[RP] Mobile Suit Gundam Hostile Skies

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Thursday October 7th 2094 10:06AM

Several hundered Ships doted the skies leaving earth as nuclear bombs droped in their wake, several Mobile Suit batalions followed trying to stop them, a man with short buzz cutted red hair wearing a black reinforced pilot suit, moved to the Mobile Suit Hangar of the Ship he was in. “This is Chris West, ready to launch and destroy the presuers.”

“You’ll only have three minutes before you won’t be able to reach the ships again. And the forces allready on the colony will need you for their final push.” Dr. Richard J. Gregory replied over the comms. “The Aliance for a new tomorow needs you.”

Chris noded as he got in his Mobile Suit a Black and Yellow Victory 2 Gundam. The doors slid open on the hangar. “Acknowledged.” The V2 walked to the edge and dived, they were miles up the suits he was facing had flight packs on them, most of them were from the Cosmic Era though there were a few machines he never saw before with them, the Thrusters of the V2 leapt to life as he brandished his sword, it was an Anti-Ship sword that he had made for this suit. (OOC: Similar to the ones from SEED)

He cleaved though one suit then another while falling straight down, he could see erupting orange lights acrossed the land scape the bombs, Earths fall was upon them and he had the best View of it. He then turned arround and took a few shots at some of the suits, there were two many, The Wings of Light erupted from his thrusters as he rushed up towards ten suits he disabled most of them and destroyed the others their wreckage falling to earth. Layed to waste like the Rest of the planet. He went back to the fleeing ships to presue the final push on the Colonies. Humanities last bastion, our final hope will be in space, it is by a baptism of fire we leave our Cradle, may our endevors be ever fruitful.

Act 1: Awakening
Chapter 1
July 23rd 2304 or S.A.0210

An alarm buzzed on a night stand. “Ugh.” a man got off of the bed he took out a gun and full on shot the alarm clock. “Shut the f*** up you cock.” he moved out into the makeshift living room and sat on a couch he was in his boxer shorts and his hair was disshevled. He sat down and reached out for a pill container he takes the last pill from it and sits back for a second. He gets up after he feels the medications kicking in. God that has to be the strongest shit I’ve ever made.

He gets dressed in a Blue T-Shirt, a tattered Brown duster and some equal tattered Jeans before puting his Side arms on and walking out the door he straped an eye patch over his right eye even though it was perfectly fine. The hos desert sun beat down on the ruins of the city of Reno. He walked though the streets kids playing arround in tatered clothes, makeshift houses made of scrap metal everywhere. People moved though the streets with small Caravans full of scrap they found in the waste scraping to survive

He walked acrossed the town making his way to what looked to be what passed for a Millitary instalation. He got in his Mobile Suit a grey White and Blue Gouf and started it up. “Keep out of Sector Nine, that’s mine today.” He moved the suit out into the desert. Towards a blip on his radar he saw. “I wonder what f***ers I’m going to kill today, I hope they’re good this time though.” he said in glee.

May 19th, 0210, Mechamania 26

“And that was low class Phil! Flipping off these great MMF fans.”

“You said it Don. For those of you just joining us, where have you been?! This is Mechamania 26 and our main event is about to begin.”

“Shh! And here comes our reigning champion for the past six months.”

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out thru the curtain walks the champion, he’s walking down to the ring at his own pace

“Yeah!” as he undoes the belt (looks like this, http://crzyslam.com/WWE/CBpics/ECW_WH_cb.jpg ) and raises it above his head, “RE! SPECT! WALK!”

the crowd is singing along now

“Well Phil, these Philly fans love the champion.”

“And why shouldn’t they? Hometown hero returns the conquering champion.”

“You said it. This match should start off exciting. Zach doesn’t keep this simple.”

“And why should he Don? He’s the champ, the champ sets the tone of the match.”

two hanger doors open, revealing Leo’s. One is all black and the other is all red, they aren’t armed

“Let’s get this started off right! How you feelin’ Philly!?” yelled Zach into the mic

he gets into the Leo, as does his opponent

“Activating Mobile Trace System!” yells the ref

the standard MTS lowers forming a pilot-esque suit, the champion’s is all black with white X’s from his shoulder to his wrists and an airbrushed looking championship design around his waist

“Ready. And begin.”


“Well Phil, we can shut up. This match will speak for itself.”

“Shut up Don, I’m tryin’ to watch here.”

the black Leo comes running in, dives head first turning into a Rolling Liger Kick, it connects sending the Red Leo into arena wall. He gets back up and takes a defensive position

“Hey, come on. You aren’t even trying.”

“Just waitin’ on my move Zach.”

“Try whatever you want, ain’t walking outta this arena with my belt.”

the fans are going crazy

“Oh Don! He’s setting it up!”

“I can see that Phil! The dreaded Triad Combo. Few survive this.”

the Red Leo makes it’s move, the Black Leo reacts as if he was expecting this, he dodges the jump kick then delivers in rapid succession a right hook, then a left jab before nailing a right uppercut sending the Red Leo flying back, as Red starts to get up off it’s knees here comes the champ with a devastating Flying Knee Strike, taking the Red Leo’s head off

“That’s it ring the bell.”


the fans are going wild

“What an amazing match!”

“That it was Phil. He really is the whole F’N show.”

the cockpit opens and out steps the champion, he jumps down to where the owner is

“Ahem.” as he holds his hand out

“Cocky little sonovabitch, here take the damn belt.”

“Shut up Eddy, this was the most successful Mechamania since you started 'em. Me in the main event make you bank.”

“Don’t take to long, we gotta load up and head to New York for the next show in two days.”

“F*** that. These people deserve a little extra attention. They saw me in the indies here. This is my home, these are my people.”

“You mean the illegals.”

“No, I mean the indies. All those guys went off to war, nothing illegal about it. 'Sides, you keeping bitching about the indies and soon enough all the boys in the back who made their mark on that scene’ll tell you to f*** off. What do you have? Like four guys who didn’t come up thru there.”

Edward “Eddy” McCormick just walks off, pissed. Zach is just showboating, shooting the shit with the fans

(ooc: @ZRC I’ll need a surprise enemy to crash this party, something that everyone knows a Leo can’t handle but nothing major to the point I can’t handle it myself. I don’t wanna over do it)

(OOC: Does it matter if it’s earth based or CC?)

(ooc: whichever would help make he point that the MMF guys should be on the frontlines or something, not sitting back for the last defense or entertainment)

(OOC: CC it is then, as they’d have an interest in Mobile Trace I’ll make it so MT was discovered after the Bombs fell so the CC and MF had no knowledge of it)

Three suits busted in with an Explosion, Colonial Conglomerate suits, the lead was an AEU Enact, with a single Colonial Conglomerate Type GM (Evolve version) “They apparently have useful Tech here, comence ‘Salvage’ operation.”

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“The hell?”

“All Mechastars to their suits! We’ve been breached!”

“Crap…that won’t matter. It’s the Colonial Conglomerate, actual soldiers…”

Zach runs to his Leo’s cockpit, the fans can’t be evacuated

“Shit…Marco! Run to my locker and grab my “GREEN” bag!”

“Chu got it mang!”

“Hey, Phil and Don, change the speaker setup. I need my voice to carry!”

the two change their speaker setup and give him the okay, Marco’s back with a green bag

“Good.” he hops down and grabs the green bag, he pulls out a circuit board and pulls the ponytail out, he moves some hair and inserts it into his brain, “…Skip until later. Standard.”

he drops to his knee before getting up and grabbing the mic

“Infernal Rising!” as his right arm raises and points, off at a close yet unnoticed pile of junk two eyes light up, the unknown suit bursts up and makes its way to the arena, Zach grins, “…This’ll be good.”

the Infernal Gundam comes into view (see discussion for the description)

“What the f*** is that thing?” as the arena has it’s walls drop revealing Leo machine guns and shields

My Gundam. What I used on the indy scene.”

“Looks like a giant clusterf*** of a suit.”

“That’s the point. Marco reset my implants.”

“Chu got it mang.” as he resets the back implants, the gundam lands, “Good luck Zach, puttin’ $50 on you mang.”

“Save your money.” as he gets into the gundam, “Activate Mobile Trace System!”

the MTS starts, this time it’s an all black suit with five extra sensors on the back, there are still X’s on the arm but they’re red, there’re also red X’s on the shins and around the waist

“Infernal Gundam. Ready to fight!” as he flies up and rushes one of the Enact’s

Eddy ran to the announcers

“Do your f***ing jobs! This is a golden opportunity! I know everyone knows about the illegal scene and the suits they had around.”

“Here we have a real treat people. Former IMMF champion, the Infernal one has returned! And it’s our very own Zach Raleigh! He held onto the IMMF title for over a year and half with that Gundam.”

“And what a Gundam it is.”

the Infernal opens it’s forearms, it sprays a rapid volley of beams towards the two Enacts, the third was getting up while the GM was making it’s way to the arena

“Gotta built the biokinetic energy up…” he runs at an Enact, and jumps, flips and BAM, Rolling Liger Kick to one Enact, the Tail Blade extends and slices thru the head taking out the thrusters, the Dragon Fangs extend, he uses them like fists striking one Enact with his hands and feet while the other deals with five unpredictable limbs, after a little showboating Zach takes each suits head and damages the thrusters, “Shit…one more.”

the GM was getting pushed by the machine gun fire, but it was barely working, when suddenly the sound of empty guns firing became loud, the Infernal made it’s way closer

“Hey! Douche! Way to ruin Mechamania!” as the GM turned around he raised his right hand, “This hand of mine, it’s surging white! It’s loud hum tells me to destroy you!”

the right hand starts glowing and sparking

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”

“I know! I know! We’re gonna see it! Live!”

“Cascading Surging Finger!” as the Infernal Gundam jets off at a speed that shouldn’t be possible, the Infernal Gundam grabs the GM by the head and forces it from the view of the arena, multiple lightning bolts jolt upwards before a loud explosion occurs, the Infernal Gundam is on the big screen now, the crowd seeing all of what just happened, “You mess with Philly, you mess with the Infernal!”

loud roars of cheers erupt from the crowd

Somewhere outside the blockade of earth…3 Months Ago…

A young man with his helmet off slowly came to conciosuness after 3 months in cold sleep…the thoughts of the last 3 Years had been tormenting him that time, yet he was calm when he came to…no Cold Sweat…no look of fear…nothing…He checked his systems and clicked on a switch…Seconds later the View screen of his ReGZ flashed on…

ReGZ Systems check: Life Support: Check, Sensors: Check, Weapons: Check, MS systems: Green…

Computer: Connor Ashta, We are clear for combat…

The Man took a deep breath and grasped the controls



Computer: Unit 1 is online…Units two and three should be online in several minutes…

2&3? What the hell?

Connor jerked his head left and right to see two more ReGZs on his wings…

damn it all to hell! I thought I was the only one on this op!

he flipped another button on the console…

“Units two and Three respond…”

He heard a groan coming from on of the units.

“Unit Three Respond!”

more groans…possibly from the pilot coming out of Cold sleep.




“UUUUUM! Link Mayfeild! Corporal! 711-623!”

Mayfeild?! Dammit Conrad!


the ReGZ on the left of Connor exploded. He turned to see a predictable senario: a Whole damn fleet of ships and suits coming at em…

“Holy Shit!”


The two began dynamic dodges, bobs, and weaves. The two fired off what they could…

“Sir! I don’t think were gonna make it!”

“That was supposed to be the idea…”

“What sir?!”

Connor grabbed his helmet and it slid itself on Iron Man style…

“Just stay behind me…and don’t get shot!”

the ReGZs continued to shoot their way past the blockade…Connor took several CCF Units out with the Waverider modes beam cannon…

C’mon you bastards…someone take me down already…


Connor looked over to his right to see the left wing of his Back system was on fire. Connor, out of instinct, pushed a button and transformed into MS Mode. He grabbed the Backpack and used it as a sort of surfboard as he was caught in the gravity well…good news was he had cleared the picket line…

“Well be loosing radio contact with one another…stay on my tail…”

No Response…the radio mustve went dead…the Heat of the Atmosphere began to catch up to the Backpack seeing the bottom began to turn red…Connor then saw a Bright Flash…


as the young man in the Gouf came close to the blip on his radar, he saw a sight to behold: A Battered and heavily Damaged ReGZ putting up one hell of a fight against several Serpents. Its left arm was gone, along with more than likely both its beam sabers, all of his missiles, and half of his head was blown off…and While it was being held by a wing and a prayer, it managed to down 3 out of Seven Serpents in its battered state…

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Jack used his Chain Gun to decimate two CC Suits, and then rushed in and cleaved though another with it’s heat Axe, and then though yet another, he backed off and used the Chain gun on the last one with ease. “Boom.” the last two that had fallen down in a heap blew up as if on clock work. “I F***ing love my job.”

“So who the hell is in there?” Jack yelled and asked as the Hatch on his Gouf opened up.

The City-State of Khadim (modern-day Golan Heights), July 23rd, 2304 AD, 12:26 AM

Malik Ibn La Altair, the Lord-Protector of Khadim, was reading one of his favorite books, a 16th century Chinese novel called Journey to the West, and was presently not concerned with the affairs of the city-state he was pledged to defend, but with the duties of a father. Malik was a Newtype, one of those human beings with mysterious, supernatural, and powerful gifts of mind, body, and soul. While Malik wasn’t as talented or powerful with his gifts as some, he could still use them in many ways, one of which was sensing the thoughts of those close to him and earlier his Newtype powers told him that his mischievous imp of a son, Saif, had still been awake despite his bedtime being 9 PM and was planning some sort of shenanigans. Malik had earlier made a show of making a lot of noise and turning on the living room lights, in order to let his son know that his father was wide awake just outside his door. Malik had planned to wait out his son and go back to bed when Saif got tired of waiting and slept. However, just as Malik sensed his son having fallen asleep, he sensed another presence well-known to him, one who would not be interrupting him at night without it meaning something major had occurred. With that thought in his mind, Malik made himself ready for a long night, and went to open the door before the late night visitor had a chance to knock and potentially wake up his son again.

“Hello Abd, Saif just fell asleep. Let’s go talk downstairs.”

Abd wasn’t surprised at all when Malik appeared at the door and called him by name before he even saw him by sight. Abd had been Malik’s bodyguard, servant, and closest friend since his childhood, and knew about the extent of his Newtype abilities better than anyone else.

“No problem Master.”

The two old companions left the top floor of the Lord-Protector’s house, and went downstairs to the war room.

“So Abd, what is the situation? I know you wouldn’t be coming to my home at midnight for no minor reason, especially since you are on watch duty tonight.”

“Master, the space invaders are back, and in our southern oil fields.”

“How many?”

“A dozen of the suits they call “Enacts” and another 8 of those “Tieren Taozi,” the ones that seem to be reserved for elite pilots.”

“Damn, that’s more suits and firepower than they have ever bought before. However, we cant send out our entire Mobile suit force for fear that it might be a trap to leave Khadim itself vulnerable.”

Malik thought about his options for a second.

“Abd ready a dozen of our best pilots to head out, and leave the rest here at Khadim on standby. Ready the rest of the defenses. I don’t want a single warrior asleep and not on duty.”

(ooc Malik only has 33 mobile suits presently at his command, but only 21 pilots for them at the moment. The previous 2 years of warfare have cost him many soldiers. A dozen suits is all he can afford to take with him to meet the invaders.)

“Yes Master. Your will be done.”

Abd left to carry out Malik’s orders. Malik went to ready himself for another battle.

“To war again. Will this be the day I finally lose?”

(I thought they were Bandits lol and you know the Serpents form EW lol)

Connor, now with a sort of 5 o clock shadow, attempted to climb out of his suit…He wasn’t doin too well. He had lost the last of his Food stores and the only thing he managed to recover before the enemy units jumped him was his Vials…The Suit stumbed to the ground, throwing Ashta out. He just dragged himself up from the dirt and looked up at the Gouf…

don’t have time to go for my weapons…and my ReGZ is on its last leg…F**K it…

“Im Fine…Your assistance was appreciated…”

Connor then leaned against his suit with aches in his shoulder…

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“Judgeing by the marks on your suit there are two posiblities. One, you’re Colonial Conglomeracy” Jack laughed. “Or you’re Mars Federation, As I know those aren’t any Marks for any faction arround these parts or the Jupiter energy fleet. So tell me space man, Am I right?”

July 23rd 0210

“God, Marco, we there yet.”

“Mang, do it like it? Anyway, how’s that implant holding up?”

“Fine. There was a problem once. Needed to update with all the moves I’ve seen. I’m all dandy now.”

the two continued to drive thru the desert

“Map says we’re close to the base.”

“What chu think Eddy’s gonna do without his champ?”

“Fold and send the rest out to the front lines. Makes him look bad, he can focus on something else then when this shit’s over he can start it all back up again.”

“Hope so. Gonna be boring which out chu mang.”

“Yeah…hey isn’t that a battle? Over there…err was a battle. One suit looks trashed to shit.”

“Chu gonna suit up?”

“Hell no. Could be Earth forces. We are looking for a base of theirs. Broadcast something friendly.”

Marco goes on the radio to the still standing suit, wondering which forces he’s with and where the Earth forces base is, there’s a superstar recruit trying join and kick ass

(OOC: It should be noted that there isn’t any single earth force, all governments on there are just about all independant)

F***ing great more people coming to the New Mojave Republic for help Jack whips out a flask and takes a long drink from it. I Should have brought something stronger.

Jack went back into the Gouf for a second and broadcast this. This is General Jack Hargrave with the New Mojave Republic, what the hell do you want?

Connor looked up at him…

hes not going to kill me…and my mission is recon so…

Connor suddenly jutted up in combat ready stance…

persue the mission…

“Major Connor Ashta, C-117 Martian Federation Forces…in other words sir yes youd be ‘on the money’ as they say…”

(ooc: it was more a generic “earth forces” as in “they look like they could be from earth and fighting for it”)

“Gimme that.” as he grabbed the radio, “This is the goddamned reigning MMF Champion Zach Raleigh of the New Philadelphia Federation, being sent to what’s considered a frontline of sorts. We’re here to kick Colonial Conglomeracy ass.”

(OOC: Ah lol @Keni nice master Cheif refrence lol, thought I’d say that.)

“One second Ashta.” Jack held up a finger and went back to the Radio. “And that’s a big deal? Well we’re looking for able bodied men and Mobile Suits, so I’ll tell you what I’m heading to New Reno follow me or don’t dosen’t much matter.” Jack turned arround to face Connor “So Soldier boy what will it be, you staying here, or you coming with, I’d come because I don’t know how it is on Mars but you’re liable to get killed by any number of things out in these wastes.”

“Yeah it is a big f***in deal, especially because I’m the whole F***in’ show!” as he turns the radio off, “Follow him to New Reno.”

the truck changes directions ready to follow

Ashta looked at his ReGZ as he holstered his pistol, shouldered his rifle, and picked up his case of vials.


“Can you give me a lift?”

Jack took one looke at the suit and came to the conclusion that it was about to blow any minute…

Jack shrugs “Why not I guess.” Connor gets in the Gouf and they begin the trek back to New Reno.

Those eyes, signs of intensive Cybernetics work, Intresting. They hit New Reno’s Base and Jack got out.

“How I figure it my brother will want to see the both of you.” Jack said lighting up a cigarette. “eh not that it f***ing matters in the end, two people aren’t going to change the tide, but he’ll especially want to see you Marvin.” He saw that Connor looked confused at that Comment. “Never mind. Follow me.”

“Watch the suit Marco.”

Marco nodded and Zach walked off

“You never know, I may be exactly what you need to win this.”