[RP]MSG Hostile Skies Discussion

Okay so with out much further ado, here it is, please do not post untill you see ‘YOU MAY POST NOW’ at the end of the intro as it will take more than one post.


Two hundred and fifteen years ago, there was a discovery that changed the course of humanity, for the worse. The world was embroiled in war for the past sixteen years, over resources, the year was 2089, a team in search for oil found what was herald as the greatest military find known to man, what they found was a military base, seemingly advanced, more advanced than their tech in some ways less, in others. The penultimate weapon they found was known as the Mobile Suit, they could only find scattered records in these bases about who made them, but they were easy enough to figure out how to work, this discovery prompted the various warring Governments of earth to find mobile suits, several other digs found more, all resources went into making these Mechanical weapons, reverse engineering several of them, and putting the ones they found into duty once more.

Eventually discoveries led to new genetic traits uncovered from records, several other steps in the evolution to humanity and how they could be further utilized for an advantage, both naturally occurring and otherwise, archetypes such as Newtypes, Coordinators, X-Rounder’s and more were discovered prompting genetic screening of the populations of entire cities to find these people they were few and far between, but began to surface more and more.

Over the course of five years the earth was neigh unlivable, an exodus was planed to the Colonies already put in orbit around earth in the year 2073. This is what they were intended for the event of a major population draining war that made the earth uninhabitable, they were powered by reactors known as Ditanium Cores, that utilized a miracle element that could power an entire city for hundreds of years it was limited in quantity though and was only given the first three super colonies the biggest colonies, each equal to an equivalent the size of Texas.

The populations of such colonies nearly doubled over night, though they weren’t save. On the morning of October 7th 2094, a shadow organization that secretly put in motion the exodus earlier that year ascended, as nukes fell crossed the earth, they pushed the first people on the colony on two fronts, the people who had came earlier that year, and the people who were coming from earth as the World burned. The organization was known as the AFANT, The Alliance for a New Tomorrow, luckily the colonists they attacked managed to get to ships and leave, they fled to mars and formed was is now known as the Mars Federation Teraforming 45% of the planet using devices originally meant for Earth in the event of the likely nuclear holocaust.

Unfortunately the earth was laid to waste, over resources, what little were left, the Jupiter Energy Fleet which was commissioned to harvest Helium 3 for power plants based on those found in the excavated Mobile suits, three years prior to the event known as the Great War by those left alive, weren’t able to stave off the needs. They became the Jupiter Energy Empire overtime, dealing to the Colonial Conglomoracy, Mars Federation and Various areas of earth, using their own mobile suits found in the Asteroid Belt in ancient bases as well as a few ancient Orbital’s around Jupiter.

The AFANT later became known as the Colonial Conglomoracy controlling they grew to controll all of the colonies around the earth, as well as the Moon, and 14% of the asteroid belt, advancing their tech along the ways developing mobile suit’s that would outperform those the MFF had as well as the various factions left on the ruined husk of earth. The calendar was changed to the SA system, for Space Age denoting the majority of the population of Humanity living off of earth

Surprisingly for the past 210 years outside of small skirmishes the powers in space have remained in relative peace. Though lately the Colonial Conglomoracy has been moving forces around, rumors abound that they are running out of resources, on the hunt for more, they’ve began sending out forces to earth on the hunch that scans have revealed sources to help the wean off of the dependence of the Helium 3 from Jupiter, as well as Launching the development of new energy sources.

Though on earth it’s another story a living hell with the major factions no bigger than a nation state, and most of the expanses a living hell, they still use the old AD system, the year, is 2304 AD, or S.A.0210. The attacks from the Colonial Conglomerate on mines, and oil wells on earth have grown increasingly frequent over the past five months, this is where our story begins.


Earth: Earth has several hundred major factions none bigger than small nation states, the largest factions being ones with the means to make their own Mobile Suits and other weapons the keep various bandit factions and smaller towns from trying something allowing them to expand and controll regions spanning hundreds of miles if not thousands with some of the bigger ones.

Mobile Suits: Varied, no AD Suits or CC suits.

Colonial Conglomerate: Formed shortly after the great wars end, the Colonial Conglomerate is the most technologically advanced next to the Mars Federation, they bare some of the best mobile suits out their, the only ones giving their military a run for it’s money on the Mobile Weapons front being the Jupiter Energy Empire which lacks a large size. Despite their technological prowess and their military might, they’re reliant on the Jupiter Energy Empire for resources both Helium 3 and metal from asteroids Lately they‘ve pioneered a new type of Genetic engineering of Cyber-Organic humans known as Inovades, which have been kept from the public eye. Recently they’ve taken an interest in scans that say Earth may have more resources than originally thought

Mobile Suits: Mainly AD Suits which are unique to this universe, no Twin Drivers or Trans-Am and Gn Tao’s only though they’re not in production as of yet. (So basically pre GN Tau MP suits only right now and Gundams and such from other time lines with improvements upon them)

Mars Federation: Established after the Colonial Conglomerate, then known as the AFANT, pushed them from the colonies. They found mobile suits similar to those found on earth as well as the means to produce them, they made the planet habitable with the Genesis System, developed by the Colonies before they were pushed to mars it was originally meant to re-terraform earth, but circumstances forced them to use it on mars. Aside from mobile suits they are the most technologically advanced faction known, boasting the most advanced Cybernetics, and genetic engineering programs, far and above those on earth, they value science and Honor above all else.

Mobile Suits: Mars Zeon, AC Suits, SUMO’s (their first MP suit engineered by them)

Jupiter Energy Fleet: Offically Founded in 2091 as the Jupiter Energy Fleet by the Euro-Am-Asia alliance (Consisting of the EU Nations, Japan, and America, Australia, and a few other counties basically future NATO) the Fleet made good progress into setting up helium 3 bases but OPEC saw it as a threat and several of the last oil producing nations threatened to shut down their oil refineries if it wasn’t privatized, long story short it was privatized, they eventually found mobile suits, some powerful ones at that as well and extended their reach to asteroid mining, when earth was scorched, they remained. Twenty years back their mines were attacked by criminals on the run from the Mars Federation and the CC, they instead of killing all of them, made them a deal, they gave them a large safe haven known as The Ark, a large asteroid city made of three interconnected asteroids, in exchange for protection against the EFF and the CC if the need arose. They’re the only Ships that come and go from earth.

Mobile Suits: Crossbone Vanguard Suits, PMX Series suits, other various powerful Mobile Weapons

General Info:

These are just terms and such used in the RP

CC-Colonial Conglomerate

CCF- Colonial Conglomerate Forces

JEF-Jupiter Energy Fleet

MF: Mars Federation
MFF-Mars Federation Forces

Offworlder-People not from earth

Ditanium-Element used to power the Grand Colonies, only enough for three reactors was ever found, as such it was never found to be a suitable means to power earths cities.

Halo Ring-Giant Ring like station around the earth with seven orbital elevators coming off of it, access to it’s interior has been blocked for the last 220 years, can be seen clearly at night in the sky.


To give an idea to the years leading up to the discovery of the mobile suit, as well as some events after the war. This is mainly going to be Prewar events though as most post war ones will be explained in the RP.

2018-World War III Begins

2025-World War III ends

2027-NATO Expands to include several more Asian, and Eastern Pacific nations, renamed to Euro-Am-Asia Alliance, or EAA.

2030-Initial Breakthroughs in Modern Cybernetics, despite the advancements, procedures are still risky. International UN Conference convened to discuss growing energy demands, no results met.

2031-First Tanks with Gauss Cannons are deployed into active duty.

2032-First Long Range Ships make it to Jupiter and back in under three months, marking the single greatest Accomplishment in ship tech known to man so far.

2035-First Advances in Energy weapons made, a Laser Cannon called TITAN-1 is made by a Co-Development project between Russia, and the EAA, while ungainly the destructive capability is immense, creates a new arms race and tensions even among allied states. UN is disbanded later in the year.

2042-First normal sized handheld energy weapon is made, it’s the Size of a regular pistol, it was called the Glock 98. Advances in AI tech have made the first smart AI possible it’s name is Margaret. Russia Deploys it’s own energy weapons along with the TITAN-2 Cannon array.

2044-A summit between the EAA and Russia is held to discuss environmental issues, hostility is abound, a second cold war breaks out. Safer Cybernetics allow for a 80% Success rate now, depending on the implants.

2047-After a three years arms build up Russia stands down for the time being and opens up negotiations with the EAA, at the end, Project Ark is conceived, plans for a massive space Colony system is put into plans, and the construction of the Halo Ring begins, and the search for an energy source for these colonies also is put into play.

2050-Ditanium is discovered, and is marked as the power source for the massive Colony, Construction on the Halo Ring is nearly finished.

2051-The Halo Ring is finished allowing for more Ships to explore the Solar System as well as construction of the Colonies to begin.

2052-The smart AI Lucille is placed in charge of Mechanical operations and oversight of the Halo Ring.

2059-Helium 3 from Jupiter proposed as a potential energy source, but the thought is dismissed after several failed attempts.

2063- Hostilities between EAA and non-EAA nations increase once more, Russia begins arm race again

2067-Scientests give the earth’s resources another 15 years, 20 tops at the current usage rate, and if more of the same were found the Atmosphere would give out within an additional 50 years after that 20 mark

2068-The UN is disassembled, Russia forms the New Soviet Block and aligns it’s self with China, several middle eastern counties, and for some reason Honduras

2070-War breaks out. Several nations are involved, becomes known as World War IV at the time. The War is fought over the dwindling resources on earth.

2071-USA Annexes Canada (whom left the EAA in 2065) and Mexico for resource needs for the war

2073-The last mega Colony is finished, select VIP’s are moved to space, as well as people who can afford to make it in, many people of power still opt to stay on earth. The Colonies are self governing for the most part but fall under the jurisdiction of the EAA, which makes the non EAA nations who were in the UN during the time of the project angry as they have no say over the colonies.

2075-Dr. Daniel Farnsworth begins the initial designs for the Genesis system to rein habit earth after what he labeled ‘the eminent threat of nuclear war’

2080-Dr. Richard J. Gregory vice chairman of the EAA political boards, and Bio-Mechanical engineer founds The Alliance for a New Tomorrow or AFANT for short in secret, comes into contact with high ranking officials in every nation gaining immense support for his plans to leave earth when the time comes.

2089-First Mobile suit a MS-06 Zaku II is found in the Mojave Desert, sparking searches crossed the globe for such weapons as well as moves to mass produce them when they were found, later that year the first Gundams and solid records of what collectively became known as the Old Worlds (Basically the other universes like UC, CE, AC etc)

2090-AFANT’s first fleet is built in secret, Richard Gregory begins to secretly horde Mobile Suits as well as make improvements on designs already found.

2091-The Jupiter Energy Fleet is formed, to make use of new Reactors Bases off of those found in Mobile Suits. OPEC takes over a few months later prices soar.

2093-Fist Mass Exodus plotted by the AFANT made it to the Colonies, under the guise of refugees and other citizens, two Theories are formed on Where mobile suits came from A. An Advanced Human Civilization that collapsed on it’s self Millions of years ago far more advanced than originally ever convinced, B. Temporal Rifts caused by events in the different Universes the MS appeared from caused them to be pulled into ours, this becomes the Generally accepted though unproven theory. (Never going to be explained in the RP but it’s the second one, big events like Amuro pushing back Axis pulled things in and such, why no AD or CC events did is mainly because of plot and wanting AD suits for the Colonies as unique in universe designs)

2094-War Escalates by this time only half of the human population remains, On October 7th Nuclear war breaks out who fired first is unknown. World War IV becomes known as the great war, by most people after this point. The Colonial Conglomerate pushes the colonists out forcing them to flee to mars and discover Mobile Suits never seen there, as well as use the Genesis project on Mars, it worked making the planet habitable though 60% of it or so is still rust deserts

2120-Refugees from the CC and the MMF go to the asteroid belt attacking mines owned by the JFF, the then leader of the JFF proposed a treaty with them giving them the Asteroid City known as Ark.

-You can have a suit not common to the faction if it fits your charictar/you want it

-All factions but the CC are open, I guess the CC can be as well but you’ll have to sell the RP to me but they’re the main antagonist faction, also you need a reason to start on Earth, I know Kenico is going MFF so you can hitch a ride with his team down, Jupiter Energy Empire comes down frequently so they’d be easy to get here, and the CC is launching strike teams all over as well as reasearch teams if you want to go that route. I don’t really want main PC’s as part of the CC though Secondary/Rivals would be fine

-Unique Suits need to have a backstory as well, not just to your charictar but mostly in the Universe who devloped it and why, what it looks like and what Mobile Suit they based it off of.

-Mobile Fighter are allowed, no Hyper Mode though and they’re closer to preformance to a real robot, it’s basically a cockpit type

-GN Drives aren’t in, neither are any Twin Drive Suits, GN Tau Drives will come in about midway though the first Part of the RP, as well their first Gundams right now the CC mainly uses Upgraded versions of old suits (like the Evolve Ver. of the RX-78-2 is a CC suit they made in this time line)

-Trans-Am dosen’t exist.

-Coordinators, Newtypes, Cyber Newtypes, X-Rounders and Inovades (has to fit the backstory that you’re origionally from the CC) are all allowed Inovators are not.

-Tech can be mixed between Universes if you want to replace the DRAGOON System in a Providence with that of a Psycoframe from the UC go for it.

-Cybernetics are in and can augment any range of things, I’ll have to okay them of course but I’ll be pretty lax as long as you’re not OP about it.

-You can start in a Gundam, I personally won’t be but you can if it pleases you

That’s it you can post now.

I’ve been confused on this:

Mobile Fighter are allowed, no Hyper Mode though and they’re closer to preformance to a real robot, it’s basically a cockpit type

So does that mean the Mobile Trace system is in or it’s a normal looking cockpit with a chair, monitors, pedals and control sticks?

If it’s the second one I’ll need to seriously rework my backstory for both my suit and character.

Yeah Mobile trace is in, it is the cockpit type, sorry for the confusion.

Also hope it dosen’t screw up your story for the worse lol, I thought it’d fit quite nicely in here my self. Should also clarify Earth isn’t a single faction, it’s many many factions you can make one up for the backstory as it fits there are litterally 100s if not 1000s of them ranging from big to small.

Anyhow my Charictar’s bio:

Name: Jack Hargrave
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Genetic Type: Newtype
Faction: New Mojave Republic (More on them later, I can detail a few non spoiler earth factions for those intrested in one)
Rank: General (Really just fluff)

Cybernetics: Cybernetics that increase his response time, using his newtype brain waves, extremely painful at times, can control funnels and help with their controll as well but that function is limited and it can’t jack them. Psycommu Jammers can also prove to be deadly to him

Backstory: Kidnaped when he was only eight by a group of bandits from his home in the delapitated capital of the NMR, New Reno, due to his Newtype powers, he was used as a Merc and a killer after extensive training and augmentation by their Doctor whom was in a similar situation as him. He showed emense intellegence and promise, and she trained him in Medical Aid, as well as quite a few other things, she her self when they met was only 15, and was trained her whole life to be a doctor, as in the wasteland a Medical Degree isn’t required for that. He was also taught a great deal by the Bandit’s mechanic who died on a job shortly before Jack revolted.

At the age of 16 he fought his way out of the custody of the mercs, killing everyone but the Doctor who put the Cybernetics in, spareing her, due to his Fondness for her, they went their seprate ways after that Jack working as a Killer for higher roaming from area to area, killing for money.

Due to this he became sub-psychotic, a bit crazy, and abuses Drugs and Alchol due to the pain, he spends most of time either fighting, drinking, geting high or some odd combination of the three. At the age of 22 he went back to New Reno to find his old brother alive and in charge of the NMR, Jack Settled down, sort of, and became one of the highest ranking millitary officals but the only orders he’s ever cared to issue are telling people not to be in a certain area when he’s out there on one of his own missions, lately he’s been seeing more and more CC landing parties which untill these last six months he hadn’t seen or heard of, he’s taken to wipeing them out before they can claim any territory. He’s been known to leave the area for weeks if not months at a time returning, after the event of several radio broadcasts claiming scores of bandit clans ending up dead.

Despite all of the crazy and criminal rage he has his convictions, however few and there are only a few people in life he likes at all, he’s extremely smart, well versed in Cybernetics, Mechanical Engineering, and AI Software. He enjoys the killing crazy machine he is, and uses it to his advantage to take out anyone stupid enough to provoke him out in the wasteland.

Mobile Suit: Gouf Custom with the Chain Gun, a larger Heat Sword, the Heatwhip is back in place, and Horns running down the whole head, painted Grey, with Blue and White accents, extremely dirty and worn appearing as well.

Appearance: Six Feet tall even, short brown wavy hair, scars all over his face and body, mostly surgical on the body, Brown eyes, the right is covered by an eye patch. Wears a Dusty brown Duster, carries a Lazer Pistol (rember I mentioned hand heled energy weapons though there are more conventional firearms) in a holster on his right hip, and .50 Cal Desert Eagle on the one on his left, has a blue T-Shirt and Torn Blue Jeans.

So I can still G-Gundam it up? Like full on? Sorta figured out how the engines would work for strong attacks, the pilot general has to build up bio kinetic energy, then in concert with the actual engine brings it to near overload causing the influx in energy to be released at a high and potent volume? I don’t think the Mecha Melee Federation idea would work if it’s just a normal cockpit.

Sorry that I’m just not getting it for some reason, but I’d rather triple check than have to go thru a bio and change things.

Yes, the Mobile Trace System is 110, no 120% allowed I have a charictar planed who uses one, one of the two Love Intrests I have planed for my charictar the other is mentioned breifly in that bio. (The Doctor who augmented him)

Name: Zachariah “Zach” Raleigh
Age: 26
Faction: Earth, The New Philadelphia Federation (city state, more or less covers Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey)
Gender: Male
Genetic Type: Normal
Rank: Mechastar, MMF Champion
Cybernetics: five back sensors for his gundam, two located around the shoulder blades, two located six inches above the hips and one installed at the base of the spine. One brain sensor, like the AGE system meets the Sharingan (once you fight my character he starts learning his opponents standard tactics, able to react against the tactics better than normal the more times that he’s come across them, it’s a combat registration/reflex system that consistently improves, currently installed in his brain) Cybernetics installed are illegal in standard MMF fights.

Preferred Suit: the Infernal Gundam

Gundam Epyon head
Wing Gundam torso and crotch/hip area
Hyaku Shiki backpack with 4 dragon fangs (EW versions) attached to the side of the thrusters, one dragon fang whip like sickle on the base of the pack like a tail, all retracts in together (looks like doc octs octo arms and the scorpions tail from spider-man on the backpack)
1.5 Gundam shoulders
Gundam NT-1 forearms, the gatling cannons are replaced with a single beam cannon that can vary it’s beam, the beam rifle shaft has collapsible parts
Destiny Gundams hands
Wing Zero and Shining Gundam legs, looks like the Zero’s with those shining gundam thrusters on the side

armed with the Hell Scythe of the Vashtaron Gundam from Gundam X, the Hell Scythe can also become a Hell Trident and a Hell Lance, the dragon fangs have "flame"throwers (beam dispersal that looks like fire), the hand beam cannons (close range only) and the forearm beam rifle/cannons. the hand beam cannons and forearm cannons can work together for melee attacks and special attacks. the forearm beam rifle/cannons have three settings rapid beam fire, normal beam rifle, and beam cannon. Weapons controlled thru implants in the pilots back and the suit is partially controlled by a brain implant. Main color is White with Black as the secondary color and Red highlights. The beam flames from the dragon fang are bluish with a white core, the Hell Scythe is a crimson beam, the forearm beams are bluish white, and the palm hand cannons vary.

Personality: much like the wrestler Rob Van Dam, a glory hog, laid back if he isn’t fighting, takes credit for things he doesn’t do, connives his way around things. Can ignore doing the “right” thing depending on the situation

Appearance: 6’0" 175lbs, athletic build, brown eyes, shoulder length black hair with red highlights, wears a pair of sneakers, black baggy shorts, a t-shirt that has his picture on it and usually keeps his hair tied back in a ponytail

Preferred Suit History: Built originally at age 18 collected parts of the gundams he’s taken out in the illegal MMF version, had been constantly updated or fixed up since he became the top draw in the IMMF with a random high roller picking up the tab each time. Having been giving a chance to join the MMF at age 22 he retired from the IMMF hid his gundam and went off. Originally based off the Rising Gundam, the MTS cockpit is a copy of the Master Gundam’s cockpit and it was recently partially fixed with parts of the Shining Gundam.

History: Born in Philadelphia’s junk sector to a single mother named Candace Raleigh. When he was ten he saw his first MMF match, a championship match celebrating the 10 year anniversary of MMF becoming legal, his mother turned it off immediately. When he was 15 he started working out, sneaking to the illegal version of Mecha Melee and by 17 had collected enough scrap parts to build his own suit. He competed in his first match at 18, with 100-1 odds he’d survive let alone win. Before the match he bet on himself and ended up winning enough money to build the current gundam he has. After 4 years on the illegal scene, he sought out the employ of the main promoter. That’s when his mother told him why she hated the MMF, 22 years ago she was a ring girl for the original Mecha League and had an affair with the original host of the illegal MMF, realizing he was crazy for trying to get it legalized she left him. The owner of the Mecha Melee Federation is actually his father, Edward McCormick. Having still decided to join up, Zach keeps the secret of who his father is to himself. Having spent the four years working the legal MMF scene he’s spent the last 6 months on top as th MMF Champion. With the next MMF show being held in Philadelphia, it’s a homecoming party for their local boy for sure. However as he is a former IMMF champ he’s had to remove his brain implant so as not to be found out and kept his gundam hidden as well as his connection to the IMMF. Has a style that mixes Judo, Kempo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Street Fighting. As well as anything that seems like a good move to add.

History of the Mecha Melee Federation: Originally was an illegal underground sport, well eventually Edward McCormick greased the palms of some key officials to make it legal, turning it into the biggest “sport” on earth with the New Philadelphia Federation being the largest collection of MMF Mechastars. The illegal version still exists. The difference between them in that the MMF is surprising fair, everyone uses a Leo so bets are based off the fighter. Where as in the IMMF bets are based off the fighter and his mobile suit. The better the suit the better the spot you get on the card (for the IMMF) the better the chance you fight someone worth something for a huge payday. In the legal version it’s be all about skill and backstage politicking.

Known G-Gundam like moves: Cascading Surging Finger, Triad Combo, Spirit Wave, Rotation, Cascading Surging Slash.

I love it.

Goes with the weirdness that the Earth has on it really well.

Let’s keep in mind that my first couple of posts in a MS will be in a Leo, the gundam won’t be showing up until you tell us shit’s just started for real real. And that the Leo is unarmed, it’s one on one fisticuffs in the MMF. Where I reign as the unbeatable champion, at least I see it as anyone who last over six months as the main champ is considered a big deal. The average title length is about 3-4 months since it became legal, with the longest being 1 year, 1 month, 2 weeks, 3 days and 47 minutes (hope I remembered that right, it’s however long RVD held the ECW TV title back when ECW was around, he makes mention of the length at the first ECW One Night Stand). I’d personally prefer if shit’s gonna go down it happen when he’s at Philly, where his gundam is kept hidden.

I assume nothings too much? By the by, I’ll be throwing in G-Gundam “easter eggs” to an extent and when I use my super attacks to finish whatever off they’ll be lightning based. That cool?

Well define when shit goes down because we’re starting off arround the Southwest, and we’re going in a convoy esq fashion acrossed the country so Philly won’t be hit for awhile.

Then I’ll need a prequel post or something. He wouldn’t leave his city state, he’s too important to A. the MMF B. the New Philadelphia Federation and C. the people. As he and his fellow Mechastar’s, while trained in combat, are more trained in one on one fair contest (most of them anyways) and are NPF’s last line of defense. Like Philly’s gonna have to get hit while I’m in the middle of my championship match so I can then head out in the Leo to get near where my gundam’s hidden and you know get it leading to the NPF to changing it’s tune on keeping back the MMF just to appease the people with a strong defense and entertainment. The IMMF guy probably went off, the NPF could bribe them to go off to war.

There will be time for prequel posts for sure, especially since everyone seems to be starting at diffrent corners of the planet so far from PM’s I recived and such.

Name: Connor Ashta

Age: 21

Genetic Type: Coordinator*

Faction: Martian Federation

Preferred Mobile Suit: (Current)RGM-89D Jegan D-Type (Modified with the Jestas front, side, and rear skirt armor. the D-Type’s fore arms are swapped out for the Jestas, modified so as to carry the shield, complete with e caps and beam saber. It kept the Jegans Shield but now it had more Grenade tubes. on the Rear skirt, the Jesta’s Beam Carbine stall repaired and ready to go. On the legs, Connor welded brackets to carry the Strike Noir’s Beam Pistols. Still has the Twin Vulcan Pods in the Head. Stored on a fashioned bracket on the right thigh below the grenade rack, an experimental beam long sword (see Kenicos Gunpla Gallery for better description lol). Cockpit still resembles one from Stark Jegan)
Color Scheme: Light Gray as the Base. Blue for the Torso, Shoulder armor, Forearms, Lower legs, and the bottom part of the feet. The back pack is Black. the lower legs and shoulder armor are gonna have White stripes running down them. Vulcan Pods are painted black. Optics are bright Blue.

(Former)RGM-89 Jegan (Moddified with Two Vulcan Pods on each side of the head. Cockpit resembles the one from the Stark Jegan.)
Color Scheme: Light Gray as the Base. Blue for the Torso, Shoulder armor, Forearms, Lower legs, and the bottom part of the feet. The back pack is Black. the lower legs and shoulder armor are gonna have White stripes running down them. Vulcan Pods are painted black. Optics are bright Blue.

(Former)RGZ-91 Re-GZ (No real mods, seeing this is only a temp suit just to start my story off)
Color Scheme: Digital Gray with green eyes

Rank: Major

Personality: Cold, Soldier Type. Does not have a sense of humor that is noticable. His emotions are kept inside his uniform, yet he has some trace of actually having emotions.

Appearance: 6’1", 210 LBS, Blue Eyes, Jet Black Hair (but you wouldnt notice seeing its been shaved). In the MF wears a navy blue uniform for odd reasons. As for Normal Suit, Its more of a ballistic Body Suit than a space suit. Has signs of Cybernetic and Genetic Augmentations (Example: His eyes appear to have some sort of wiring in the whites)

History: Was an Orphan at the start of his life. Became a ward of the State during the time the conflict with the Colonial Conglomerate broke out. In a desperate attempt to combat the Newtypes of the Conglomerate, the Government initiated Project Coordination. The Projects mission was to create, train, and field Genetically Enhanced Super Soldiers. No one really knows how the mix up happens, but Connor somehow got on the project. He along with 299 candidates were placed through rigorous physical training before the genetic augmentation. Out of the 300 that underwent the Genetic Augmentation, only 33 (Including Connor) survived the procedure. That was 5 years ago…now there are only 12 left. Connor was rumored to have started out as a cheery, determined, and kind individual. He was in essence unique to his kind. However, something happend 3 years ago that cost him that…Now hes a cold, cyinical, and calculated Soldier, some say he is now more machine than man…borderline suicidal. It is that new trait that was the primary reason the MFF have dipatched him to Earth after recieving reports that the CC have begun mining and harvesting ops on the Earths surface, which was deemed odd seeing the CC had all they could ever need in thier Flashy Colonies. Therefore, after 3 months of cold sleep for the long journey to earth. Connor has arrived…but to a rude awakening…*In this case, Coordinators are enhanced Supersoldiers that require monthly doses of Nanomachines to keep not only thier healing abilites active but keep thier Super solider “powers” up and running.

Should be noted there are normal Coordinators as Pre-War they found records on how to engieer them in Ruined bases from the CE, 210 years later now in the year 2304 they’re rare but naturally occuring due to the Genes surfaceing randomly in people desended from those made between 2089 and 2094.

Oh and you should Change it from an invasion to just skirmishes space has been realitively peaceful aside from some moments where there have been small fights here and there over various things but never a full on invasion, asife from the one in 2094 of the colonies but thats diffrent. Basically it’s more of a cold war right now.

Oh then never mind.

Here is my character:

Name: Malik Ibn La Altair

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Genetic Type: Newtype (not a really powerful one though. About the same as Char Aznable’s Newtype level)

Faction: Earth, the City-State of Khadim (modern day Golan Heights and the surrounding areas)

Rank: Lord Protector of Khadim

Appearance: 6’2", Powerful-looking build, Black shoulder-length hair, piercing light Green eyes, wears a French cut goatee which has its fair share of grey hairs (none in his head hair though)

Mobile Suit: MSN-001 Delta Gundam (his father’s old mobile suit)

Backstory: The grandson of the legendary warlord and founder of the city-state of Khadim, the “Mighty Eagle” Ibrahim (that’s where Malik gets his last name from. It is “son of the eagle”), and son of another legend in his own right, Malik’s father, Asim Ibn La Altair the “Golden Lion,” Malik was destined to have a hard time living up to his forefathers’ names. However, so far he has done well to make his ancestors proud, having defended his homeland well over the last 16 years, and even managed to conquer two nearby lands at the unprecedented ages of 20 and 26 respectively. He has been battling the “Space Invaders” (the C.C. forces looking for oil, which was found in Khadim a mere 20 years ago) for the last 2 years, and although he and his small M.S. corps (about 30 suits altogether) have done a great job in fighting off the outworlders, he realizes that he is fighting a losing battle. When the story opens up, he will be looking to make alliances with the nearby city-states, which wont end well for the most part, causing him to be surrounded by even more enemies

Personality: Malik possesses many qualities one would hope to find in a leader; he is wise, brave, inspirational, steadfast, noble, and loyal. He stays cool and calm under pressure, and knows how to lead his troops to victory despite the odds. He loves his fellow comrades as family, and would die for them as he knows they would for him. Malik is the best pilot Khadim currently has, having piloted mobile suits since the tender age of 6.

Important NPCs:

Rashid Ibn Al Altair: Malik’s uncle and chief advisor. A wise old warrior, Rashid was the 2nd greatest pilot Khadim had ever produced, only behind his older brother Asim. He lost the ability to be a pilot when he saved young Malik from an alligator that was attacking him, costing him his left arm. Malik has never stopped being grateful for this, and even offered Rashid the position of Lord Protector upon his father’s death, but Rashid declined, content to just be an advisor to the man he loves like a son.

Sadira: Malik’s wife and mother of his two children, Saif and Yasmine. Sadira and Malik have been betrothed since their births, and were childhood friends. They love one another more than anything in the world. Sadira is Malik’s chief advisor after Rashid.

Abd al-Qadir: Malik’s companion, servant, and bodyguard since childhood, Abd is Malik’s closest friend as well. He serves as Malik’s right hand man during battles. He pilots a red VMS-15 Union Realdo, which the Khadim forces managed to scavenge in one of their early battles with the C.C. invaders.

Ariel Ben-Judah: Son of the former leader of the city-state Gilead, one of Khadim’s oldest allies. Gilead fell 10 years ago when Ariel was only 9, and he and a few survivors managed to make it to their ally Khadim. Ariel is arrogant, vain, hot tempered, and loud-mouthed, but possesses some good qualities as well, such a fierce loyalty to his friends and comrades and a great mind for warfare. He is a more naturally gifted pilot than Malik, but his arrogance and relative inexperience compared to Malik means Ariel is only the 2nd best pilot among Khadim’s current generation of defenders. He pilots a orange-colored FW-9800 GW-Bit.

Nadir Ibn Al Altair: Son of Malik’s oldest sister, Nadir is Malik’s favorite nephew. Nadir is a quiet, shy, self-conscious and soft-hearted kid. He is a powerful Newtype, easily surpassing the abilities of his uncle Malik. However, his lack of confidence and tendency to hesitate in battle don’t allow him to use his abilities to their fullest in combat. He is currently in a relationship with his childhood friend and fellow pilot, Shiri, despite their age difference (he is 21 and she is 16). He pilots the RMSN-008 Bertigo, which currently has no bits for him to use.

Shiri Netanyahu: Ariel’s cousin and one of the other few survivors of Gilead. Shiri is the only female pilot in Khadim’s MS corps, and one of their best pilots period, having been trained by Malik himself, who loves her like a daughter. She can be described as a force of nature, being very strong-willed and even more stubborn. She has had a crush on Nadir since the day they first met, and finally forced him to enter into a relationship with her just a month ago. While he is very self-conscious about the whole thing due to the age difference, she couldn’t be happier. Their relationship is a cause for amusement among the other pilots, since it is hilarious to see this young, petite girl dragging around Nadir (who is very tall at 6’5") everywhere (she wears the pants in their relationship). She pilots a MVF-M11C Murasame with the same paint job as Andrew Waltfeld’s.

Ira Rabin: One of Malik’s oldest friends. He is quiet and dependable. He pilots a Green OZ-07AMS Aries.

PS Everyone of Khadim’s pilots use transforming mobile suits, due to their preference for lightning quick, hit-and-run Blitzkrieg attacks.

PS let me know if there is anything you want me to change ZRC. I hope using the Union Realdo isn’t a problem. I did mention that they scavenged it from the C.C. forces.

It’s fine a bit heavy on the NPC’s for just starting out IMO, cut the number in half mainly the pilots, I don’t want a load of people right from the get go.

the NPCs are mainly just background characters though. I don’t plan on developing their characters any further, with the possible exception of Nadir and Shiri. In fact, about half of them are going to die within the first 2-3 chapters. I just gave them background stories for dramatic effect. If that’s still not fine, then that’s cool. I will just get rid of half of them like you said. They were dead men walking anyways.

PS your avatar scares me quite a bit. He is looking right at me…

Well if they’re just there to die that’s fine and dandy then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also my Avatar is succeeding, I was either wanting to freak people out or make them laugh. Never forget: The Batman Never stops whatching.