[RP]MSG:OYW Assault Files Disscussion.

OK this is where people wanting to participate in the Role Play I set up called Mobile Suit Gundam: OYW Assault Files can come and discuss their role playing, here is where I would like if you posted a copy of your RP character’s bio, as well as what suit you are using (YOU MUST PICK A SUIT FROM THE LIST BELOW) and what your color scheme will be, what upgrades you might have a chance to add to it etc. Like the guidelines also say, please, for the love of Christ come here to run it by me, the DM if you want to make a huge story change, also it would be nice, if you also ran it by someone if you where going to kill them off, I will allow someone to kill someone off if they become inactive in the RP, I will of course PM them a warning and if let’s say a week later they don’t come back, they’re getting a beam rifle or what ever to the face.

Mobile Suits (Zeon)
MS-05 Zaku I
MS-06 Zaku II (All variants minus the Psycommu Types)
MS-05L Zaku Sniper Type
MS-09R Rick Dom
MS-09/TROP Dom Troppen (may only be used for Ground missions, as such it needs to be RP’d and posted about here when you change suits.)
MS-14 Gelgoog (All variants minus the Strutzer)
EMS-10 Zudah
MS-15 Gyan (No Krieger as of yet, might let people get this depending on how the RP goes)
MS-07 Gouf (Custom is also allowed)

ESEF Mobile Suits:
RGM-79 GM (All variants made as of 0079, minus the [G], the Sniper II, (The sniper custom is ok) and any variants used to test any form of Psycommu weaponry, which I am sure there are none of, besides that anything goes, make sure to research the suit)
RX-79[G] Ground Type MP Gundam
RX-79[S] MP Gundam Space upgrade (I know it doesn’t exist but this get’s an RX-79 for space use, also it can be used on the ground, but will not be able to utilize the mission packs of the [G])
All Guncannons
All Guntanks (only for ground ops)
RB-79 Ball (Only for space)

While it seems like their aren’t many suits on the ESEF list, there are allot, a whole hell of allot go GM variants that can contend with the Zeon MS)

Anyhow here is an over view of the RP.
The Earth Federation has launched their experimental Mobile Suit the RX-78-2 Gundam, now for the first time in history, a war is now fought mainly with Mobile suits. Both sides have taken heavy losses in this war, you and your comrades, and enemies are all soldiers, part of the Principality of Zeon’s elite Sigma Corps, or the ESEF’s Red Wolf Corps respectively, the best of the best. You’re hell bent on killing one another, ending the war once and for all, and acquiring enemy secrets at any cost. Zeon is aiming to take the Federation’s Space Fortress Augustus, a small asteroid pushed into earth orbit recently as a means to keep a full force a stones throw away from Zeon held colonies, failure could mean not only a loss of the war, but a massive loss of life no matter which side wins. These are the stories of those men and Women, and whether they succeed or don’t.

Anyhow post your RP profiles and I will keep track of who is on who’s side.

Zeon: (Sigma Corps)
-Maxwell Shepard, Played by Zeon’s RedComet (DM) (YMS-15 Gyan)(Lt. Commander)
-Kahrys Anon, Played by Exia (MS-06R-A1 ZakuII High Mobility Type) (Ensign)
-Codename: Frost Wolf, Played by Kenyon (MS-06F-2 Zaku II Improved MP type Custom) (Warrant Officer)
-Jack “Heavy” Daniels, Played by Zechs36 (MS-09R Rick Dom) (Lt.)

ESEF: (Red Wolf Corps)
-Linus Vazir Played by Kenyon (or who ever else wants to use him) (RGM-79E Precission GM) (Captain)
-Diana Forge Played by ZRC (or who ever else needs to use her at the time) (RGC-80 GM Cannon) (Lt.)

Former ESEF Turned Mercs under the Employ of Zeon:
-Connor Nold, Played by TwilightKing (RX-77-2 Guncannon) (Lt. Colonel)
-Nasir Kelvar, Played by CharAznable (RX-77-2 Cunnacnnon) (Warrant Officer)

Name: Maxwell Shepard (Stole the name from one of my Mass Effect characters lolz)

Age: 26 (as of U.C.0079)

Faction: Principality of Zeon

Current Mobile Suit:
MS-14JG Gelgoog Jager

Gelgoog Beam Machine Gun (the long range rifle it comes with is called that for whatever reason)
Dual Beam Saber
Shield With Custom Missle Launcher Tube
Grenade Launcher (like the one seen on Ridden’s Gelgoog in DWG:2)
Zaku Cracker Grenades x5

Other Features: Dual Spiked Shoulder’s similar to a Goof’s, just wider, Several Command style horns leading to the “fringe” on the back of the head (think kind of Astrick’s Zudah) modified Gelgoog High Mobility Type thruster pack, High Out put reactor.

Painted in Shep’s Black, Blue, and White Scheme.

Former Mobile Suit: YMS-15 Gyan
Color Scheme: Black and Dark Blue with white accents

Rank: Lt. Commander
Personality: Calm, cool and collected, can have a temper if pushed to far

History: Born in Side 3 to John, and Hannah Shepard in U.C.0053 he grew up in the hart of Zeon territory, his father served under Zeon Deikun before the Zabi’s took over, and he enlisted into the Zeon’s officers academy at the age of 17. He showed a natural aptitude With fighter piloting, and had an interest in the early phases of the development of mobile suits, and became a test pilot, for both the MS-04 Zaku I Prototype, and the EMS-04 Zudah (he survived it by knowing the let the reactor cool sufficiently during long test boosting streaks) he gave both suits the seal of approval by stating “Give the Zudah to those with the aptitude to pilot it, give the rest of them a Zaku, it’s a solid machine, but will be outdated if the Eddies ever get their hands on one,” of course he was a minority on the matter, and being a fresh recruit he wasn’t taken seriously, despite his piloting aptitude.

He took place in the battle of Loum in the OYW kicked off taking out a solid number of 3 ESEF ships with his MS-04 Zaku painted in his signature Black and Dark Blue with white Accents paint scheme. Earning him the nickname “the black tide”. While his number of 3 downed ships wasn’t as impressive as the 5 Shot down by fellow Ace Char Aznable, or the 4 (or was it also 5) of Johnny Ridden, his superiors quickly took note of his skills, and he was finally stationed at Solomon for the first months of the War under the command of Dozle Zabi, who under his request got him a Zudah.

Being one of the few pilots in the One Year War to pilot the EMS-10 Zudah, a refitted five year old prototype, he earned a reputation for being remarkably fast, and was feared in close combat, opting to go in with a heat hawk instead of the 120MM Zaku Machine Gun. After the Federation Launched the Gundam, and the GM he was sent closer to Earth to hold of the main forces, and was also sent to help with the defense of Odessa, only leavening when an incoming transmission from Dozle told him to “Retreat, as there’s no reason for him to die defending a base which had all ready been of great use” Of course he took a few more feddies down leisurely as he left.

He was also picked to test both the Gyan, and the Gelgoog, opting for the Gyan as it suited his combat style more, even though he leaned towards the Gelgoog in his report as it was “More useful to be a Mass Production suit, as it contained a better arsenal applicable in most situations, compared to the Gyan, which focuses to heavily on close combat for most pilots, and has only a marginal advantage in that area compared to the YMS-14S.”

He also earned a reputation of both Cunning, and Chivalry, leting other aces go when they had mechanical issues, or where in a heavilly dated suit, as to not sully his reputation. He often also makes a point of going after those same people when they where on the battlefield a diffrent time. His mechanical aptitude is also quite reputible, often working on his own suits, and designing a few of his own, most of whom where ethier varients of allready made Zeonic MS, or where to advanced at the time to make it in to Mass Production. Under Dozle whom he considered somewhat of a Father figure (his father dieing when he was only 14) taught him to be an effective leader, and as such he takes allot of Dozle’s leading styles when leading a force of men, like front line inspections, though also with Trickery sometimes compaired to M’Quve’s. Though in one on one, he prefers to be straight foreward leaveing the tricks for the grander scale. (Of course he never lets petty squables get in his way, and sends reinforcements as needed.)

Appreance: Short black hair, green eyes, he has a Scar over his left eye, short gotee, dosen’t wear a pilot suit while piloting.

Name: Kahrys Anon (first name pronounce Carr-iss, also a pun on his attitude, he could care less)

Age: 17 (as of U.C.0079)

Faction: Principality of Zeon

Preferred Mobile Suit: MS-17 Galbaldy α (has a special newtype system installed in the cockpit, plus a few other goodies)

FORMER - MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type (duel spiked shoulders, temporarly modified with the left forearm of a Gouf able to use just the basic heat rod, no spare machine gun or shield. Not to mention a spare heat knife attached to the right side skirt and a type III gouf heat saber mounted on left side skirt and a Rick-Dom 360mm Giant Bazooka *a Heat-Hawk with an extendable handle wielded in both hands out of comission)

Color Scheme: Blacker than the blackest black times infinity with crimson accents, only symbols are the Zeon symbol one large one on the very front of the suits chest in black and 2 small ones on the back above the boosters in crimson.

Rank: Ensign

Personality: Apathetic in almost all ways, calls it how he sees it. Loyal to Zeon and as an only child fiecly loyal to those he can consider a brother or sister.

History: Born in Side 3, Uncle is a High Ranking officer under Kycilia Zabi, parents work for Zeonic Company. While visiting Zeonic Company with his parents at a young age, Kahrys was awestuck by the design his parents and team had been working on, the Zaku. After completing his basic schooling at 15, requested and was denied early access to enlist. After his Uncle pulled some strings, by 16 Kahrys started working along side his uncle as an aide, moving up to a MS technician with his parents.

One fateful day, Kycilia Zabi on request of her father entered the MS factory to check up on how the mass production of the updated Zaku II was running. Only to witness a young child not yet a man, clear the basic training program without any damage taken in the simulation battle. After that, Kahrys found himself being transfered to a specialized Zeon squad, the Sigma Corps. This transfer led Kycilia to re-examine her views on if Newtypes exist.

Kahrys is a young newtype who merely consider his skill a byproduct of having parent technicians who designed the Zaku, and subsequently who worked on the Zaku II as why he is skilled in a Zaku II. Upon his transfer to the Sigma Corps, his MS of choice has been a rare MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type (a gesture between Kycilia and Dozle), with minor changes to suit his style of combat (gathered from simulations and mock battles). Having no actual combat expierence, his new squad questions whether or not a child is ready for the horrors of war.

Appreance: 6 foot even, 180lbs, Crimson hair medium length just long enough to cover his eyes, eyes are black in color. Wears a custom black with crimson accent pilot suit when going into battle, standard Zeon uniform when not piloting or technician overalls if needed for MS repair or resupply.

Name: Jason K. Stark. Codename: Frost Wolf “Wolf” for short

Age: 21 (as of UC 0079)

Faction: Principality of Zeon

Preferred Mobile Suit: (Current) MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger (Moddified with a Custom Heat Sword (appearence resembles a hand and a half sword) (stored on backpack), a Shield, a Large beam Machine rifle, a standard Gelgoog Beam Rifle (stored on back plate as a back up), Standard Beam saber stored in sheild, SturfFaust stored on Knees, sandard spot guns and vulcans stored on forearms and head respectively. on the left Shoulder is the Custom Insignia of Frost Wolf, the Snarling wolf, is also present.)
Color Scheme: Black and Silver with Blue Accents and decals.

(Formerly) MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type (Moddified (temporary) with two heat hawks, then later Heat Sabers stored in recharge racks on the legs. its also moddified with the same cockpit tech Wolfs old Zudah had and better control schemes. its aslo moddifed so as the cockpit is shifted from the side to dead center of the suit so as to balance it out. it also has Two spiked shoulders (no shields) and the knuckles have spikes on them. it is also equipped with the Standared Zaku Load out including the Zudahs old anti Ship Rifle and (probably) a Zeon Shield. as for armor, its reenforced for added protection. and of course, the Custom Insignia of Frost Wolf, the Snarling Wolf, is also present)
Color Scheme: Black and Silver with Blue Accents and decals.

(Formerly) EMS-10 Zudah (modified with Dual Heat Hawks, and any other small arms that calls for the mission. also modidfied to have dual spiked Zaku II shoulder pads with the Zeon crest on the right shoulder while a snarling wolf is on the left. its also modififed to handle the both space and atmosphere. a beam bazooka is its primary weapon, while the Zaku Machine Gun is its secondary. its Reactor is also modded to compensate for its legendary problems. it is also modded with heavy armor in the legs and arms so as to take more damage.)
Color Scheme: Black and Silver with Blue Accents and decals.

Rank: Warrant Officer (specialist in small arms, Zeon and Feddie hardware (currently studying Feddie MS), Etc. in other words a Specialist of all trades)

Personality: Calm and cool but Focused, can be mistaken as a lazy bum at first glance (seeing as his favorite thing other than sortieing and working on his suit is sleeping). Very Maticulous in the maintinence of his Mobile Suit, Gear, and equipemnt. Dangerously loyal to the Zeon Cause and just as loyal to his men under him and above him. Holds Dozel Zabi in high respect. doesnt like being in uniform, makes him feel uncomfortable, prefers to wear either his normal suit, his technician overalls or his BDUs. hes equally uncomfortable in talking to higher ups he doesnt know. Cant stand incompitent individuals, especially incompitent officers. Definitely cant stand people of Authority that are incompitent. easliy pleased by individuals who not only think for themselves and outside the box, but who have common sense. Highly inteligent, yet humble (sometimes) at the same time. Very Talkative around people he trusts. a Very trustworthy individual whose trust is very difficult to attain, and even more difficult to reattain if you lose it. he has a habit to only damage the enemy units… the reason why is a mystey and only he knows. only uses lethal force when unessesary casualties (like innocent civs, wounded, and unarmed soldiers are endangered or killed) are provoked. merciful to captured Feddie Grunts and NCOs, but hostile to Feddie Comissioned Officers. Can be easily angered if Dozel Zabi, Zeon, his comrades, or even spacenoids are insulted…can be provoked to go berzerk, disregarding his own safety and/or life if he sees or even hears about civilians or people who cant defend themselves in general are harmed.

History: Not much is known about Frost Wolf before his deployment at the beginning of the OYW, but some say he was a Black Ops specialist before being transfered to Sigma Corps. Hes apparently from North America seeing he speaks with a neutral American Accent. some say hes from Mississippi due to the fact hes hinted sometimes about the state. As stated in the personality profile hes dangerously loyal to both the Zeon Cause and to his men from both the earth and the colonies. even though hes from earth, he hinted that he joined Zeon after he witnessed the Feddies abuse a few Spacenoids. In his words, “It started over a lousy parking ticket and ended with the father being beaten, the mother killed, and the children scarred for life…i intend to not only pay the Feds back for that…i intend to humble the bastards for it.”. his work ethics, dicipline, and his impeccable skill in all trades (particulary in Mobile Suits) caught the attention of Garma and Dozel Zabi (particularly the latter) and made him Warrant Officer by the Former after an attempt on Garmas life. Originally piloted a Zaku II (and test piloted the Gelgoog) before receiving the Zudah. Some (Again) have speculated (Dozel included) that he may be a Newtype but only time will tell in the coming chaos. Frost Wolf was Transfered to Sigma Corps due to not only his stated skills and whatnot, but to deal with the Red Wolves once and for all. Corresponding with an unnamed Woman he Calls “She-Wolf”. Suplimental Note: Even though his Codename is Frost Wolf, his Berserk nature when provoked (and of course the intense damage to the enemy he leaves in his wake of what Dozel calls his “temper tantrum”) has earned him the moniker: “Hellhound of Zeon”. (Update: His Real Name is Jason K. Stark. born on October 9th, UC 0058. born to Edward and Katrina Stark. Is confirmed to be from Mississippi. His dad was there at that Beating of Spacenoids, his mother (who was herself a spacenoid) were going through a nasty Divorce. and his parents were killed when the Colony used for operation british fell onto Sydney Austrlailia)

Appearence: stands about 6’4", 200Lbs, has brown hair (though you couldnt tell in the beginning due to the fact he shaved it down to a buzzcut), and Deep blue eyes. wears a normal suit in the same colors as his Mobile Suits. wears a standard Zeon Uniform when not in action, Technician Overalls when working on his suit, and loose BDUs when off duty.

*sorry for the overdetailic bio. like my character, im a little maticulous. lol. i may add more as the character develops.

Kenyon, that’s a little too much MS for a Warrent Officer. Remember there’s more than likely going to be a build up, and you’re starting with a hax suit…You should go Rick-Dom for starters then as story progresses upgrade to a Gelgoog and such. And I say Rick-Dom since based off the DMs character and my own that’s 2 close range specialists, we’ll need some heavy cover fire.

Ric dom eh? alright it fits me thanks. Question: could i get away with the custom weapons?

I’m just saying, I started off with a pretty good suit. But let’s face it, the Gelgoog is better than the suped up Zaku II.

Since I’m not running it, I’d say do what I did keep it the basic model and then add the custom bits you’d like to have added and such.

alright give me a sec…check my profile in a minute.

i was thinking about using the Zaku II Kai you think its not too hax?

I think it might be a stretch, I can atleast get away with the duel spiked shoulders since it was styled like that on Dozul’s personal Zaku II. The extendable heat hawk is pushing it, atleast I think it is.

I don’t think the Zaku II Kai is hax, if anything my suit is hax.

sweet ill use it!

not a fan of heat hawks, the goufs heat saber ill take if i can push that lol if not ill just stick with dual Heat hawks.

Hopefully the story moves to a point when I can get a duel heat saber for a jump into the Gelgoog world.

oh hahahahah very funny…i see what your doin…alright ill go with the dual heat hawk lol. but im goin witha Zaku II Variant so ill see what ill get.

Yeah, I’m not the biggest heat hawk fan but I figured start with that and build up. I’m going for a speed oriented close combat style, you know break up the formation with my speed so my team mates can pick off the slow pilots.

got an idea…bolo on my bio

You keep changing suits.

And, btw, was I the only one who was upset about the exclusion of the Gouf, Zaku I, and Ball?

Yeah!! i could use a Gouf!!! oh well lol

PS iv finnaly settle for the Zudah. so im good lol.

Yeah that was pretty much my thought, even with those suits I still would’ve picked a Zaku II variant. And it’s about time, expect my character to talk crap on the Zudah. With my character being the son of people who created the Zaku and all.

i was gonna go with the one you had. but that would have been a dirt bag move. so i went with the Zudah

Name: Connor Nold

Age: 23 (as of U.C. 0079)

Faction: Federation

Prefered Mobile Suit: Guncannon

Rank: Lt Colonel

Personality: Always has an emotionless face but his emotions inside are overwhelming. Is very kind and wise but normally only speaks when spoken too.

History: He was born into a middle class family on earth and lived a normal life until the beginning of the One Year War. He was then signed up into the Federation and made his way through the ranks as an ace MS pilot.

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, and white skin.

You guys have Hax? I’m rocking a Gyan for gods sakes (Was thinking Gelgoog but hell you only live once).

Anyhow I’ll allow custom load outs for weapons, adds more variety. Adding everyone to the OP so we can get a list going and start the RP.

Also forgot about the Guncannon, I’ll add it since it was produced in small numbers, which Guncannon are we talking the RX-77-2 (like Kai’s) or one of the variants? Also Guntanks are allowed for ground missions, when and if this thing gets to earth. Also I’ll add the Hidolfr for the same reasons.

As of right now Twilight will be the leader of the Feddies squad in the RP.

Also there will be of course in Gundam tradition nameless grunts that we can just kill so we don’t kill each other all the time.