[RP]Mobile Suit Gundam: OYW Assualt files.

OK So I’ll set up the first RP, so get your character bios ready in the Guidelines thread.

The Earth Federation has launched their experimental Mobile Suit the RX-78-2 Gundam, now for the first time in history, a war is now fought mainly with Mobile suits. Both sides have taken heavy losses in this war, you and your comrades, and enemies are all soldiers, part of the Principality of Zeon’s elite Sigma Corps, or the ESEF’s Red Wolf Corps respectively, the best of the best. You’re hell bent on killing one another, ending the war once and for all, and acquiring enemy secrets at any cost. Zeon is aiming to take the Federation’s Space Fortress Augustus, a small asteroid pushed into earth orbit recently as a means to keep a full force a stones throw away from Zeon held colonies, failure could mean not only a loss of the war, but a massive loss of life no matter which side wins. These are the stories of those men and Women, and whether they succeed or don’t.

Chapter 1:
November U.C. 0079
Near space fortress Augustus
Lieutanat Commander Maxwell Shepard piloted the Gyan with Ease, he and his squad approched the Fedderation fortress with ease, his small force was tasked with sneaking in and wreaking havoc, disableing the bases defeneses for a full scale invasion, countless lives hung on their shoulders. He checked his monitors of his Gyan to see who was with him.

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Lieutanat Commander Shepard sees Ensign Kahrys Anon in his black and crimson Zaku II at his 3 o’clock. The ensign thinks to himself “should I even be on a mission of this much importance with such a lack of expierence?”

The Ensign looks to his back camera and thinks, “…a Zudah…what a worthless mobile suit…hopefully the reactor won’t overheat…”

behind the Black and Crimson Zaku II Leiutenant Commander Shepard sees the Black and Silver Zudah, armed to the teeth, picking up the slack. behind the visor of the black and Silver helmet, Warrant Officer Frost Wolf checked his suits “Vitals”, making sure everything was green across the board.

“so…everything checks out…” (looks to face up towards his commrads, then up to the objective) “And that…would be Fort Augustus eh?” (smirks and lets slip a small chuckle) “our objective is to breach the fort, raise all sorts of hell, and clear the way for the rest of the guys…how hard could that be?”

(looks up at the Zaku) “yo! Ensign!?” (tries to recall the kids name…)

Knowing that everything Checks out Maxwell keeps checking the Gyan’s Systems, and running the overview of the mission though his head, “I’m sorry I have to cut the chat short,” Inturupting before the Zudah v. Zaku debate was even started, “but I need to know yout load outs, I’m hopeing that you brought a Bazooka or two with you Ensign, and Warrent officer, dose your Zudah have one of those 135mm Anti-Ship rifles?” Rembering the standard loadouts of both suits quitewell test piloting both of them before this infernal war even started.

Warrent Officer Nasir sat in the cockpit of his Guncannon in the launch bay, checking over his systems. Satisfied that they were all in operational condition, he pokes his head out to survey the other suits, seeing if anyone else from his unit got transferred with him.

“…tch…Sir, I pulled a 360mm Giant Bazooka from one of the torn down Rick-Doms, with extra magazines instead of the cracker grenades. And Sir, Zeonic Company came thru on the new prototype heat hawk, which I’ve equipped in place of the standard. My vitals are green all across the board, awaiting orders, Sir.”

Lt Colonel sat quietly in the cockpit of his Guncannon checking to make sure that everything was ready to launch. He called out over the com to the rest of his Guncannon squad, “This is Lt Colonel Connor, as of now I’m your squad leader. All my systems are green.” He wasn’t nervous even though this was a vital mission to protect an important supply transport for the Space Fortress Augustus. It was 5 minutes before launch.

“Ensign Anon!” Warrant Officer Wolf hollared out. “im coming up behind you and im noticein something up with one of your leg thrusters starting to sputter…chech your instruments!”

the Warrant Officer, after seeing this, started to get extremely nervous. hes seen this before but only briefly at the battle of Loum…the memories of that battle suddenly start to cause Wolf to shudder. even a veteran like him, who had seen countless combat tours, had never seen a bloodbath that bad at Loum and it still gave him nightmares…

The sputtering thruster on Ensign Anons Zaku reminded him of a rookie pilots Zaku gettin hit by dumb luck by a Ball at loum and went down so hard the Mobile Suit sputtered up Lubrication Liquid before its reactor detonated. what really disturbed Wolf the most about that incident is the noise the pilot made when he went down…screaming in agony from the pain and begging for someone to come save him…

“Ensign Anon did you hear me?!!”

Rembers the Commanders request…

“Yes sir, i do have that anti ship rifle…plus a couple of grenades, two heat hawks, a Zaku Machine Gun, and a bazooka sir, managed to get the last two off one ours back there. Sir judging by the looks of those guys those poor bastards didnt see their attackers coming…it appears they got hit by those new Feddie Guncannons. We need to watch our backs gentlemen!”

“…Warrent Officer, what are you talking about? I’ve got the greens, all systems clear. Check your camera’s quality filter, open space is 780i instead of the standard 1245i for inside colonies.”

There had been no thruster issue, due to the mostly black paint job and the Ensign being shadowed by the Commander, the W.O. saw an optical illusion caused by open space and a near black mobile suit.

“looks like your black paint jobs starting to peel off from the inside of your thrusters…my mistake”

checks his systems and realises the Ensign was right. he swapped his filter to what the Ensign reccommended and his new theory was confirmed. the ensigns paint job was starting to peel from the inside of the thrusters due to the extreme heat.

“Ive been wanting to ask you this Ensign…ive seen the Leiutenant Commander occasionally when i worked with Dozel but ive never seen you before. i only now whats in you file, but where were you before you got sent to us? truthfully ive seen the paintjob before but not the pilot, you remind me of that crazy ass hot head from the battle of Loum…what was that kids name?”

Nasir jumps back into his cockpit, thumbing the comms on. “Sir! Warrent Officer Kelvar prepped and ready for launch at your command!” Nasir responded to his new C.O., quickly double-checking his systems.

“Seems like the MS tech who painted my suit was new…you never bother with the inside of the thrusters, the paint job though is something that’s been tested to disrupt feddie visual sensors. Also, couldn’t have been me at Loum, this is my first mission. Used to work as a liasion between Zeonic Company and Lady Kycylia, mostly worked as a technician with my parents when they were upgrading the Zaku I into the Zaku II. Lady Kycylia must’ve saw something in me to put me on the front line, I do know the Zaku pretty well all things considered”

“Warrant Officer, back us up from a distance with the Anti Ship rifle, Ensign, you follow me, I’ll use the Gyan’s Sheild missles timed Detonation feature to put some explossives arround our entry point, when they blow hit them with that Dom Bazooka, we’re going to ring the doorbell”

Shepard started moveing towards the point on the astroid where he’d lay his mines “Warrant Officer, I’ll need your expertise in fedderation tech in case we run into any trouble, stay frosty, ensign on my six,”

“Yes Sir”

resumes conversation with the Ensign

“hey the tech probably thought by paintin in the thrusters your black paintjob would help you blend in HAHAHAHAH! Oh and now i remember that kid i was talking about, two of them actually. i either saw Char Aznable or Jonny Ridden…the latter i trained with once or twice, the other kid never met be-”

his Sensors suddenly picked up something

“Commander! looks like were on final approach to the Fort…and my theories about Guncannons are confirmed”

Sees the Guncannons…then he made his Zudah grab ahold of his Anit Ship Guns charging handle and Charged his gun.

“Gentlemen…start your screaming”

“On your 6 Commander, bazooka is locked and loaded. Just waiting for your signal.”

Ensign Anon has the bazooka sited in, prepared to fire.

“commander…those Guncannons look like theyre equipped with Beam hardware…watch your asses out there!”

“Ok then, I’ll get this show on the road” said the Lt. Commander with a grin, six missiles launched in formation from his Gyan’s shield russing towards the wall of Augutus. “Detonateing Now,” All six missles went off at once, acting as a shape charge “Ok ensign fire, let’s knock in that door we just made, maybe let some light in to that dank feddie base,”

“Roger that”

fires 1 rocket at the spot, waits a few seconds and fires a follow up shot

“That should open the door for a clear entry.”

“Do me a favor gentlemen…”

Aims his gun in a pattern to cover the base in case any feddies tried to leave the party too early

“say hello to any morons inside for me…ill take care of any who want to take a French Leave”

checks his vitals and weapons systmems before activating his targeting computers.

“Will do Warrant Officer” Powers up his Gyan’s thrusters and Streaks for the hole in the wall of the Astroid.

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