Rx 78 2

Man I really love this MS. I can’t believe I use to despise it. Not sure why… Maybe because I was into the fancy mobile suits that had what seemed like everything under the sun. Anyways wanted to share my phone wallpaper. In my opinion epic! I really need to go to Japan. Even though I believe this one is down already. But the other one is up. Or is it the same one just different local?

Or is it the same one just different local?

That might be the 2nd one

Reference :


I believe ‘2nd’ one in question actually moves it’s head and lights up. I didn’t even know there was a second one, haha
I hope they keep it up forever. It’s a cultural icon, and inspiration in so many lives. (Important lives.)

I was actually thinking about the one at the Diver City Shopping center in Japan being the second one.