[RP]Mobile Suit Gundam: War-Torn Horizons Discussion

Im Reposting this due to the belief that the last one was deleted by accident (this is supported by I cant find the thread). So im gonna repost this along with extra stuff. If you would like to I would ask that all players to repost their character profiles and ill start the RP after that…so…

In the Distant Future, The Earth has been rendered uninhabitable and Mankind has reached the Stars…Humanity has become a widespread and prospered citizen of the universe, Colonizing the Cosmos from planetoid to artificial colony. But alas, the Galaxy was not without its troubles…
The year was After Earth 410…In the wake of brutal Civil War and revolts from the outlying colonies, the United Nations of Terra Collapsed. In its stead, Republics, Commonwealths, Guilds, Kingdoms, Shogunates, and Imperiums rise and fall, But only Four Superpowers managed to fill the void…The Imperium of Ziebach, an Autocracy mirroring the Roman Empire, has risen to power, claiming one system after another and are poised to collect all under their Iron Fist. The Shogunate of Tokugawa, A Tribal Confederacy under the rule of the Ancient Dynasty of Tokugawa Ieyasu, has existed since before the fall of the UNT and is one of the Oldest of the Superpowers, and the only one to counterbalance the Ziebach Imperium. The Commonwealth of Anglia, a Constitutional Monarchy that while benevolent and Democratic, has a one of the most formidable MS Forces the Cosmos has ever seen, while year wise young in comparison to Ziebach and Tokugawa, it is still to be reckoned with. And finally there is The Merchants Company of Piratical Practices, a Guild of individuals’ hell bent on surviving by any means necessary, even if it means keeping one Superpower from conquering the other, from warmongering to their bread and butter…Piracy.
The Year is After Earth 1000…The Superpowers are in the throes of a Cold War, waging Proxy Wars within minor independent systems for supremacy…and within those wars, Battles are Waged with Mobile Suits, The Key to Military Dominance…and the Citizens within the Superpowers and the independent systems get caught in the Crossfire…and because of that, this Cold War will soon get hot…The only hope for the Cosmos: The actions of gifted individuals and their legendary mobile suits called GUNDAMS…In the coming Chaos, these Pilots will Shake the Foundations of the Superpowers and Change the Course of history…If they can stay alive…
From the Creators of Mobile Suit Gundam: Advent, Gundam Forums is proud to present, A New RP, for one of the Greatest Anime Sagas of all time…Mobile Suit Gundam: War-Torn Horizons…coming soon to Gundam Forums…Suit up…If you dare…

Mobile Suits: Essentially, The MS of UC, AW, AC, CE, and AD are there and can be interchanged with one another to make a combination of suits. The physics of the suits are restricted to Ground Combat, but they can have a much sustained flight time or perform jet jumps plus they can do a form of Ground movement called “Sliding” which means all suits can perform what the ground based Dom can do (kinda like using the feet thrusters to hover over the ground a bit). Space Combat is restricted to ship V ship battles with Mobile only being deployed in extreme emergencies. All Suits are legal, but all Transformer Suits (like say Zeta Gundam) are modified to be without their ALT Modes. All legal AD (OO) Suits are restricted to Ultra Compact Reactors and can only fight on the Ground. As for Armor, MS don’t have any indestructible Plot Armor, Just good old Lunar Titanium Armor (yes even the Leos can be modified to have this armor Lol) and the armor can be shaped into various designs, from the ornate Gothic Armor style of medieval Europe, to Samurai Armor, to just the normal versions.
Weapons: beam weaponry (until VERY late in the story) is off limits. The only ranged weaponry that are at the players disposal are machine guns, chain guns, pistols, shotguns, gatling guns, vulcans, bazookas,and any other handheld weapons that use PHYSICAL Rounds and have limited ammo capacity (See Weapon Table down below)…though there is currency in this universe, Ammunition is very precious and VERY expensive to produce and procure, so experienced pilots are wise to conserve ammo (think Metro 2033…if you don’t know what this is…Consult this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_2033_(novel) ). Targeting Computers are no less than pathetic save for a reticle on the main screen, so pilots have to aim wisely and again if you’re smart, you’ll conserve ammo. Melee is another matter altogether. As stated beam weaponry is off limits so Beam sabers won’t be showing up any time soon. The only forms of melee are either OO style (like physical Swords and the like) or Heat weaponry (like heat swords, knives, rods, etc.). Missiles are there but like Targeting computers, they are pathetic and are more effective for destroying or damaging static targets. The only two None Beam Super Weapons are the Rail Gun and the Gauss Rifle. The Rail Gun is a Bolt action weapon that charges a case less Ferrous Slug with a magnetic field to fire it down range. Ammo cap: 5 slugs per magazine. The Gauss Rifle can fire a Nickel Slug using charged Plasma from the MS’ Reactor but with one drawback: unlike the Rail Gun, the Gauss Rifle can be fired only once lest the shooter risks overloading the reactor rendering both the Rifle and the Mobile Suit useless. *the Gatling gun can use up to 100 rounds per drum
Ships: Space Combat between MS is the same but most of the combat is done by ships. Plus the best way to deploy personnel, suits, equipment, etc., to the surface of planets, planetoids, and even Colonies are Drop ships (description will be depicted soon).

Colonies: The Colonies are kind of like the ones from G Gundam but with a Twist: Imagine a floating island with Four Semicircles located on four points on the island that were not only made of a transparent alloy, but had emitters that generated a force field that created an artificial atmosphere for the colony and a defensive shield for it as well.

Mobile Suits Mods: Transformable suits are modified so as to lack their Alt modes.
Engines that are permissible: Traditional UC Ultra Compact Fusion Reactor…everything else is off limits.

Rifles-110mm, faster rate of fire (30 rounds per magazine)
Semi-Automatic Pistols- 80mm (8 rounds per magazine)
Revolver Pistols-80mm (6 rounds per cylinder)
Chain Guns-120mm, slower rate of fire (40 rounds per magazine)
Bazookas-380mm (4 Rounds per magazine)
Shotguns-192mm (10 shells per magazine)
Vulcans-60mm (vary from suit to suit)
Gatling Guns-150mm (100 rounds per drum)
Submachine Guns-90 mm (50 rounds per magazine)
Sniper Rifles-120mm (8 rounds per magazine)
Cannons-180mm (10 rounds per magazine)
Dober Guns- 180mm (15 rounds per magazine)
Melee (or what’s allowed Lol)-
Heat Swords
Heat Hawks
Heat Axes
Heat Rods
Heat Claws
Heat Spears
Heat Knives
Physical Swords
Physical Knives
Physical Hawks
Physical Axes
Physical Spears
Special Weapons:
Rail Gun-180mm, High velocity case less ferrous slugs, requires 3 minute recharge time after each shot (5 rounds per magazine)
Gauss Rifle-200mm, Low Velocity case less nickel slugs, requires 5 minute recharge + 3 minute cooling time after each shot, more dangerous due to being hooked up to MS reactor, over use and failure to allow recharge time and cooling period results in damage or destruction of MS (5 rounds per magazine)

If you have any questions on what’s legal and what’s not, either post on this Discussion Thread or PM me.
I don’t know what other rules I can post. I’ll probably post extra rules and updates as this story progresses. For now just post your characters and their bios and Ills see you on the game.

DM Character:
Name: Owen Walsh

Age: 21 (as of 1000 AE)

Faction: Commonwealth of Anglia

Preferred Mobile Suit: (Current)AMS-81e Warhound (Resembled the Gundam Ez8) (Modified with chest gun that is instead of being 12.7mm is 80mm so as a final line of defense. The head Vulcans are 60mm. it is out fitted with a 100mm assault rifle resembling the bull pup style Gun used by the CGUE. Its Shield is that of the GM Sniper II, and has hard points for ammo. Its Skirts are modified with hard points to carry a custom Heat Sword on the left which resembles the Sword that Baldur used in Too Human except the blade and handle are longer (so instead of a bastard sword it’s more of a long sword), a 70mm revolver on the right, and an extra hard point for the Suits rifle on the rear. Hard points on the shoulders are there to accommodate either micro missile packs or shoulder mounted weapons like Rail Guns or Gauss Rifles. Has the Ez8’s Cockpit)
Color Scheme: Dull Gray and Dark Blue. The chin is blue and the eyes green instead of red. The Insignia is the same as the one on his Wyvern.

(Former)RX-81 G-Line Standard Armor (Modified with a bracket for a hand and a half heat sword located on the right side of backpack. Its arsenal includes the fore mentioned sword, a couple of heat knives on the knees, Vulcans, and hard points for its assault rifle. Other weapons include a standard issue Assault Rifle and fore mentioned melee weapons. Other equipment is a shield that houses hard points for extra ammo clips)
Color Scheme: Black and White with Blue accents. The Visor is Clear Blue. His insignia is snarling Wolf with Navy Blue eyes.

Rank: Warrant Officer

Personality: Survivalist, but contradictory. more later.

Appearance: 6’1”, 200Lbs, Very built Frame. Blue Eyes, Buzz cut Brown Hair. Has a Scar above his Left Eyebrow. Wears a “Cooling Suit” (this universe equivalent to a Normal Suit) that mirrors his Suits color scheme in combat, Wears an officers uniform equivalent to an Officers uniform worn by serviceman Britain during World War 1 and the Colors are Charcoal Blue with Gray accents, no medals just a patch on his left collar with markings indicating he was a Warrant Officer.

History: Owen Walsh was born on the Mountainous Planet of Nova Wales on October 10th, 979 AE. Through guidance of his Father, Owen Grew to become an experienced Swordsman and Sharpshooter. From his Mother, he learned the skills needed to present himself as a sociably accepted man. With these skills in heart and mind, Owen left his mountainous home for the Commonwealth’s Capital Planet of Anglia, the planet for which the Commonwealth is named after. There at the Royal Parliamentary War College, Owen Graduated 10th in his class with the Rank of 2nd Lieutenant. At the age of 18, Owen was one of the youngest Commissioned Officers in Anglia’s history. Then everything changed for him on December 24th, 997 AE, on the Frozen Planet of Thark. Owen and his Squad of Four were on a recon op with their Regiment, the 78th Highlanders, when they fell under attack from the Infamous “Emperor’s Fist”, Noir Lunar. With just one mobile suit, General Lunar decimated a regiment of 100 men, with Owen’s squad mates amongst them. Owen and about 9 other personnel (6 of whom were at a mobile command center located in another area) were the only survivors of what came to be known as the “Christmas Eve Massacre”. Not much is known about what provoked The Ziebach Empires Famous Warrior into attacking, or why Parliament did what they did in the aftermath, but they pinned the blame on all acting Officers on the near provocation to war with Ziebach, which included Owen. As a result, Owen lost his Officer’s commission and the 78th Highlanders were dismissed as an active military regiment. It took Owen Two Years after the disaster, which also cost him a close friend, but within that time, he entered the Warrant Officer Corps and came out bearing the Bars of a CW4 in the Anglian Army. Armed with that and an upgraded Mobile Suit, Owen is ready to begin his quest to settle the score with Noir for the shame he bears, an now a year has passed and he’s ready for a fight…but when he meets a new ally…will the fire in his heart be tempered?

Name: Hilde Allison

Age: 18 (As of 1000 AE)

Faction: Commonwealth of Anglia

Preferred Mobile Suit: TS-150-Z Tanker (Resembles a Leo with a Heavygun’s head and backpack)(Modified with shoulders to accommodate a Dobergun and hanging shield, hard points for missile packs and other hand held weapons, and the head can move easily. Weapons include a shoulder mounted Dobergun, a Leo Machine gun stored on rear waist, and two short swords stored in the shield. Has a Leo Style Cockpit)
Color Scheme: Olive Drab with White accents and the 110th Dire wolves Unit Emblem (Owen Walsh’s Emblem) on the Shield

Rank: Current: 1st Sergeant
Former: Private, Corporal

Personality: Energetic. A rookie soldier but with a compassionate heart, and a great cook. She has the heart of a bear but the gentleness of a Mother Wolf. Kind and caring, yet strong willed and refusing to go down easily. Can’t stand others in pain or suffering and tries to help them heal…Add a little bit of a Marida Cruz in her and that’s her…

Appearance: 5’10”, 160LBs. Blue Eyes, Blue Hair (Cut short, borderline shoulder length), and a scar on her left shoulder. She wears the Traditional Noncommissioned Officers Uniform that Resembles a Non-Coms female Uniform (see WASP) of World War 2 and has the markings of first a Private, then a Corporal, then a 1st Sergeant. Cooling Suit is Yellow and black with Green Diamonds on the Shoulders.

History: She hails from the Planet Scotia’s highlands, more accurately the coastal towns on the western shores. Her Father was a Fisherman and Chef while her Mother was a Nurse in the Military Medical Corps. She joined the Commonwealth Military in the hopes of it paying for her college so she can become a culinary Chef and open her own restaurant, believing that Food healed people from even the most painful of ordeals. But when she comes face to face with a man whose pain and rage fuel his hunger for revenge, will she be able to heal even this vengeful warrior?

Name: Victor Snord

Age: 23 (As of 1000 AE)

Faction: Commonwealth of Anglia

Preferred Mobile Suit: AMS-78-HV Legionnaire Heavy Version (Resembles a GM Ground type) (Modified with the Knee parts and backpack of the Powered GM. Has hard points on the Backpack to hold a Solid Calvary Saber on the left side and a Heat Kukri on the Right. On his knees, he has brackets that can either hold heat hawks or Sturm fausts. On the rear skirt he packs a backup 90mm Submachine Gun (line the one the Daughtress uses) has a Ground Type Shield except a little larger, Has hard points on the Shoulders for Missile Packs, and as a primary packs a NFHI•GMCa-type.09/180mm cannon.)
Color Scheme: Desert Brown with Dark Green Accents and the 110th Dire wolves Unit Emblem (Owen Walsh’s Emblem) is on the Right Shoulder.

Rank: Current: TBA
Former: Private 1st Class

Personality: Witty, Charming, has a sense of Humor, but has a streak of recklessness a mile wide. Has a thing for Shogunate Girls. Has a bit of an Australian accent. Never backs down from a fight…unless you restrain him…though a showboat, he is no coward…

Appearance: 5’11.5”, 180 LBs, Red hair, Brown Eyes. He’s kinda gangly for his size and wears glasses when not in combat. Wears a World War II Era Private’s uniform. Cooling Suit is White and Green with hints of Blue…has a heart painted on the sides of his helmet.

History: Hails from the Planet Sydney and born in the “New Outback” of the Commonwealth. He couldn’t stand being in the desert and joined the Army for some fun. He is an accomplished man and well amiable. Now he’s a Private First Class and signs on with the 110th Dire Wolves to get some action…

Name: August Bell “Gus” for short

Age: 18 (As of 1000 AE)

Faction: Commonwealth of Anglia

Preferred Mobile Suit: SMS-077 Mule (Resembles the Strike Dagger) (Modified with hard points on the backpack for Missile packs on the left and on the right a shoulder mounted Gauss Rifle (which when folded down has to be operated by hand). The Strike Dagger’s shield is there but it now has a place to house a Heat Short sword in the shape of a Gladius. It’s armed with a GINN style Machine Gun that is stored on the rear skirt, while the side skirt packs two Semi-automatic pistols. On the knees are packs for missiles.)
Color Scheme: Gray with VERY dark Blue accents and the 110th Dire wolves Unit Emblem (Owen Walsh’s Emblem) are on the Right Shoulder, while his personal emblem, a Red Rose, is on the left.

Rank: Current: TBA
Former: Private

Personality: Reserved and quiet, borderline shy. He has a Girl back home whose picture he constantly looks at. He doesn’t talk much save for “yes sir”, “no sir”, and to report on what he has seen…other than that he doesn’t speak. Looks like he lacks confidence to speak his mind…

Appearance: 6’ Even, 210 LBs, Has Blonde hair, Gray eyes, and a stocky frame. Uniform is the same as Private First Class Snord’s save for no markings. Cooling suit is Black and Red.

History: Like Corporal Allison, he’s fresh out of boot camp and assigned to the newly formed 110th Dire Wolves on their first mission. Not much is known about him, save for he has a girlfriend of sorts and he hails from Anglia herself…

Name: Bartholomew “Bart” Hudson

Age: 60 (as of 1000 AE)

Faction: Imperium of Ziebach

Preferred Mobile Suit: RGN-014 Zienna (Resembles a Gelgoog Jaeger) (Modified with a Custom Shield (that looks like a Tallgeese’s Shield save a tad larger) that is connected by Wire so as when he throws it, it can be retracted like a yo-yo. It’s also equipped with heat saber like the one the Gouf Custom packs. It also equipped with the GINNs rifle. It also has hard points for micro missile packs. And finally Hudson’s Zienna is equipped with the 95th’s Standard issue Gun Lance, which resembles the one used by the GN-Xs.)
Color Scheme: The paintjob is Dark Green and White with Silver accents. Monoeye is Blood Red.

Rank: First Sergeant

Personality: Hell of a soldier. Charismatic and harsh when need to be but also is caring to his troops. Like Lunar dangerously loyal to Emperor and Imperium, but also loyal To General Lunar and the 95th Javelins. Can be a Very Calculating Leader and is a lethal Warrior…and when one says Lethal, they mean borderline better than Lunar himself. Some say Hudson trained Lunar himself.

Appearance: 6’4”, 230 LBS, and has scars across his body (Compliment of the battles he has been in). Brown Hair with streaks of Gray and Emerald Eyes. His Cooling Suit is the same color as his Mobile Suit and his helmet has a Javelin painted on both sides.

History: Born on Ziebach Herself, He grew up from the slums of The Capital City of Palatine. At the age of 18, he joined the Army, where he spent the next 2 years training and graduated a Sergeant. At 20 He had his own Platoon and the cosmos at his disposal. At age 45 he met a young man named Nero Lunar. Under his Tutelage along with General Tiberius Damascus, son of Caracalla, Nero grew up into a 15 year old prodigy. Hudson was also there, along with Nero, when Tiberius died and witnessed the abolition of Slavery in the Imperium. Now 60 years old and Second in Command of the 95th Javelins, Hudson is in his Twilight years career wise and he’s intending to make the most of it…

Name: codenamed “Tachibana”

Age: 25 (as of 1000 AE)

Faction: The Shogunate of Tokugawa

Rank: Ninnou Te (Emperor’s Hand) - public rank, Okami Yaiba (Emperor’s Blade) - rank known only by the Shogun and a couple trusted aides, “Oni of Sekigahara” - nickname

Preferred Mobile Suit: Gundam Shiboushaken (Death’s Blade), based off the Red Frame Astray. Armed only with an “indestructible” black katana which was recently converted to a vibro katana, one of ten nearly undestroyable blades given to the “Ninnou Te” and one ancient vibro katana registered as “Chidori”. Covered in a black “invisibility” cloak, messes up visual sensors and radar, most effective at night. The Ninnou Te vibro katana has three fourths the power as the “Chidori” but last three times as long as the “Chidori”.

Color Scheme: The red is black, the white is as dark a grey it can be without being black.

Personality: Dark, brooding, loner, considered psychotic by his peers, considered extremely loyal by his superiors, seemingly unemotional and dedicated to The Shogunate of Tokugawa

Appearance: 6’0”, 170Lbs, athletic build, Caucasian, pale skin. Red eyes, shoulder length white hair, wears an demon kabuki mask (white with black markings, sorta like Joey Jordanson from Slipknot’s, also has some special features built in - are a rebreather with glass lenses that swoop over the eyes and pressurize the mask for underwater and incase of gas, activated by mouth controls) with a black kimono (the bleach shihakusho) with tabi boots and gloves, all in black. wears a black hooded robe over all his clothes with the kanji for Death on the back in dark red. Conceals kunai and senbon under sleeves and in boots, black blade katana worn on belt. unless otherwise stated my weapons that I use when not in my suit are coated in a non deadly poison, effects people differently so I can have fun with symptoms

History: His past is murky at best, taken in at a young age and trained as an assassin before taking a place among the rumored elite, “Ninnou Te” a master at hand to hand combat, stealth and assassination, uses only bladed weapons refuses to use a gun. Has spent the last six months imprisoned due to an event known as “Waypoint Massacre”, where he slaughtered both enemies and allies. Only the Shogun and his two top aides know the truth surrounding the event. Many call for his execution while a few key officials are calling for life imprisonment, enough to keep his execution consistently pushed back.

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I have more complete versions of my half a dozen NPCs than I do of my main character. But-- I do recall most of the details pretty well.

You know what might help quite a bit? Could we get a good idea of what factions favor which mobile suit manufacturers? It is a bit weird that we have Gundams, mass-produced Gundams, Zeon/Zaft suits, OZ suits and various 00 style suits fighting for all sides without any real rhyme or reason. It feels really inconsistent and it begs the question who these manufacturers are that are getting away with either selling suits to all sides or are just regularly trading the same designs among the four warring factions.

You mean like intro manufacturers?

No like who’s using the specific group, like OZ, each version of Zeon, the Vagan, the AEU, the Union, the Human Reform League, the Federation (whichever version), ZAFT, etc.

Cause it’s hard to tell who’s the enemy and who’s friendly if every faction in this RP has access to every MS design. Like I think you said the Shogunate uses the suits from the Federation of the AGE series. Cause I generally assume that due to my character using a SEED suit that some of our forces would use the M1 Astray.

While I’m at it, a list of the name changes you make would do wonders. Like if the Leo is a suit and you change the name and start referring to it by the name you make up how am I to know that it’s suppose to be a Leo? Cause it seems like a waste to keep reminding in game which suit is which with the changes in name.

Ok, I think I see…alright heres the deal:

Workhorse: Zeon(all branches)/Titan Type Suits
Specialty Suits: ZAFT units

Workhorse: Federation/AEUG Type Suits
Specialty Suits: OZ/Atlantic Alliance units

Workhorse: Crossbone Vanguard Suits + any units that the pirates can get their hands on
Specialty Suits: Varies from pirate to pirate

Workhorse: Orb Union Suits
Specialty Suits: Advance Generation Federation/none Vagan Suits

Does this help or am I missing something?

That’s exactly it. That’ll help me out a lot.

Ok Good. As for the name thing fellas, its just to mix it up a bit and to give a suit some spicing up, Case in point Hilde’s Tanker is a Leo with a Jamesguns head, however it can be insinuated that a Leo without that mod is a leo, im just giving the players a chance to make themselves a custom suit, but make it still sound like a standard issue…its a choice. I mean I loved the way ZRC renamed the Gelgood Jager the Zienna, it just sounds cool and its new, but hey to each their own lol. I hope this makes things clear if not lol

Well I kind of gave Angelia access to the M1 exclusively in my Rival’s bio with the Gun-Frame being their experiment. (Read Delvin’s Bio when it’s posted)

As for another company I have a side note, Lances, and Katarina’s Gundam are made on the ship it’s self by them and their own staff.

Anyhow Bios Time, again sorry if these aren’t as good as the first ones, actually they may be better in some areas, I’m also introing the Rosethorn Gundam for Katarina:

Name: Lance Bonapartte

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Faction: The Merchants Company of Piratical Practices

Appearance: 6 Foot even, slicked back Blonde Hair, Outfit similar to Baltheir’s from Final Fantasy XII, Silver and Gold mask similar to the Invisible knights logo. (See 0081 Game/Manga)

Rank: Captain

Mobile Suit: (Old) RMS-14 Zienna Custom (Gelgoog Jager), Black and White with gold leaf/laural patterns on the MS. Currently in Storage.

(Current) LMX-001 Blackguard Gundam
Appearance: Head of Crossbone X-3
Arms of Astrea F1.
Legs of F91
Chest of F90 Ver Ka.
Back Back of the Hyaku Shiki
Hooded Cloack made of interlocking Metal plates

Black Carbon Fiber Composite Cutlass
Gunblade (Looks like a GN Sword III)

Color Scheme: Black, the V-Fin is red, eyes are red.

History: Born on the colney of Tiptree orbiting the remote world of Fairhaven 34 years ago, to a Shipping Mogul, and a Pirate, Lance lived a nice life. He joined the guild at only 16 under his father Gregory Bonaparte’s command on his Ship the Revenant and quickly became one of the most known Mobile Suit pilots arround, generally being considered the best pilot the Guild has over time.

Lance has allways had a distaste of big governments, his ultimate dream in life being their collective down fall, and having planets and colonies acrossed the Galaxy self govern and become Sovreign entities.

His father died when Lance was 20 and Lance assumed the command of the Revenant from there, quickly working from just being known a skilled pilot to a well known captain, becoming known as The Masked Man or the Masked Pirate. Due to his work he rarely sees his mother who works as a shiping tycoon on the Colony of Fairhaven, working with/for the Guild as well, he and his mother have a stanger relation ship then he and his father, she being the overbearing rich mother, and he being the son that never seems good enough by how she talks, though she is proud of her son. Though she still wishes he followed her line of work instead of his fathers.

Personality: Calm and collected. Makes a point of making fun of those asking for his help, can be condesending at times it seems, but it’s usually in good fun. Hates the large governments in the following order from greatest to least: Imerpium, Shogunate, Angilla.

Name: Katarina Katariah (First named Pronounced Kat-uh-rina)

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5 foot 6, long black hair, pierceing grey-blue eyes, considered beautiful by many that see her.

Mobile Suit: LMX-002 Rosethorn Gundam
Appearance: Same as Nobel Gundam, just Black where all the white is with red accents, Grey where the red is on the suit, the Hair is also red now.

Armaments: Thorn Rapier, a Thin thorn bladed blade that extends into a heat whip. Chain Gun on right forarm.

Backstory: Born on a small backwater world she lived a happy life untill she was 15, when Raiders attacked the small colony world, killing her parents in the attack, taking her to sell into slavery.

Luckly, in a lose sense of the word, Lance Bonaparte ran into the ship she and the other were being carried on, and he attacked and boarded it, freeing the slaves. He found that by talking to Katarina that she was something special she had one of the keenist minds out there, and since she had no one left in the world Lance took her under his wing, teaching her about Mobile Suit’s, Piloting, as well as tactical skills. Becoming a skilled Mobile Suit designer with Lance as well. (Hence the new LMX series of suits, L=Lance Bonaparte M= Mobile Suit X=Experimental)

At the age of 17 she became Lance’s Second in command offically.

It was during this she decided, that one way or the other Lance would be hers, he didn’t find out untill she was 25, and he was 34, but they’ve been happily together for the last six months.

Personality: Despite living a hardly life she remains Cheery most of the time though she can get serious as well and she is most of the time, she is also distant when working on a tech project. Beleives in the same ideals as Lance for the most part.

I’ll post Delvin’s a bit later.

Is it too late to join your RP? I wasn’t a member of this forum when you guys started it. I have been reading up on it though, and it sounds like fun. This would be my first time doing an RP.

Actually no youd be jumping in just in time. We had to take a break cause I had to move out of my old place and ended it on Chapter 2. Well be starting Chapter 3 soon so go on ahead :smiley: the more the merrier.

Ok, thanks. I come up with a character or two when I finish up the story’s backlog (on page 14) and think of how to introduce them to the story so it doesn’t affect it in a negative way.

You can jump in when I post the opening sequences soon. Just make your character, pick a faction, and pick a suit. also when it comes to the last part consult the page 1 post 10 about the suits used by different factions. and remember, you can customize your suit to anything you like (think armor core or that new Gundam game that allows you to interchange parts.)

Okay here’s Threading’s profile.

Name: Delvin Threading

Age: 19

Rank: Warrant Officer

Faction: Angilla

Mobile Suit: AMS-90 Gun-Frame (M1 Astray)

Devloped by Angilla to become a MP Gundam, the Gun-Frame has a Gundam like appearance and several hardpoints for mounting what is known as ‘Frames’ so the Mobile Suit can adapt to any and all combat scenario’s so far only Aces and Test Pilots have access to the suit.

Armaments: GINN Machine Gun, Heat Broadsword, Gundam DX like Sheild

Frames so far: (I’m going to put a 3rd one on as well)

TFA-0 Flight Frame: A Backpack similar to the X Gundam on the back though the Sattilte cannon stuff is replaced by wings. Each wing has two Five missle micro missle pods on it, and it equips two Chainguns per shoulder on the Suit.

TFA-1 Buster Frame: Several Swords cover the Suit
Over the right Shoulder: Heat Buster Sword
Over the Level Shoulder: Chain Sword
x2 Heat Knives One on each calf
x1 Heat Broadsword (Basic sword from the base Suit)
x1 Whip Sword Stashed on the back of the Skirt

TFA-2 Assault Frame: Covers the suit in Heavier armor
Gauss Cannon on the left shoulder
x2 70mm Chain guns on the right shoulder
x1 120 MM Anti Ship Rifle (Same as the Zudah’s)
x1 Modified 80mm Assault Rifle
Armor looks similar to the HWFAS Nu Gundam.

Frame Rarely used due to ammo costs.

Appearance: Five Foot Nine inches tall, Curly Brown hair, brown eyes, looks rather typical. (Think Amuro/Banahger like)

Backstory: Growing up on the Angellian homeworld, he was raised by his aunt from the age of five onwards, as his Parents were soliders who died off world fighting The Guild in a raid done by Gregory and Lance Bonaparte.

This is what made Delvin who he is today, he’s rather cold, and solitary, he dosen’t conect with people aside from maybe his aunt. He joined the millitary at the minimum enlistment age of 17 to fight for Angellia like his Parents did, as well as get Revege on Lance Bonaparte and The Guild eventually.

He’s a skilled technician and has allways prefered Machine to man for company (shown in his Desnigns for the weapons of th Buster and Asault frames for the Gun-Frame) as well as showing his intellect as a skilled tactician when he was in the acadamy, with an IQ of 150. Though this is occasionally overshadowed by his temper and his rash desion making at times.

After training he had two options to join the front line, or to be taken into the Gun-Frame project as a devloper for some of the Extra Frames, and test pilot as a Warrant Officer. He chose the later.

Personality: Cold towards most people, especially those he dosen’t know. Prone to temper in some situations which has inhibited his climb though the ranks.

Well I just finished reading the entire RP backlog, and before I create my characters, I wanted to know some things about where the story is heading. One, is Delvin Threading going to end up joining or at least fighting alongside Owen Walsh and his squad. Two if not, is there room for another character in either one of these two major characters’ storylines. Also, you mentioned that there were 3 mobile suits aboard the Revenant, four now that Lance has his new Gundam. I know that one of the other two mobile suits belongs to Katarina, but is there already a character you guys had in mind to pilot the last mobile suit? If not, I would like to make a character for it, since Lance’s storyline only has two (three if you count the usually absent Mr. X) characters with a name and established personality, as opposed to the several in each of the other three factions’ storylines.

BTW this is what I had in mind had in for one of my characters’ mobile suits, preferably for the Revenant’s remaining mobile suit, since no other faction seems to use 00 suits.

The Swan (Over Flag/CB Flag Custom)

Pilot: Rail Tabaast

Colors: White and Black with Gold accents. Stylized Swan Emblem on its chest

The Body:

Head: AEU Enact Ali Al-Saachez Custom, with its horns/antennas having an ornate wing design resembling that of a swan
Torso: Over Flag, with its wings and collarbone blade extensions having a similar ornate design resembling that of a swan’s wing
Shoulders: Union Flag Celestial Being Version (complete with its shoulder cannons, now made into machineguns)
Arms: Over Flag, with no defense rod
Legs: Over Flag


GN Sword II Kai – A physical sword carried on its back. It cannot shift into gun mode. In place of the two beam gun emitters on the GN Sword, there are two flash grenade tubes, each with a single grenade. The GN Sword also has small thrusters on the ends of its cross guard, which provide more power and speed to the Swan’s strikes with the weapon. These thrusters only have a limited fuel supply, so they are generally only used in killing blows.

Shoulder Machineguns – 80mm, 60 rounds on each. They can be ejected from the suit’s shoulders when all the ammo is spent.

Heat Knifes – Hidden in the Swan’s forearms (like the Flag and Enact’s plasma and sonic blades in Gundam 00). They are folding knives, which when folded out are about the length from the Swan’s elbow to the tip of its extended fingers, meaning that they are long enough to be used somewhat effectively against full length swords.

Missile Hardpoints – Located along the side of the shoulder machineguns, as seen in the 00 movie. The missiles are either of the regular exploding variety or smoke dispensing ones.

Fighting Style:

The Swan was built with close quarters combat in mind, with the GN Sword II Kai being its main weapon. It uses its shoulder machineguns, missiles, and flash grenades mainly as distractions, allowing it to quickly get into its preferred range with its impressive speed. However, the shoulder machineguns are capable of dealing a fair amount of damage by themselves, with range up to about a distance of 300 yards.

PS these are the three mobile suits the Swan is based off of.