[RP]Mobile Suit Gundam:Assault Files:Prelude to and End

Chapter 1: Maelstrom
Febuaray 2nd 0088

It had been only a month since the AEUG failed in captureing the Colony Laser, the Titan’s lost it to Axis. The Axis stood at a new forefront of power, the Titan’s where on their last leg as was the AEUG.

Admrial Maxwell Shepard sat in the breifing room waiting for his team smileing about the news he had recently goten making him think harder about his next move. What Kind of Scum would I be to leave a pregnant wife…even if it’s to make sure that they will live in a world that will at least hold the EFF acoutable for this.

He waited as the first member of the MS team entered.

Kahrys had been unconscious for nearly 2 weeks, with Tera being on board she stepped up to take on Kahrys’ responsibilities until he’s given a clear from the ship’s doctor

Tera enters the briefing room

“I know I’ve been on a couple small sorties, but…this is still way too weird Maxwell. Kahrys’ stories were overblown. Any news on him getting the go ahead? I’ve got kids to raise, not that I don’t mind being back in the game for a little, but they should come first.”

Tera sits down

in Kahrys’ room

“…for the love of god…” Kahrys is in bed, “…I hope this all stops coming back to her…if it doesn’t neither one of us are gonna go back to Granada to raise the kids.”

“Don’t know Tera, I’m not a doctor. I agree your kids should come first, you didn’t need to do this you know.” Shepard said rembering an arguement about the same topic he had with Tera during her first week or so here. “I think he’ll be bounceing back soon…Gut Feeling.”

Nasir finished his call with Amanda, refusing to allow her near any sort of combat while she was pregnant. “No way in hell I’m dying, stop worrying” He thought, entering the briefing room. “Well, I’m ba-” He notices Tera, and almost all color drains from his face. “Oh, god. It’s not about Kahrys, is it? Did something happen?”

“It’s been a month Nasir, still haven’t gotten used to it? Kahrys is in his room until he gets the clear from his doc. And I promised Jakey I’d make sure his daddy was fine before coming back. I’m not lying to my child, atleast not yet. When he becomes a teenager though…you can bet your ass I’ll lie to him.”

Tera has more or less taken over for Kahrys until he’s better, Kahrys is none to thrilled about it

“Anywho…wonder what’s taking Jason and Azrael so long?”

“No there’s a mission. Gonna wait for Wolf.” Shepard said quitely just thinking. “So…found out something.” Shepard said a bit.

Meanwhile near the Gryps 2 Laser

Luna sat on the edge of her bed wearing a pink shirt and short shorts (Over all her outfit looks like a Hot Pink version of Seras Victoria’s from Hellsing Ultimate) she was thinking. I can feel them approching Maxwell…and his crew. Something big’s going to happen…when I don’t know but it’s happening. She began to walk out of her room and to the MS bay. She was on a diffrent Ship no longer under Haman’s direct command. She walked into the bay and saw her new Captain. A man named Luke Gregors. (Will do a bio he may serve as a foil later.)

“That’s far from a Regulation uniform.” Luke Chided as he noticed Luna.

“Haman allways said I looked odd in Offical Regalia…wouldn’t want Haman to be displeased now…would we?”

Gregors just shook his head and focused back onto his suit, a Custom Gaza-D prototype. Luna got in her Cockpit and just sat there waiting. Her Qubeley repaired and five extra funnels added since her last go when Jason Stark destoyed the lot of them. We’ll see if anyone gets in my way this time.

Wolf and Blue enter the briefing room and look at the table, even if there wasnt anything to see.

“So…whats the plan boss?”

“We’re joining Opertation Maelstrom to take the Colony Laser from Axis forces, all details are pretty thin no knowing if the Now Scirocco controled Titan’s are planing something now or later, I’m banking on later. Forces are pretty standard, allot of Gaza’s rumored that a New type is coming out in small force, allot of those ReGelgs, and thoese Zaku-III’s we’ve seen a few times.”

Shepard then grined “Also Rachele’s Pregnant.”

“Way to go Maxwell. I’m guessing we’re starting this OP soon? I’ve finally got a handle on the Delta, thought I wish I had my own MS. I want my own colors, not my husband’s haha.”

“Damn…Didnt see that coming…”

“Well this world is full of surprises…”

Wolf and blue look on as the Admiral prepped for the brief.

“No kidding? Well, congrats!” Naisr was looking a little better. “So, taking the laser, huh? That mean we’re almost done this war?”

“We don’t know if we’ll be done just yet. The Titan’s are rejuvinated since Scirocco has taken the helm but not by much. Then we have Axis.” Shepard replied sullenly thinking of Luna. “Anyways we should get ready.” Shepard headed off to the MS bay.

“Shep… she isn’t your fault.” Nasir followed Shepard

Tera heads to the locker room and changes into her pilot suit, it’s more or less like Kahrys’ except in black and white, before heading to the hanger

“Delta’s ready to go and so am I.”

“Yeah” Shepard replied “I know, but if I don’t protect her.” There was allot of emphasis on the word protect. “Then who will.”

Shepard got in the Zeta. “Okay everything checks out, Cassidy, Rachele keep an eye on everything. Tell us when to launch.”

“Tera, how do you feel commanding Kahrys’ old squad?” Shepard says refrenceing the Zeta Plus squad now stationed on the Guardian.

(OOC: I have some plans in this chapter, let’s just say this is gonna be guardians last Horrah don’t worry people get off of course.)

“Well, Shep, you aren’t doin’ it alone. I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” Nasir smiled, climbing aboard his Gundam Cannon. “All prepped and ready to launch.”

“Do I get a choice? Shouldn’t be an issue if they’re told to follow my orders.”

Wolf was about to leave when he saw a lonely mug of Coffee sitting on the table. Blue saw it too and both remembered Oz…

“I miss him boss…”

“He wont be forgotten Blue, now lets roll…”

The two headed to thier respecting suits, Wolf to his Custom Gundam Mk II, Blue his Gouf Custom…

“I asked so yeah you get a choice. But since you put it that way CONGRATS you have a squad now.” Shepard replied.

“LOOK ALIVE Boys.” Rachele said over the comms.

“Okay I’m geting word that we’re supposed to launch Nasir on me for this op please, I have plans and your Funels might come in handy.” Shepard said “Rachele. I love you. LAUNCHING!”

Shepard launched he saw other suits launching from their respective ships glad he didn’t have to lead the Zeta Plus’ for this op. He took aim at a Zaku III and shot it though the chest.

“Let’s hope I don’t have to use too many… Nasir, launching!” Nasir fell behind Shepard, flying at his 6.