought it some PG Style Waterslides :expressionless:

Thanks man, me too haha. I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to do for Strike Freedom, was able to get the chest and arms built. Gonna finish the kit up by this weekend so I can get the chance to start painting it :expressionless: Gonna be rough but I have an idea of what to make the base with x.x

Thank you! & Yes indeed! Both kits had 2 layers of topcoat, the lighting is kinda messing with it. I’m learning how to use the lighting set-up but both of them are practically pointing to the kits, and no light is bouncing which I love my topcoat (wut wut Krylon 1311).