RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

This is the first kit I built after my long hiatus. Just an OOB build but took quite a long time to finish it, nearly one month. This kit is not completed yet, because I’m waiting for waterslide decal for the hyper beam javelin, Beam Magnum and the booster.
I painted the inner frame with star bright iron, and the psychoframe with fluorescent green. Throw some gold, copper and silver for detail on the weaponry.

Granade Launcher

Beam Gatling Gun

Hyper Bazooka


Grenade Rack

Hyper Beam Javelin

Please excuse me for bad lightning on the picture (still work my way around photo-taking). Any comments or critics are very welcome, but please be gentle with me. :slight_smile:

That is some truly awesome work man. All those metallics really look amazing on that it. What did you use for the Gunmetal?

These are the second set of photos I’ve seen today that use copper on weapons and it looks so nice. Me thinks I should start using some too, haha. Some darn good work on this kit so far.

So many awesome copper details today. The kit looks great.

Thanks a lot, man. Really appreciate it. For the gunmetal I used Gaianotes’s star bright iron, and add some black for the darker shade.

Thanks, sir. I just think plain grey is just too…well, plain, and copper add some sense of realistic for it. This my first time using copper and gold for detail on the weapon, and i really like how it turn out.

Thank you, good sir. That’s mean a lot to me. :slight_smile:

Sweeeeeet! Another Unicorn fan! Welcome aboard!

The full armor looks great even if it’s only an OOB with minor details applied. But even with just small details applied, when you put them on appropriate places will definitely enhance the look of the kit. And that’s exactly what you did here. Kudos again on a job well done. I look forward to see more of your work.

Enjoy your stay here at HQ!

Thanks a lot, man, really appreciate it. You’re right I’m a big fan of Unicorn, those sexy and sharp angle all over the body, especially those beautiful feet that only unicorn has it.

Wow, that looks really good! I think it’s a lot better than just an OOB build! Also, your pictures are not bad. I built the regular Unicorn Gundam MG kit and I have the FA version in my back log. That’s a huge kit, the extra full armor adds a lot more parts and work.

Thanks, bro. Sure did the FA version takes a lot of work, but mostly just repetitive ones. I would like to see your version of FA Unicorn as well.

Hot damn! That’s some amazing work!

Thanks, man. Really appreciate it. :slight_smile: