[RP]MSG:0086 Assault Files Discussion

It’s been seven long years since the one year war. The sigma corps scatered five ways to the wind, Their Commander, Maxwell Shepard, was “Dead” for all intensive purposes. The various members led things. People talk how ever, of a black and blue mobile suit, a scorge of the astroid belt, Paul Frost, pirate king of the astroid belt.

Maxwell Shepard AKA Paul Frost

Age 36 (As of 0088 July 28th)

Rank: Former Commander in the Principality of Zeon.

Bio: Born to John and Hannah Shepard on side three, his mother died when he was young and his father was a rich Helium 3 shipping Tycoon turned top Military Scientist, and financer of the early Zeonic military. Maxwell grew up on side 3, with his sister, on his fathers estate, until he was 17, and enlisted, with the Zeonic Air Force.

Due to his high piloting aptitude, and interest in future military tech, he was drafted into the early Mobile Suit program piloting the early MS-04 Zaku, and EMS-04 Zudah, giving not one but both his seal of approval, saying the Zudah (due to explosive results when the reactor was stressed) was better for an ace only suit.

He served under Ramba Ral for a short time, and then became Dozle’s protégé, his father died due to hart failure shortly before the one year war started, leavening him to see that his sister was safe. He fought in the Battle of Loum in a Black and Blue MS-04 Zaku, the only early Prototype to be used in a battle, he with the aid of Dozle then went on to form the Sigma Corps, a Black ops team that was under the direct command of Dozle Zabi, and Shepard him self, the majority of the sigma corps died in the defense of Odessa, where Shepard piloted one of the few EMS-10 Zudah’s in battle. The only survivors where him, and his long time childhood friend Steve Cortez, who was injured badly, and became his mechanic.

His sister, about half way into the war was drafted into the Flanagan institute, Shepard tried pulling her out, and even resorted to as far as breaking her out, or at least attempting too, he was nearly put to death for this, but due to Dozle he got to remain alive, and in service. Steve despite his injury helped him in this, and was also spared. His sister died in battle later that month, which to this day haunts him.

A few weeks later Shepard formed the New Sigma Corps, using people from various branches of Zeon, Kharys Anon, Jason Stark AKA Frost Wolf, and Lt. Jack Daniels, later down the line two federation defectors, Nasir Kelvar, and Connor Nold after the assault on Augustus led to the discovery of Nuclear Warheads going to earth.

They chased them and all that. (Refer to the RP you all know what happens after this)

Shepard is thought to have died at A Boa Qu after killing Diana Forge and avenging his sister, but in reality, he and Rachel Homestead have used the Money Shepard inherited, and the Money from the account whose number Wolf gave him to fall back on, under the name of Paul Frost (in homage to none other than Frost wolf) he then retreated to a small asteroid called X-9 a former Zeon base, he set up there collecting ex-Zeon, and Ex-federation officers alike.

Rachel was going to give birth to a daughter, that they would have named Hannah after Max’s father, but it was a still birth, something that Shepard took hard, and has resorted to a bit more drinking then his former recreational habits, he’s still an apt military leader, leading his pirate/merc band well, helping people who’d other wise be poor Spacenoids, he uses his clout with money to get what suits an ammo he needs, and raids Helium 3 shipments in bound from Jupiter, and even the occasional military vessel, earning him the reputation of the “Pirate King of the Asteroid Belt.”

His tactics in battle have changed from a cunning mix of chivalry and trickery, to ruthless ness, and trickery, he still bares some of his old ways, but for the most part won’t hesitate to shoot a fleeing enemy if need be, he’s also became allot more violent over time. And dosen’t seem to be intrested in the big picture with the titans at first.

Appearance: Green eyes, now has a bit of a beard not too long though, shoulder length brown hair. His face looks primarly the same, though he bears a few more scars.

Mobile Suit

(OLD-Status:Claposed in asome base in South Africa)MS-08TX Effreet “Maxwell Shepard/Paul Frost Custom”
Color: Black, and Dark Blue
Weapons: Dual Heat Katanas (based off of the Effret Nachts Cold Katanas) Gelgoog Jager’s beam rifle, forearm mounted Missle Launchers, Modified Gouf Sheild.
Special Features: Gelgoog Jager’s Reactor, High Output thrusters, modified to be operable in Space.

(OLD Status-Left Behind somewhere IIRC) RGM-79SC Striker Custom
Color Black and Dark Blue
Weapons: Standard stuff plus Beam Katana

(OLD) MSZ-006-4A
Weapons: Heavy Beam Rifle, Beam Machine Cannons in the Sheild, Head Vulcans, Two Beam Saber’s Graple Gun
Appearance: Same as the Yellow Zeta in Green Divers
Colors: Dark Blue and Black

(Current) MSZ-006-4A[i] Zeta Gundam Maxwell Shepard Use
Weapons: Heavy Variable Beam Rifle (Shotgun mode/Rifle Mode) Beam Machine Cannons in the Sheid, Head Vulcans, Two Beam Sabers, Graple Gun, Heat claw on the left Arm, Ejectable Backpack that can be replaced with a conventional Backpack. Optional full armor system.

Appearance: Same as the Baze Zeta with a Baun Doc like claw on one arm.

Colors: Black and Darkblue, with white Highlights. (All the gold is white includeing the V-Fin the eyes are Blue)
So post and let’s discuss how to start things, work a few things out first, like who meets Shepard first etc.

Name: Kahrys Anon (first name pronounce Carr-iss, also a pun on his attitude, he could care less)

Age: 25 (as of U.C.0088)

Faction: Sigma

Current Mobile Suit: overall appereance is that of Kahrys’ old Zaku II with duel spiked shoulders, the 6 spikes are spike bits hidden in plain sight
with upgrades no hoses attached around the body and legs, head is the same though the hoses become extra armor, when NT system is active the Command Horn opens up into a V-Fin/Command Horn combo, mono-eye splits into gundam eyes
legs are refined a bit (a little gundam like) have more thrusters and forearms have 3 barrel beam gatlings like the NT-1
made with the gundam armor (gundamanium or whatever)
Gundam MK II based frame
with a ZZ based engine
with 2X GP01 Space boosters attached to the back for extra thrust each stores 5 beam bits
armed with a direct copy of the Abyss Gundam’s heat axe (from SEED destiny)
beams and mono-eye/gundam eyes are crimson, not pink

Newly added:
four reflector bits, two hold together and store on the Zakundam’s legs like the old Zaku II leg missiles
two mega launcher cannon funnels looks like the Nu Gundams funnels stored on top of the booster’s bit compartment
new beam axe MKII version the beam spear point is strong enough to pierce even a psycho gundam, the physical halberd part is strong as in Kahrys can slash thru beams without fear of it breaking the axe and having a bit sensor installed in it as well so it can thrown in space.

painted in crimson and black with Kahrys’ personal Zeon symbol on the crimson part of the chest

And just incase you forgot what Kahrys’ old Zaku II looked like.

FORMER suits:
Nemo II (heavily customized newtype mobile suit) (completely totalled) , whatever’s Orange is Black and any other color is Crimson, the eye part is the same Crimson. Armed with: 2X Beam Gatling Cannons attached to the back, looks like they’re thrusters (medium range), on a wire guided newtype system (each wire is 200 meters long). 3X heat wire’s from the Gouf Custom stored in each forearm, wire guided newtype system is on the tip of the wire (each wire is 200 meters long). And finally has 2X beam sabers stored in hips, also stores 2X beam pistols (short range) on hips.

Delta Gundam (completely totalled), whatevers gold is black, and any other color is crimson

Gundam NT-1 “Azra” (sold to Shepard), whatever was colored white is black any other colors are painted crimson, armed with just shiled beam rifle and standard on suit weapons.

Color Scheme: Blacker than the blackest black times infinity with crimson accents

Rank: former Ensign for the Princepality of Zeon, former Commander in the A.E.U.G.

Personality: Apathetic in almost all ways, calls it how he sees it. Loyal to his family.

Family: Tera Anon (wife), Jacob “Jakey” Maxwell Anon (1st born son, 8 years old), Karen Serah Anon (2nd born daughter, twin, 1 year old) Jason Nasir Anon (2nd born son, twin, 1 year old), Dr. Jacob Anon (father), Dr. Karen Anon (mother), Commander Hiro Tsuki (father-in-law, deceased), Dr. Karen Tsuki (mother-in-law), Hiruzen Gregory Tsuki (eldest Tsuki), Jai Alexander Tsuki (youngest Tsuki)

Appreance: 6 foot even, 180lbs, Crimson hair medium length just long enough to cover his eyes, eyes are black in color grew a small beard. The Sigma greek letter tattooed in navy blue on his left arm bordered in what the Zeon’s called Zeon Gold, really just a yellow outlining. Also has the original Principality of Zeon symbol tattooed on his chest in black with a crimson border.

History: Born in Side 3, Uncle is a High Ranking officer under Kycilia Zabi, parents work for Zeonic Company. While visiting Zeonic Company with his parents at a young age, Kahrys was awestuck by the design his parents and team had been working on, the Zaku. After completing his basic schooling at 15, requested and was denied early access to enlist. After his Uncle pulled some strings, by 16 Kahrys started working along side his uncle as an aide, moving up to a MS technician with his parents.

One fateful day, Kycilia Zabi on request of her father entered the MS factory to check up on how the mass production of the updated Zaku II was running. Only to witness a young child not yet a man, clear the basic training program without any damage taken in the simulation battle. After that, Kahrys found himself being transfered to a specialized Zeon squad, the Sigma Corps. This transfer led Kycilia to re-examine her views on if Newtypes exist.

Kahrys is a young newtype who merely consider his skill a byproduct of having parent technicians who designed the Zaku, and subsequently who worked on the Zaku II as why he is skilled in a Zaku II. Upon his transfer to the Sigma Corps, his MS of choice has been a rare MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type (a gesture between Kycilia and Dozle), with minor changes to suit his style of combat (gathered from simulations and mock battles). Having no actual combat expierence, his new squad questions whether or not a child is ready for the horrors of war.

(enter all the RP stuff that occurred)

He was able to escape from the one year war. Married his federation rival, Tera Tsuki. Has a 6 year old son, Jake Anon (full name Jacob Maxwell Anon), named after Kahrys’ father and the Commander. Inlaws know all about the history Kahrys shares with Zeon as well as the Anon’s knowing all about Tera’s history with the federation. The Tsuki family was able to fudged some documents which resulted in the Anon’s getting jobs at some new company called Anahiem Electronics. Lives all over the world and space, that gold that zeon payed the Anon’s in went thru the roof in value.

Currently staying on the moon in Granada, living in a house technically owned by his parents but they’re busy at AE so they stay there most of the time. The Tsuki family visits Granada alot. Any and all files about Kahrys from Zeon have been purged to an extent. Kahrys has more or lessed retired from mobile suit combat, only hopping in a cockpit when asked by his parents or if some sorta data is needed for the newtype research the federation is trying to conduct which would have been aquired by Tera’s father. Can be called upon by either the federation (by way of Tera’s father) or by Anaheim Electronics if needed for something in the black ops area.

As far as newtype level, he’s got Judau level power and by 0086 he’s close to Lalah level control over them. Still uses the mask, which he updated and upgraded, which I guess makes it a MK II mask. Does more or less what the giant newtype system the old Galbaldy used to do, but in a mask size. Still with all that going for him he does have the occasional issue.

I think you mean 24 as of U.c 0086.

I did. I was wondering why it looked wierd.

Okay so we need to sort out some things like Who’s gonna find shepard and why, I was thinking who ever had AEUG conections can try to recruit Paul Frost, because he’s been causeing hell, and is rumored to be one hell of a pilot and has resources.

Well, I had figured that my characters parents ask him to check an area out that keeps getting hit because those ships are carrying the helium 3 they need for whatever. This would be brought up during some dinner with the Anon’s, the Tsuki’s and my characters new family which would result in Tera’s father (I need to name him) says he can get ahold of a prototype suit that the federation won’t mind missing if they get some good combat data from it.

Sounds good. I have a whole scene played out for that.

Now how do we all get involved in the AEUG, I mean your folks can have ties to that, I can have ties to them via Anaheim (which we use to buy weapons from) and I belvie Kenyon said he was gonna be with them too, so there’s that need to see what Char says about Nasir geting involved.

Also as a warning Shepard is gonna be happy that Sigma team’s personel is out and about, but he’s not gonna be enthused about seeing them again,and has become allot more Violent. (I have plans again where he just basicaly shoots a Titans officer in the back of the head during an field interogation, he’s given up that chivalry he had, which I neglected to mention in my bio I’ll add it)

Well we could have Kahrys “bump” into Quattro Bajeena while he’s at AE and that’s how I can get involved with the AEUG. Kahrys won’t care at all, he doesn’t have honor. As long as the brutality isn’t happening while his son is around, he won’t care. Anyone who Fs with his kid though…whole 'nother story.

Name: Jason K. Stark. Codename: Ghost Wolf (Former Codename Frost Wolf) “Wolf” for short.

Age: 30 (as of 0088 UC)

Faction: Sigma

Prefered Mobile Suit: (Current) YRA-90A μ Gundam (Early Prototype version) (Moddified Vulcans, Has A proto Large Beam saber, standard Beam Saber, proto Nu Gundam Beam Rifle and Sheild and large misslie pod)
Color Scheme: Black and Gray with Blue Accents and decals

(Former) RX-178 Gundam Mk II (Moddified with Vulcans, has a spare GPD Sheild, and the traditional armaments of the Gundam MK II. Also, the only other mod is that stored in the shield, is (SHOCKER!) a custom and experimental Beam Buster Sword)
Color Scheme: Black and Silver with Blue Accents and decals.

(Former) MSA-003 Nemo High Maneuver (Its not only a prototype Nemo, it is testing the backpack of the Hyaku Shiki to see if its viable) (Moddifications include brackets on the inside of the Wing binders to Hold Wolfs two new Custom Heat Swords (Theyre like his old ones only more refined), A Standard GM Quel Sheild (The original Sheild will replace this) and Prototype Hyaku Shiki Rifle with replacable E-Caps…Its standard Armaments are also included, as in its beam sabers…It also includes some Custom Heat Knives stored on the torso…)
Color Scheme: Black and Silver with Blue Accents and decals.

(Former) MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger (Moddified with a Custom Heat Sword (appearence resembles a hand and a half sword) (stored on backpack), a Shield, a Large beam Machine rifle, a standard Gelgoog Beam Rifle (stored on back plate as a back up), Standard Beam saber stored in sheild, SturfFaust stored on Knees, sandard spot guns and vulcans stored on forearms and head respectively. on the left Shoulder is the Custom Insignia of Frost Wolf, the Snarling wolf, is also present.)
Color Scheme: Black and Silver with Blue Accents and decals. UPDATE: Wolf has lost a Sturmfaust on the left leg and the Beam Machine Gun barely has any ammo left. it looks all patched up from years of stable maintinence…

Rank: fromer Warrant Offcer of the Principality of Zeon

Personality: Calm and cool but Focused, can be mistaken as a lazy bum at first glance (seeing as his favorite thing other than sortieing and working on his suit is sleeping). Very Maticulous in the maintinence of his Mobile Suit, Gear, and equipemnt. Dangerously loyal to the Zeon Cause and just as loyal to his men under him and above him. Holds Dozel Zabi in high respect. doesnt like being in uniform, makes him feel uncomfortable, prefers to wear either his normal suit, his technician overalls or his BDUs. hes equally uncomfortable in talking to higher ups he doesnt know. Cant stand incompitent individuals, especially incompitent officers. Definitely cant stand people of Authority that are incompitent. easliy pleased by individuals who not only think for themselves and outside the box, but who have common sense. Highly inteligent, yet humble (sometimes) at the same time. Very Talkative around people he trusts. a Very trustworthy individual whose trust is very difficult to attain, and even more difficult to reattain if you lose it. he has a habit to only damage the enemy units… the reason why is a mystey and only he knows. only uses lethal force when unessesary casualties (like innocent civs, wounded, and unarmed soldiers are endangered or killed) are provoked. merciful to captured Feddie Grunts and NCOs, but hostile to Feddie Comissioned Officers. Can be easily angered if Dozel Zabi, Zeon, his comrades, or even spacenoids are insulted…can be provoked to go berzerk, disregarding his own safety and/or life if he sees or even hears about civilians or people who cant defend themselves in general are harmed. Has not mellowed with age, and has become more of a mentor figure to the young boy, Azrael.

Appearence: stands about 6’4", 200Lbs, has brown hair (Has a short 5 o’clock Shadwo and a fair haircut…(Think Shiro’s Cut)…), and Deep blue eyes. He also has a scar that ist behind his left eye that curves toward the ear…

History: Not much is known about Frost Wolf before his deployment at the beginning of the OYW, but some say he was a Black Ops specialist before being transfered to Sigma Corps. Hes apparently from North America seeing he speaks with a neutral American Accent. some say hes from Mississippi due to the fact hes hinted sometimes about the state. As stated in the personality profile hes dangerously loyal to both the Zeon Cause and to his men from both the earth and the colonies. even though hes from earth, he hinted that he joined Zeon after he witnessed the Feddies abuse a few Spacenoids. In his words, “It started over a lousy parking ticket and ended with the father being beaten, the mother killed, and the children scarred for life…i intend to not only pay the Feds back for that…i intend to humble the bastards for it.”. his work ethics, dicipline, and his impeccable skill in all trades (particulary in Mobile Suits) caught the attention of Garma and Dozel Zabi (particularly the latter) and made him Warrant Officer by the Former after an attempt on Garmas life. Originally piloted a Zaku II (and test piloted the Gelgoog) before receiving the Zudah. Some (Again) have speculated (Dozel included) that he may be a Newtype but only time will tell in the coming chaos. Frost Wolf was Transfered to Sigma Corps due to not only his stated skills and whatnot, but to deal with the Red Wolves once and for all. Corresponding with an unnamed Woman he Calls “She-Wolf”. Suplimental Note: Even though his Codename is Frost Wolf, his Berserk nature when provoked (and of course the intense damage to the enemy he leaves in his wake of what Dozel calls his “temper tantrum”) has earned him the moniker: “Hellhound of Zeon”. (Update: His Real Name is Jason K. Stark. born on October 9th, UC 0058. born to Edward and Katrina Stark. Is confirmed to be from Mississippi. His dad was there at that Beating of Spacenoids, his mother (who was herself a spacenoid) were going through a nasty Divorce. and his parents were killed when the Colony used for operation british fell onto Sydney Austrlailia)

(Insert Events of Last RP)

Currently he is hiding out on Axis with Barbara, who as of 0083 has been his new wife and as of 3 months ago, is pregnant with thier child. he has also taken under his wing a young man named Azrael Gato…so far they have been living in relative Peace…but after one incoming call, everything will change…

Update: He is now currently affiliated with the “Olympus Corps”, men and women that were once part of Sigma, who commands a small squad of MS called, “Cerberus’ Hellhounds”

Update: He is now operating as a solo operator with Nasir Callsign “Toto”

Update: He has returned with Sigma and fighting alongside his comrades once again.

Fellas: if you dont mind, im gonna add Two more profiles: one is Azraels and the other is my brothers. he wants me to put it in for him. and it will save time cause due to the fact that we only have one computer, all threes dialogue will be on my posts if thats cool. im gonna add them as soon as ive finished them…

Yeah sounds fine to me, as long as he’s the only pulling the strings with his charictar I’m fine with it.

And if it’s not too much trouble, could Ghost use a different color font? Or is gonna be the type of thing like when we do that (ooc) stuff is it gonna be (Ghost) for when your bro posts?

Okay, so I’m going to post up the RP thread, tomoroow and we can get the ball rolling abit, for now we can just discuss ideas and events that can happen in the RP, and work out what ever details we all need to work out.

Actually that’s perfect. Get a grasp on the opening arc atleast since this Zeta arc should be a while.

Name: Azrael Gato (Nicknamed Blue)

Age: 14 (As of 0088 UC)

Faction: AEUG (Olympus Corps)

Prefered Mobile Suit: Gouf Custom, Reconfigured so as it can operate on land and in Space. has a strange Heat Halberd like Weapon. On its left, a shield was mounted above a three barreled gun. had white stripes on the torso and both shoulder pads.
Color Scheme: Various shades of Blue and Gray.

Rank: None

Personality: Azrael isn’t a shy individual, if nothing else he’s a bit headstrong like Gato is. Gato has taught him everything he knows about MS Piloting, also, Gato was Good friends with Norris Packard, hence why Gato came into posession of the Wrecked Gouf. Gato and Azrael spent Alot of time together working on the Gouf, and Azrael cherishes it quite a bit, Azrael and Gato also save a young Taryn from dying during the opening years of the one year war (Azrael was very young at the time). Azrael shows newtype potential, even at an early age, as he saved Gato from a GM by hijacking a Zaku II.

Appearence: Stands about 5’11", about 150 lbs, had Jet black Hair, Crystal White Eyes with blue Streaks.

History: Son of the Legendary “Nightmare of Solomon”, Anavel Gato, he is a whiz with mobile suits. even the suit he uses was built and maintianed, mostly by him…he witnessed the brutality of the OYW and knows what war is like. After the Death of his father in the events of “Stardust Memory”, he was sent to Axis under the protection of Haman Karn, but now a restless spirt, he now finds the freedom to spread his wings through the OYW Warrior and surrogate father, Jason Stark.

Update: Now he has becomeing one step closer to what hell become in the Fanfic Lineage. He is quiet yet not shy…and hes alot more weary. it also doesnt hurt his skills with his suit and his Newtype abilites have skyrocketed since Wolfs Departure.

NOTE: for those of you who have read GNZaku0023’s Fanfic “Unicorn: Lineage”, this is the same character and therefore Via Authors Permission, i am incorporating him in the story. this Character belongs to the Formentioned Moderator and it is by his permission alone that i have the privilage of chronicleing this young mans life at this point in time. so if GNZ if your reading this thank you for your permission. also (with some artistic licensense) all info has been collected and belongs to GNZ.

Dialogue Color Font: Blue

Name: Garry Romefeller (Preffers to be called “Oz”)

Age: 29 (As of 0088 UC)

Faction: None

Perfered Mobile Suit: (Current) AGX-04A1 Gerbera Tetra Kai (Modded with the orginals main gun and moddified* Beam sabers…and pretty much…any gatling guns that are available at this time.)
Color Scheme: Pure White with Green Eyes

(Fromer) RMS-099 Rick Dias (Modded with advanced hacking equipment in the Cockpit that would allow Oz to hack into information that was being sent to and from point A and B…in other words interception. Also equippted with alot of Heat Knives, Clay Bazooka, and a Beam rifle. But the most interesting feature about Ozs Rick Dias is that its equipped with the Goufs Heat Rods in its forearms.)
Color Scheme: Emerald with a kiss of Silver

Rank: Ensign (of both Zeon and Federation…Worked for Zeon as a Double agent)

Personality: Somewhat estranged with the world. has signs of dementia. Think Captain Murdock from the A-Team. Highly skilled in combat and techology. mostly at home behind a data port then a mobile suit cockpit (unless its in a cockpit.). Expectant of being a Newtype.

Appearence: Rough build, about 6’2", 200lbs, long brown hair, scruff beard, and green eyes. Eyes have been altered to Brown and their hair to black.

History: Not much of is known about him save like Wolf he was born on earth, but like Wolf joined Zeon. Instead of serving Zeon on the front lines or behind the scenes like Wolf, he worked as a Double Agent supplying Wolf with loads of information to his allies. after the war, the went into hiding with a stolen GM and is rumored to be haunting the Solomon Sea. and it is a Call from him with distubing information and footage that will intertine his, and Wolfs fates once agian.

Update: He has been experimented and alterd and his mind has been pushed to the breaking point, now prefering to be called by his murderous alter ego “Grimm”

Dialogue Color Font: Green

Guys: When i say Dialogue Color Font, whenever you see dialouge in those colors, thats them speaking…


Azrael: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Oz: Cause it tried to get to the other side…

hope this helps…

*ZRC: PM me if you want to know what that means…

Oh…I see what your brother did there…Romefeller but he prefers Oz…

Careful Kenyon I may become a bigger fan of your brother than I am of you if this type of subtle humor is continued. (say that in a Hannibal Lector kinda voice, I did and I lold)

And yeah, that’s what I was talking about with font color. That’ll make it soooo much easier to tell who’s who.

Reading anything in Lecter’s voice makes for some good entertainment.

Anyhow, seems like nearly everything is in order, anything else we need besides Char’s updated bio? Once he’s in we’ll get things coming and anyone else who wants to join can later down the line.

Should we include Upcoming Suits?

Also…new uptdate why Wolf decides to get back into the fight: Oz shows Wolf footage of that Colony getting Gased and Wolf decides to get the band back together with Blue and Oz and starts off by going to Anon. (was gonna go find Shep first but decided against it after me and Ghost got a hilarious idea…)

What? Are we seriously gonna go with that joke idea I made in an earlier post? About Kahrys running into Quatro Bajeena at AE and having a small chat with him?

Cause I’d love to RP that convo! It’d be business with a little humor, cause if any of you think Kahrys wouldn’t pull out his “char mask” to show Quatro to see if stirs him up a bit you are most assuridly wrong.

I guess you’re gonna have to run into Anon while he’s on route to find out who’s hijacking Helium 3 that AE needs.

I’m not usually one for…spoilers. But tell me that idea, in a PM por favor.

Anyhow no one can really activly search for Shepard, only his Alter Ego…for all intensive purposes, Shepard’s dead to the world minus the people who knows who he really is. (His Wife, Rachele, and a good number of the men under his command in his merry band of pirates.)

EDIT: When I said Char, I meant the User, with the Username ‘CharAznable’ not trying to confuse anyone. I don’t think the actuall Char requires a bio…

Edit 2: When you say Upcoming suits what do you mean, like what we switch to, go a head I guess, I have no idea what I’m going to next, if we try to take this into the ZZ Era like you sugested we do then I’m looking at upwards of Four suits.