RX-0 Radio

Hey guys, just launched my new livestream radio station, RX-0 Radio! Here we have the best instant message discussion about anything Gundam related! Listen to live music (the best mix of everything), enjoy good conversation, and go ahead, hate on Kira all you want! This is RX-0 radio, bringing you the best gundam talk of today and yesterday! Just follow the link below to tune in!


We will be streaming every Friday night,starting at 7:30pm Eastern time.

We will post here with updates, cancellations, and eventually contests!

If you have any suggestions for the show, please post them here! We are always listening!!!

Well crap, I was gonna join, but I discovered Minecraft and lost track of time. Sorry guys, but I’ll be sure to join next time.

Baaaaaahahahahaha. Oh man. I can promise you it has happened to both me and Asterisk. Literally was explained to me not but a few days ago, the reason Asterisk is late to places, is because he is struggling to get off minecraft haha.

It is wonderous.

Well, not all the time. Definitely why I was late Saturday in particular, though.

We are going to be broadcasting in 5 mins!

We are back and online now!!! Come on in!!!

This still going on or?

I would like to keep doing it. Lately plans haven’t worked out super well with me and GNZ hanging out, let alone setting up the livestream.

I won’t say it’s dead, but I can’t tell you when we’ll be doing it again.

Unfortunately, I’ve been incredibly busy with college related stuff and trying to make sure I’ve got everything I need for when I leave.

Well this makes me super sad. I miss talking to our random 5 viewers a Friday. Even if they were Cii and SFA, and 3 guests… It was fun.

Has this been revived at all or no?