[RP] MSG Seed: Scars of a Bloody Valentine Discussion

Putting this up, as enough people have expressed interest in it. First order of business; What faction would you all like to start in? Keep in mind, you are not locked into that decision.

Is Merc open?

I pick Earth Alliance.

I pick Earth Alliance too, but I am defecting to Z.A.F.T. later on. Just one PC per player right?

I believe he said other factions besides ZAFT, Earth Alliance, and Orb were open, but he said to run it by him first.

Hence why I ran it by him right there.

Anyways I got my suit more or less Squared away allready been waiting for an RP to use it and it would work here, or my upcoming RP, might use it in both.

Basically a modified (nothing major just a gun or two and some long range Sensors from the Recon type) BuCUE Krebos Hound.

Ah, I see. I am gonna pick the Blitz. Always liked that suit the best outta of the original 5.

Just outta Curiosity, whats this takin place in?

This is what Char posted in the New RP idea thread Ginga started.

Beginning of Gundam Seed aka the Gundamjack. We would be making our own canon up. The Bloody Valentine War is still occurring though. Char hasn’t told us much else. Wants it to be a surprise.

So pretty much this takes place around the time of SEED, and not SEED Destiny?
HMMM…I wonder if this means I cant have the Murasame?

!!!..wait, so in essense this is our take on the CE? like a retelling but our own way?

Well kinda. Char is the DM, so he has the last say, but pretty much yeah our own take on it. I don’t know if we going all the way till Destiny though.

No, let me rephrase. you know how everyone is saying that the CE needs a Reboot? So in essence this is Chars take on a Reboot?

o.O I didn’t even think of that.


@ Char That’s what this has to be! a REBOOT of the CE! Huh?! Huh?!

@Kenico You got it!

@ZRC I’m fine with a merc group. Just post/PM me the details of them, as well as the custom BuCue

Definatley goin with Orb and by the time of the start of this war they already have the Astray! lol

Red, Blue, or Gold frame?

What do you mean? Im talkin about the M1 Astray

Oh! OK. The Orb Mass Production suit! Yea, that’s fine :stuck_out_tongue: