[RP] Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Scars of a Bloody Valentine

The air was fair in Heliopolis, as civilians went about their everyday lives, unaware of the weapons being developed right under their very noses. An Earth Alliance Ship docked with special cargo; 10 pilots for the prototype mobile suits developed at morgenrate. ((Exia, you are one of those pilots)). With them, to add extra security, were a couple of mercenaries ((ZRC and Whitewolf)) to bolster their forces, and not look too suspicious. Unfortunately, word spread to ZAFT, and they sent a team to investigate, and capture the suits ((Ginga and Jaster)). As they were docking, technicians were making sure all the equipment was ready for combat ((Keni)).

((Have at it))

“So this is Heliopolis?” as he played with his spikey hair he twists his neck to the left and looks up, “I should’ve dyed my hair before…wonder when we get to the fun?”

he just sat around playing with his uniform buttons

Rafael de la Vega and his team of commandos were entering Heliopolis via flight packs through one of the service entrances he knew of. He had pointed out other service entrances for the other ZAFT commando units that were assigned to this secret mission, so he hoped they weren’t having trouble finding their way into the colony. Rafael was feeling a little anxious in coming back to his birthplace, but he put that thought to the back of his mind and tried to focus on the job at hand.

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((You are correct, sir. You’ll be with one of the other groups, or with Ginga. Up to you.))

(my stuff dosent start till after all hell breaks loose and after the ZAFT Boys try to take the Gundams. so you guys go on till then trust me :p)

Returning to Heliopolis after a short journey to pick up the new pilots for the completed machines, Alev felt a little apprehensive. Though he knew this would be the start of a new phase of the war, he still had hope it would mean an ending would one day come. Looking about the ships cabin at those that had been selected, he wondered if the work he had done to create the machines movements would allow this people to survive against the onslaught of Zaft’s Ginn mobile suits. Shaking his head to remove the hesitation brought on by memories of the war to date. Hearing the words of a spikey haired young man, Alev almost cringes wondering what this guy would think was fun.

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Neir sat in the cockpit of his Green and black CGUE Assault type, his miniguns on the Shoulder Sheilds and his Rifle at the ready when need be. This operation needed sucess there was no inbetween, it was the reason he and the other two commanders of the Commando teams he was with had been selected. He remained outside the Colony not to far to back them up when they stole their packages. Neir remained in a dead zone in the middle of a small debris field just big enough to conceal his suit. "de la Vega this is Captain Lacrosse, I’m in Position to cover your team when you leave the colony. "

Malenko turns to an EA official

“When can we leave?” as he smiles, it’s getting rather creepy to the point of what the hells wrong with this guy has crossed the minds of many

“As soon as the car gets here, we meet the Captain, and get a briefing on the suits.” The man said uncomfortably.

“Good.” as the smile disappears fast, he turns his head to the window, “I hope it’s a bluuuue car…”

“I’m… not sure of the color…” The man shifted uncomfortably.

“Roger that Captain Lacrosse.”

Rafael managed to get his soldiers to the Morgenroete facilities he figured would be storing the new Earth forces mobile suits without a hitch. His mother had been an engineer for Morgenroete, so he knew how to get in there without any problems. He and his commando unit were now in striking position to get the suits. Rafael was just waiting on Domino’s confirmation that he was in position as well, and they could start their attack…

(ooc @ZRC there should be some GINNs with you for additional back-up, since my character wouldn’t be knowledgeable enough about the Strike to be able to help much against the Earth forces (aka the cannon fodder Mobiuses) stationed there. Also, @Char is the Archangel going to play a role in this RP?)

(OOC: Noted there are two other GINNs, mainly long range support Elite team focused on hiting them hard.)

Neir remained silent in the the cockpit he didn’t really know of the Red Shirt other pilot besides that he was young but had hell of good scores. Let’s see how this works out.

As the exchange between the spikey haired man, and the EA officer continued, Alev shakes his head.

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With a stolen Morganroete tech uniform and a hacked ID badge, everything for Domino had been going precisely according to plan. Keeping a datapad in his hand, his rushed pace made him seem like someone who was running around the facility in a hurry. He had a cap, the same one a rookie engineer would be wearing, pulled down to cover his face just a bit. It kept anyone from looking too closely and wondering if they had seen the blue-haired, gold-eyed student engineer before. Luckily, Morganroete did hire Coordinators or he would stick out way too much for such a mission.

As he headed down the halls of the facility, trying his best not to look too lost, he began speaking to himself-- well, not to himself, but rather to Rafael over a secured communication channel. “It looks like your directions were wrong, Shades.” Just as he was about to turn a corner, he peeked around it cautiously at first. He could see a pair of military guards patroling the corridor ahead of him. As he waited for them to turn around the next corner and follow, he spoke up again. “We’re here to steal the Earth Alliance prototype suits, right? Everyone around here has Orb uniforms. They are on high alert-- something is going on.”

He began to head down the corridor in the same direction that the guards went when he suddenly felt a presence behind him. “Hey! Don’t hang around the halls, it isn’t safe.”

He looked over his shoulder to see an Orb soldier staring in his direction, it was clear from the expression that this was a regular thing he had to do regularly, “Where are you supposed to be?”

Domino thought quickly, considering his options and decided to first attempt to bluff his way out of the situation. “I’m supposed to be in Hanger 6.” That sounded reasonable-- if he was lucky, the guard would show him the way to the mobile suits. He would have more options from there.

The guard’s brow twitched just a little as he repeated in an obviously suspicious voice, “Hanger 6?” Only then did Domino notice more carefully the sign he had been following on the wall ‘Hanger D’. Letters, not numbers. The guard began to reach down to his side to draw his weapon. Fortunately for Domino, this was a natural.

Before the guard could grab his gun and pull it, Domino lunged with lightning speed out and slammed him hard in the chest, causing the guard’s heart to stop for just one beat and causing him to be stunned for second. Then, falling back, Domino kicked his foot up from the ground, gaining momentum and landed a square kick right on the guard’s chin. The guard flew backwards, landing hard against the wall and falling to the ground unconscious. The gun tumbled out and Domino grabbed it before making a mad dash towards the direction of this ‘Hanger D’. He just had to hope it would take a little while for anyone to find the fallen guard. But then-- guard patrols usually moved in pairs, if that guard was alone his partner could not be far away.

No sooner had Domino made it to Hanger D, did he begin to hear shouts from guards, and orders being barked by commanding officers to secure the mobile suits. It didn’t take a genius to guess that an alarm would soon sound as well.

Malenko just stared out the window making popping sounds with his mouth

“I’m booooored. pop pop pop pop bored, bored, bored, bored pop pop pop pop…Can I have a piece of paper?” as he turns back to the same EA official he’s been talking to and smiles again

Neir was monitoring the comms of the other two ZAFT teams in addition to his own, he knew they were pretty much in place, to his two GINNs also in other positions he said “Look alive, this operation demands sucess, cover them as best you can. Shouldn’t be to hard”