RX178 Mk2 Titans MG build...Decal request

Hi all.
I am VERY new to Gunpla although I have loved Mecha and building such since I was a child (I build a few Robotech models, not knowing anything about them when I was a wee 'un) and my favourite “transformer” as a kid wasnt a transformer but a Bandai YF-1A Valkyrie in 1984!

I have recently finished my first ever Gunpla which was the RG RX78-2. A VERY nice kit but part of me wishes i had painted it as i have too many scars from the sprues for my liking.

I have just bought my second kit which is the MG MK2 in Titans colours. I want to paint this one (Not sure on brush or airbrush at the moment). but what i am really after is a set of decals (waterslide or dry rub) that will bring the detail level up a notch.

Can anyone recommend one as i search online and see lots of different option all keywording “Titans MK2” and yet they seem to be generic MG decals for any model or very sparce in content (i.e i suspect waterslide replacements for the stock self adhesive decals in the kit).

Any advice would be great. I am in Europe but dont care about sourcing globally if needs be :slight_smile:

Cheers people.

Something like this is probably what you’re wanting.

USA Gundam and Gundam Planet have some pretty good selections for decals.

What I do with spru marks that don’t clean up fully is I make them look like impact marks or ricochets from gunfire with gundam markers.

Great. thanks.

I had seen the first decal set but wasnt 100% sure it was a complete set or meant to be supporting the stock decals or another set.

I know (Having only built the one RG) that the MG isnt as detailed. I wanted to bring it up with decals and some weathering. I have painted several model tanks and aircraft with techniques that should transfer over nicely.

Cheers chaps. You have been a great help. Ill hang around more often and hope i can assist other noobs :smiley: