RX-78 NT-1 Alex 2.0 master grade

finished this off three days after getting it…and yes I DID build the OG beam rifle from the parts that were available.


Really good looking kit. I’m wrapping up my build of this kit right now.

if you’ve got any stiffness on the wrist joint’s ball/socket connector, immediately disengage it, find a number two pencil, and ‘color’ a line around the ball, reconnect it and work it around the joint a bit, the graphite in the pencil lead acts as a form of lubricant.

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Good tip. I never thought of that before

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it wont stop it from going and sticking itself if you’ve not moved it in some time. referencing my pic up there, to unstick it safely and not risk damage to the hinge part towards the hand, push it to the side, TOWARDS the gundam’s side skirt armor, do not twist it while its stuck as that WILL stress the hinge and risk damage if not outright failure of the hinge at the base.

My RG Zaku II has done that to me, where all the joints on the legs have kind of stiffened up from not being moved for some time since I first posed it.

the only grade I find that is more a problem with than any other is the real grades, the construction of the inner frame means it stiffens up after just a few minutes of not being touched.

it can actually be a good thing with smaller kits(at least the RG ones), which dont always want to hold a pose when laden down with weapons and gear.

Nice work XRaider. It makes me want to build the one in my backlog.

On a side note. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the silver thruster that come with this kit?

honestly…I’m debating dismounting them, and painting them black or grey with a gundam marker.

I think grey would look better. I might paint mine titanium when I build the kit.

they’re chromed but the texture MIGHT just be rough enough to prevent the mechanical grey from streaking.

I usually paint the thruster bells on my kits chrome, so this saved me time. I like it myself.

The pictures I’ve seen of Alex from the anime, the backpack thrusters are white.

Your correct. They are supposed to be white. However when bandai released the Gundam Alex 2.0 the made the thruster and the frame for the armor a silver color.

Well and it depends if you want to keep with the anime style or just go straight build, or customize.

Hopefully the link below works, but there is mine completely done.

Nice ThW.

I just order some photo etch parts for mine.

…what do photo etch parts even offer? I legitimately dont have the first clue what they are or what they do here.

PE parts can offer various things. Mostly they offer extra detail. They can be painted, as long as you use the proper primer. You can even have certain sets replace whole sections of certain kits. I have a set for the Sinanju that replaces a lot of the backpack.

I know usagundam sells them.