Does anyone know what exactly happened to the RX-78-2 after the battle of A Baoa Qu? I can’t remember if Zeta ever mentioned anything about it or not…

The unit was lost during the battle.

I know, but did they recover the pieces?

So spoiler alert!


The unit was left without head and fired a shot from beam rifle directly up to Zeong’s head, but at the same time, Char fired from the head down to the unit. As far as the scene shown, it was pretty much decimated.

Saw that part from the games, not the anime. Had yet to watch the 0079 serie fully though.

Well, you be the judge of what happened.

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I was kinda hoping that there might be some information floating around about whether or not the feddies recovered it’s remains…

There’s nothing like that with the Rx-78-2 itself, BUT the Core Fighter did get into the hands of the Jupiter Empire around U.C. 130. In the Crossbone Skull Heart manga, they used data from it to make a computer with a combat AI based on the test data and scans of Amuro’s brainwaves and put it inside a mobile suit called the Amakusa. The computer had Newtype powers and a will of it’s own and ultimately ended up saving Tobia, Judau, etc. before it got destroyed. The Amakusa became a mass production unit, but wasn’t near as dangerous without the Amuro A.I. computer, just a derivative of the Crossbone Gundam X-2.

Depends if the explosion that followed after Amuro’s escape from A Baoa Qu destroyed it any further or not. Otherwise I’m sure the Federation recovered what was left when they occupied the fortress.