RX-0's first fan-fic

So the title says it all, this is my first fan-fic so just leave any comments, questions, or helpful hints. keep in mind i have made a few character errors, and i know the Dijeh is not an Amuro ray custom. but hey its called a fan fiction, so i took some creative license. it’s still a work in progress. Enjoy

U.C. fan-fic
The year is U.C. 0087 seven years after the events of the One Year War, we once again meet former federation ace pilot Amuro Ray. After returning as a hero of the One Year War he was put under house arrest by a government that sees Newtypes as a threat to the wellbeing of society. So being secluded form the rest of the world in his mansion he works on the blueprints for his new custom mobile suit the Dijeh.
“So Hyato what do you think of this design?”
“Well it certainly looks familiar.”
“Well that’s probably because I used the Rick Dias and the Zeon’s old Gelgoog as the base for the frame and weapons.”
“Amuro why are you spending all this time on a new mobile suit, it’s kind of pointless. Besides you swore you would give up war and fighting for a simpler life?”
“I don’t know, maybe… maybe I am just trying to relive the old days, ya know where there was always something to improve, or to tweak on the Gundam.”
“Yea, I guess I do miss all the excitement and thrill, well looking back on it t least. Back then I would have given anything to be where I am now. Or rather, to be anywhere that isn’t the front lines of a battle.”
“Well back to the Dijeh, see you can attach a mega bazooka launcher on the shoulder there and”
“Look, Amuro I would love to stay and relive some memories and look at mobile suits. But I have a job to do. Bye”
“Wait, Hyato could you pitch my ideas and designs for the Dijeh to the rest of Karaba for me? It would certainly mean a lot.”
“Well…… If the topic arises I will bring it up, kay.”
“Alright, see ya”
“See ya”
After seeing his friend Hyato for the first time in what seemed to him like forever. Amuro begins to consider what could have happened to all the others who worked on white base during the war.
Frow, Sayla, Mirai, Kai, Bright, what could they be doing right now? Then a disturbing thought occurred to him. Char! Char had escaped their final conflict in A Baoa Qu just as he had. And with his newtype abilities still not fully realized, there’s no way he was put under house arrest. So what could he be up to?

U.C. 0087 Char Aznable, the red comet of Zeon having fulfilled his quest for revenge on the Zabi family for killing his father, he has left the old Char behind, and donned the new name Quattro Bajeena. After the fall of Zeon he has joined forces with the Anti-Earth Union Group or AEUG. Now working under the former White Base captain Bright Noa on the Argama warship he waits patiently for his orders and his new mobile suit
“Bright, you have new orders for me?”
“Yes Quattro I do. You will be sent on a mission with Apolly and Roberto to gather information on the Titans newest project. Not many details have been given to us, but we do know that they are beginning production of a new mobile suit.”
“Understood sir, but if I may ask what mobile suit am I being issued?”
“You will be issued a Rick Dias, just as Apolly and Roberto will be using.”
“Understood sir”
“Now get moving! Apolly and Roberto are waiting for you at the catapult deck”
While on his way to the catapult deck to meet up with Apolly and Roberto Quattro is stopped by the two orphaned children he brought aboard the Argama, Shinta and Qum.
“Quattro! Quattro!”
“What is it?”
“Could you look at haro for us? It looks like there is something wrong with him.”
“Look, I would but I have to meet up with Apolly and Roberto on the catapult deck for my first mission, ok”
“Ok we get it.”
“Great I’ll check on haro when I get back ok?”
“Ok, bye Quattro!!”
“See ya”
Upon arriving on the catapult deck Quattro finds Apolly and Roberto patiently awaiting his arrival.
“Well it’s about time you showed up! Here you take the Rick Dias in the back and hurry we need to launch now.”
“Apolly launching!”
“Roberto launching!”
“Quattro launching!”
As soon as his Rick Dias leaves the catapult, Quattro begins to think. “Well here I am, back in the cockpit of a mobile suit. Man this is just like old times, when I used to chase down the Trojan Horse and the Gundam. Hey I wonder what happened to that young Gundam pilot. What was his name again? Amuro, yes that’s it! What has become of young Amuro?

claps This is good stuff! And I haven’t even seen Mobile Suit Gundam! Continue!

thanks (ps its from zeta)

details. details. (Although it did sound Zeta-y)

Amuro didn’t join Karaba until he met Bright and Kamille and the others am I right? Also the white base did not get a haro until Kamille was aboard.Also Char would have remembered Amuro right away because he still wants to revenge Lalah.
P.S. DragoninDisguise you need to watch MSG pronto it starts slow and then picks up!

Once again I took creative License it’s fiction after all and I also stated that I made character errors and slight alterations