[RP]Mobile Suit Gundam: War-Torn Horizon

In the Distant Future, The Earth has been rendered uninhabitable and Mankind has reached the Stars…Humanity has become a widespread and prospered citizen of the universe, Colonizing the Cosmos from planetoid to artificial colony. But alas, the Galaxy was not without its troubles…

The year was After Earth 410…In the wake of brutal Civil War and revolts from the outlying colonies, the United Nations of Terra Collapsed, and the Earth lost to the Stars. In its stead, Republics, Commonwealths, Guilds, Kingdoms, Shogunates, and Imperiums rise and fall, But only Four Superpowers managed to fill the void…The Imperium of Ziebach, an Autocracy mirroring the Roman Empire, has risen to power, claiming one system after another and are poised to collect all under their Iron Fist. The Shogunate of Tokugawa, A Tribal Confederacy under the rule of the Ancient Dynasty of Tokugawa Ieyasu, has existed since before the fall of the UNT and is one of the Oldest of the Superpowers, and the only one to counterbalance the Ziebach Imperium. The Commonwealth of Anglia, a Constitutional Monarchy that while benevolent and Democratic, has a one of the most formidable MS Forces the Cosmos has ever seen, while year wise young in comparison to Ziebach and Tokugawa, it is still to be reckoned with. And finally there is The Merchants Company of Piratical Practices, a Guild of individuals’ hell bent on surviving by any means necessary, even if it means keeping one Superpower from conquering the other, using methods from warmongering to their bread and butter…Piracy.

The Year is After Earth 1000…The Superpowers are in the throes of a Cold War, waging Proxy Wars within minor independent systems for supremacy…Battles are Waged with Mobile Suits, The Key to Military Dominance…and the Citizens within the Superpowers and the independent systems get caught in the Crossfire…and because of that, this Cold War will soon get hot…The only hope for the Cosmos: The actions of gifted individuals and their legendary mobile suits called GUNDAMS…In the coming Chaos, these Pilots will Shake the Foundations of the Superpowers and Change the Course of history…If they can stay alive…

Prologue: “The Drums of War”


December 24th, 997 AE

3 Years Earlier…

It was cold…The Pilot began to see his vision returning, only to be met with darkness. Suddenly, he saw flickering lights and sparks all around him. As his vision came back to him, he found he was inside his Mobile Suits Cockpit. It appeared to be damaged and inoperable. He looked around to check himself and saw that his Cooling Suit was still intact. With that out of the way, he unbuckled his harness and punched a button under the console. Seconds later the hatch popped off and the pilot climbed out. As he did, the cold chill of Thark’s hellish winters slammed into his chest like a sledgehammer nearly sending him back into his trashed mobile suit’s cockpit. He looked around him as the winds died down. To his horror his comrades and their mobile suits were utterly destroyed. Some had single bullet shots to the cockpits at close range; others had sword wounds on their armor and pseudo muscle fibers. Some had green coolant fluid oozing out, while others had blue plasma discharge belching out of their damaged reactors. The pilot flinched when another mech exploded, smoke enveloping the machine and rising to the sky, as if carrying the pilots soul to the heavens. The pilot then looked up when he felt someone…some thing was looking at him…Standing before him, hidden behind clouds of snow was a silhouette, which dissipated when its eyes flashed…it was a mobile suit alright…and the pilot didn’t take long to find out which one it was…when the snow settled the V Fins of the Mobile suit were the first to pierce the clouds…followed by the rest of it…


The Pilot inside the Gundam gripped his Controls in anger. He eyeballs the Pilot emerging from the wreckage of his suit. He took a deep breath, but that didn’t stop his rage from building up…

“This is what happens when you cross me!”

The Gundam raised its right foot and stomped on the mobile suit…


Chapter 1: “The Hammer Strikes”


April 14th, 1000 AE

Present Day

It was a blue and sunny morning as Warrant Officer Walsh walked down the marble stone of the Parliament Building on his way to the war office of General Cricks Marsden. As he entered the spacious room, he observed an old man with Salt and Pepper hair, Gray eyes and a cheery demeanor wearing the same uniform of the Anglian Military but with the Stars of a Brigadier General on his collar. He was writing a report on his desk when he noticed Warrant Officer Walsh standing in the doorway…

“Ah! Owen, Come Sit!”

Owen Walsh had been only a Warrant Officer for a year, but it already felt like an eternity since he was awarded his Bars in the Corps. Owen sat down in front of the large desk and straightened his back. He took a deep breath.

“You wanted to see me sir?”

“Yes I did…First off; I wanted to say congratulations for your promotion in the Warrant Officer’s Corps.”

Owen winced.

“Thank you sir…”

“Damn fine determination on your part and I look forward to that kind of determination for the mission…”


General Marsden picked up a manila file and handed it to Owen.

“I am sending you to Ristar…It appears our ally, the Republic of Gladstone is suffering from an insurgency…and it appears that…”

Owen noticed Imperial Mobile Suits in a photo…

“…Ziebach may be supplying them with equipment and training…and seeing you’re experience with them I believe that you’re the right man for the job…”

Owen couldn’t help but think that last remark was insulting…Suddenly the two men heard a knock on the door…



April 15th, 1000AE

The Hall of the Ancient Imperial Palace in the city of Palatine Glowed pearly white as the columns gleamed in the sunlight. Its façade was that of a classic Roman villa but on a much grander scale. Storm clouds brushed over to envelope the sun. Inside, torches illuminated the dimmed chamber, with supplemental light coming from a skylight in the ceiling. Then a small man in a business suit covered by a toga stepped from one of the shadows…he cleared his throat…

“His Eminence! Emperor Caracalla Damascus! 214th Emperor of the Ziebach Imperium!”

A roar from an unseen crowd could be heard as an imposing man of 6’4” with white hair and Blood Red eyes walked from the right of an extravagant platform and sat upon an equally imposing Throne of iron and gold…He sat upon the throne as the fanfare ended…as he sat, an eerie quietness fell upon the massive throne room…

“Send them in…”

With the echo waves of the man’s booming voice still settling, two men in Ziebach military garb stride toward the throne…

“Commander Devros Maximus of the Special Forces…and his Excellency, General Nero Lunar of the 95th Javelins!”

The two men continue to the Throne…

Somewhere near an asteroid field

April 15th, 1000AE

A glass Wall showing the outside world was the only source of light for what appeared to be a large room. A man in the shadows can be seen sitting in a massive swivel chair smoking a pipe behind a small desk when a beeping noise interrupts the quiet atmosphere…

“Um…Mister X, that man you wanted to see is here…”

“(Sighs)…send him in…about damn time…”

Mister X turns to the door as it opens…

New Kyoto

April 15th, 1000AE

The Castle of Tokugawa, a symbol of the blend of nature and technology, stood atop an artificial mountain as gunships cloaked by the clouds ran patrols around its magnificent façade. It resembled a tradition Castel found in Feudal Japan with angry dragons striking in all directions. An ancient Asian man sat upon his “Throne” as stringed instruments play in the background…after a few more minutes of the music it dies down…

“Bring him in…”

By his command, a group of the Shogun’s finest soldiers suddenly raised assault weapons and aimed at the door…as they did
the doors opened to see a man heavily bound in chains being led into the throne room by even heavily armed escorts

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“Tokugawa-Sama…apologies for this disrespect…these oh so comfortable chains make it impossible for me to give his Lordship the proper kneeling…” as he gives a minor heh heh at the end, he’s unaware as to why he’s here yet still cold sounding and respectful

The Shogun Stands up…all bow…a slight nod from the old man commanded the guards to bring the bonded prisoner before him…

“You know why youre here?”

“…I have an…idea as to why. It’s about Waypoint isn’t it…” he subtlely asks

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“Yes…among other things…Many call for your death…others imprisonment for all time…But all fail to realize what you have done…all shadowed by one little act of what i like to call a TEMPER TANTRUM!”

some of the Daimyos cringe…

“They Fail to Remember that because of you…we would never have captured Scheizel from the Imperium had it not been for your, what some call, brutal tactics…We would never have dealt with the Tenver Revolt had it not been for your interference…and more importantly, they fail to remember that as long as we have Kappa like you on our leash…the Zeibach Emperor and his little ‘pet’ would be constantly pawing at our door…and for that reason i have demanded your audience…‘Demon of Sekigahara’…”

The Shogun’s eyes met with the Prisoner…

“I may not like you…but i cannot forget the deeds you have done for the Glory of the Shogunate…Dont take this as favoritism…im just reminding my lords that i can turn you loose on them at the drop of a hat…”

Tachibana merely grins and bows as best he can

“Glad that you still know your place…unlike some…”

a few Daimyos wince…the Shogun growled and sat down…

“How long have i kept you in your cell?”

He looks up for a second and mutters a few numbers, “…Six months…give or take…my Lord…”

“You must be awfly hungry for an Oni who hasnt had blood in a while?”

“hmm…bloodlust? Sounds like an…emotion. The only thing I “feel” is uselessness to your Shogunate…”

The Shogun couldnt help but unleash a bellowing laugh…

“Then i think its time i put you back to work then…”

The Shogun threw his hand and in seconds the bonds that held the “Oni” Fell from him as they were laxed…

Meanwhile at the Imperium…the two men bowed before the Emperor…

“Rise men…”

Tachibana’s first act after the chains drop is grabbing at his face, before digging his nails into his flesh and dragging them down his face

“Ahh…” he drops to his knees and gives a proper bow, “I await your word, Tokugawa-Sama.”

The Shogun stood up with his chin held high…

“The Imperial Dogs, who see themselves as the new Powerhouse…believe that with with you locked up, they can just waltz in and take whats ours…and what i mean is they have taken the Planet Shinjiku…They have already created a settlement and installed a ‘Governor’…Tachibana…I want Sinjiku back into our hands at all cost! Can you take it back? for the glory of the Shogunate?!”

“So long as Shiboushaken hasn’t been taken apart and repaired I can take it back my Lord.”

The Shogun Grinned…

“Your armor is waiting for you…and if im not mistaken…Its blade hungers for our enemies…Go forth…the Shogunate will provide whatever you will need…”

The Shogunate stampted his right foot…all stood up and bowed…



– New Kyoto, Palace Gardens –

Although Nobuyori’s family had their own palace in NeoKai, visiting the Imperial palace could never help but feel a bit off-putting. Its grandeur and opulence were something to behold to say the least. But being under the constant, suspicious glare of armed guards at every turn made even an invited guest feel like an intruder. Having to dress in his family’s kimonos was another issue. The stiff, heavy red, white and black garments were a bit difficult to move in. And though they were supposed to make him look like a fierce tiger, the robes were a bit larger than they should have been and couldn’t help but make him look like a child trying to be more mature and refined than he really was.

The large size of the palace had caused him to lose his way. He felt too embarrassed by it in order to stop and ask a guard where to go, so he just kept traveling-- no doubt causing some servants to briefly question what he was up to before deciding they shouldn’t question a daimyo’s son aloud. Somehow in his travels, he managed to cross the terrace before a grand garden. Although the garden was perhaps the most beautiful and impressive in all the shogunate, Nobuyori would have happily kept walking without taking a second glance if he hadn’t heard a voice suddenly call him.

“Hey!! TAKEDA!!” it was a friendly voice, almost mockingly friendly, loud and full of complete confidence. It was a voice that pretty much all members of the Shogunate could recognize, but few had ever encountered so personally-- and certainly hadn’t been personally addressed by in such an informal manner. Nobuyori froze in place, suddenly feeling a bit more nervous. He turned slowly giving his best attempts at a confident smile.

And quickly approaching him was the boy that people across the shogunate would easily call the most handsome, charming and all around impressive boy alive today. Perfectly cut, silky black hair, strong heroic features, kind but determined dark purple eyes, perfectly smooth fair skin, a body that was the perfect athletic balance of strength and grace-- how could anyone help but envy him? Ietsugu Tokugawa was dressed in a manner that hardly seemed fitting for the court and had sweat dripping from his brow. No doubt the result of the constant training necessary to keep Ietsugu’s body in such pristine shape. As he came up closer, he did a quick half-quarter bow before chiming before Nobuyori could even respond, “I knew you were coming today, but I didn’t think I’d have a chance to see you.”

Nobuyori bowed about half-way before responding to Ietsugu, “Yes, I was summoned and I was just on my way when I…” he began to blush, again being humiliated that he actually lost his way inside the palace. He certainly didn’t want to admit it to Ietsugu who would no doubt laugh at him, the ‘genius’ of the Tokugawa Knights, getting lost in the place Ietsugu lived everyday.

Upon seeing the blush, Ietsugu jumped to his own conclusion. Throwing an arm around Nobuyori’s shoulders in a way that nearly knocked the smaller boy off-balance he shouted out without any hint of shame, “You couldn’t pass up a chance to see Suzuka.”

Nobuyori’s eyes widened and his embarrassment deepened. This was about the only thing worse than having lost his way. Suzuka Tokugawa hadn’t spoken a kind word to him in about five years though he had done his best to quell her anger with kindness. And yet both of their families seemed to be in a conspiracy to accuse them of being madly in love at just about every opportunity they could. Nobuyori began to protest, “No, I…” but it was too late.

Pulling Nobuyori close as though to whisper secrets to him, Ietsugu continued, “When she heard you were coming, she couldn’t talk about anything else for two days. Then she heard she might not even see you and she’s been depressed ever since.” Although Nobuyori didn’t doubt that Ietsugu had that impression, he did have every reason to believe that he was reading his sister incorrectly due to his own desires for how he thought things should be.

In fact, as his gaze shifted from Ietsugu to the garden, he could see two girls within it together on a blanket on the grass. One, dressed in a pink flower kimono with long loose black hair, dark eyes, fair skin and a thin, delicate, graceful body sitting with a bunch of flowers before her that she was turning into makeshift jewelry and putting on her younger sister-- a slightly shorter and heavier girl dressed in a black kimono with red frills and white lace at the edges. She has bright red lipstick, heavy dark eye shadow and her black hair had been twisted into a pair of big curly pigtails with big red ribbons on both sides. She was laying back, listening to music on a pair of headphones that could be slightly heard even from Nobuyori was standing and playing a hand-held game. The two sisters could hardly have been more stylistically different-- but one look at their faces left little doubt that they were sisters and the perfect boy grasping Nobuyori was their brother.

Nobuyori wondered if it was perhaps not too late to escape this confrontation. Perhaps he could just tell Ietsugu that his sisters looked busy and he shouldn’t disturb them and then he could just slip up along the terrace and down the next hallway. He opened his mouth as his mind raced to try to find the most tactful way of saying ‘I don’t want to talk to your sister.’ But he couldn’t find the words. Instead, he had to wince as the Ietsugu shouted loudly right next to his ear.


And suddenly Nobuyori was shoved off of the terrace and stumbling across the grass as he tried to regain his footing. He made a quick glance over his shoulder towards Ietsugu who was grinning like a Cheshire cat presenting its owner with a prize. He then looked before him again towards the two sisters who were looking at him with varying degrees of surprise and then recognition. He bowed half-way before them and spoke up as confidently as he could given the situation, “Excuse me for being an inconvenience. Good afternoon.”

afterwards Tachibana is lead to another room, where his clothes are

“…good to see you again…” as he looks at his mask, he gets dressed, laces up his boots, puts his mask on and then his robe, “…where is Shiboushaken?”

he’s lead to the hanger where his suit is, he hops into the cockpit and checks the underneath compartment

“Good…nothings been touched”, as he looks about 13 blades, dozens of small throwing weapons and vials of poisons, “…All I need is a shuttle and I can begin my mission.”

“You will have your shuttle…but there is a catch…”


A Guard came forth towards where Takeda was…he did a respectful bow…

“Master Takeda…The Emperor Demands your presence…”

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