Ruined Exia's Experimental Side.

Heeeyyyyyyy forums!

Listen, I’ve been buying paint and experimenting a ton with Gunpla, so I’m really getting a ton of new ideas from all of you. Bossguy, DLinker, thwalker, you’ve all given me hints, tips, and tricks to go along with this new trend of mine.

So I’ve been thinking.

Everyone who knows the least bit about me, knows that I am an insane Gundam AGE fan, even to the point of fanboying. Not only that, but I am also very intensely interested in the AGE HG line, because I’ve built many and they’ve all been awesome. (Except for the Ghirarga. Hate that thing)

Anyway, I’m thinking about making an AGE-1 Woolf Custom. Now, the predictable thing would be to just strip it all down to white, and put the Wolf sticker on the shield, and call it a day. but I’m not about that life. I was thinking about making the AGE-1’s Shield red, instead of blue. Next, I had planned on altering the colors of the AGE-1 (duh) to make it the Woolf custom. But I’m highly against a “nothing-but-white” color scheme, because that’s just too boring.

If anyone has any cool, unique, or just plain silly ideas, please share them!

Hmm. Maybe give him a second color, like light blue? That might help break up things a bit.

Also, he needs a bayonet. Bayonets just makes things cooler.

Since you’re making it out of the HG, your options open up considerably. Switching out backpacks with a different kit that you prefer will help differentiate it from the regular AGE-1 Normal.

It’s good that you’re venturing out of your comfort zone here. This is going to be a really interesting project.

You can try two-tone whites and some light grey and metallics (silver, gold, and/or copper). Give it the G-Bouncer’s shield, then experiment with combining the AGE-1’s rifle with a rifle from another AGE HG kit. For the eyes, turn them into a single visor.

Just some ideas, haha.

If you’re wanting Woolf colors, but don’t want stark white, try what I did on my G-Bouncer.