[RP]Mobile Suit Gundam:0086 Assault Files

Seven years after the one year war, the members of The Sigma Corps spread few and far between. A new threat arises, the Titans, the over Zelous hunters of the Zeonic remnants, forged in the flames of fear after operation stardust, an operation that showed, you can cut the head off of the snake, but Zeon was there to stay. The AEUG, freedom fighters, Neo-Zeon, the remants of Sigma Corps. These are the stories of the fates of the men, and women of these battles.

Chapter One: Old Friends, New Ghosts.
December 19th U.C 0086

Current Location: Astroid X-2 in the astroid belt. (Shepard’s location.)
Maxwell Shepard. He now went by the name Paul Frost, he faked his death, began again. He tried leting go, but death still followed him. He founded a band of Mercanry Pirates after the One Year War, mostly consisting of Vetrans of that same war from both sides, he married Rachele Homestead, who now went by Vera Frost. He fathered a child, a daughter, who was a miscarriage five months into the pregancy, something that haunted him just as much as his sister’s death.

Since the war he’d been robing, and stealing, he didn’t need the money, this was all he was good for, did it for the thrill, and to help these men and women that had joined him, he heard of these causes, the Newly formed AEUG, fighting the Titans. Civilzed problems, for a civized world. Out here there where hardly any laws, it was rip people off, take what we need, sell the rest, no unneeded deaths, priscion, they where theive’s not muderers.

Shepard took a sip of the Brandy on his desk. His office was well furnished, a window behind him over looked the Mobile suits under his command. The men and women down there would keep his secrets, the fact that who he was, was not the name he went by. He got up and looked out the window. He saw his Effreet, it bore what remained of his Gelgoog, the reactor, some of the thrusters, and it’s rifle, the rest of the frame was recycled for what parts it was good for, and used on the other Gelgoogs.

“Honey” Someone knocked on the door, it was Rachele aka Vera.

“Come in Vera.” Calling her that was something Shepard had never goten used to.

"Someone’s coming to the base Paul…Max, I have a feeling.

(OOC Here it is the long awaited (not really) continuation RP, of OYW assault files)


Current Location: Axis

We see Jason Stark enter his house with the young Azrael behind him after Stark saved him from a group of holligans that were beating him up. Barbara, who was now pregnant with thier child, turned from preparing a meal.

“Jason! Where the heck have you been? (Looks toward Azrael and his bloodied face)…(motherly)Oh my goodness!”

Walks toward Azrael and using her clean rag, cleaned the boys face off, while Wolf Chuckled and Azrael embarassingly tried to pull away…That is until she turned the rag on him, making Azrael chuckle in retaliation.

“Now you two go get cleaned up while i finish supper…”

“Is she always like this?”

“You should see her when shes around a Mobile Suit”

Azrael looks at him in astonishment

“What are you guys?! Mobile Suit Geeks?!”

“More like mobile Suit Veterans”

“Of the One Year War?”

“The Very same…(has flashbacks about his adventures and tragedies with Sigma and others)”

As the two boys were washing, Azrael looked at Jason inqusitively

“So…if you were in the War…you knew my father?”

“Anavel? no not really…met him once or twice, but never really knew him comrade wise…have a high grade of respect for him, but never knew him comrade wise…We didnt serve in the same areas of expertise…he was more of the Vanguard ops…i was more of the Covert style…”


The two men finsihed up washing and headed to the table. an hour later all three (excuse me, all Four) finished thier meals, with Barbara looking at the two boys with a gentle smile on her face…

“Well, looks like i made a meal fit for a soldier or two…”

“More like a platoon of soldiers!”

The two laugh and Jason gave his wife a gentl kiss on the lips…

“Ill do the dishes dear…you go lie down…”

“thank you sweety…”

Barbara got up and headed to their common room and she pulled out her favorite book titled, “Mobile Suits: Maintinence and operation” and sat down to read…

“Hey Jr. How about you give me a hand…least you could do for eating with us…(laughs)”

“HPHM! for crying out loud!”

Wolf and Azrael began to pick up the dishes and wasing them by hand…After afew minutes later, a knock on their door is heard…

“Ill Get it Mr. Stark!”

“Please, call me Jason, or better yet Wolf…”

“(confused) Ok…Mr. Wolf…”

Azrael walked up to the door and as it revealed was a courier with a package for Jason Stark…Azrael brought it to Jason and when Jason saw on the back the words, “FOR WOLFS EYES ONLY”, Jason Aburbtly went to his study. He then enters the room, but forgets to lock the door. he opens the package to find it was a data disk. He pulled it out an placed in a disk player…What he saw was disturbing…the Federations Autonomous Anti Zeon Taskforce Called the “Titans”, were gasing a colony that were full of innocent anti Titan Protesters… Wolf Watched with Horror as they were mercilessly and unremorsfully murdered before him…as he watched this, Barbara walked into the room…

“Jay…i Got you som-(Gasps)…JASON! What was…What was that?!”

Frost Wolf stood up, turned it off, and put the disk into the pocket…

“A declaration of War…”

Granada City, Moon

Kahrys Anon is seen in the kitchen, “Ugh, this is alot of food hon…you think we’re going to be able to eat it all?”

“Haha, you kiddin’ both our parents are coming for dinner and you know Jakey is bottomless pit.” Tera said smiling

It’s been 7 years since Kahrys last piloted for a cause or for the blood, he has a family. He married his longtime nemisis Tera Tsuki, even has a 6 year old son Jakey Anon. Full name Jacob Maxwell Anon, in honor of Kahrys’ father and the Commander that Kahrys looked up to during the old war.

“Ain’t that the truth, I don’t know where he puts it. I know he’s a growing boy, but at this rate we mau end up with a 7 foot 300 pound teenager!”

Both husband and wife start laughing, ring

“Which folks got here first?”

the door opens


“He’s quick…”

“You are not kidding.”

They set everything back in the oven to keep warm and go out to greet their folks. After all the greetings, they sit down for dinner. Jakey is center of attention here, the family eats and talks and laughs. Kahrys gets the feeling this isn’t exactly the reason they’re here.

“Son it’s time to go take your bath.”

“I eated all my food, can I bring my toys in the tub so I could play daddy?” asked Jakey

“Yes you can, in fact you wash up and play for a little and afterwards since you did so well you can have big piece of dessert.” Kahrys smiled

“AW! Really?” Jakey goes running off, the water is already running.

“So cut the crap…” Kahrys gave an uncaring glare

"What? What’re you talking abou…"Dr. Anon, now Poppop to young Jakey, is interrupted

“The truth is we need you hop back in and handle a serious issue. There’s a band of pirates looting many of ships…” as Hiro Tsuki, grampa now, is also interrupted

“Those bastads keep stealing the Helium 3 we need, and every time the federation sends a squad out they do nothing. I’m asking you to take care of this on side…you know you can handle it.” said Dr. Karen Anon, now nanny to Jakey, blurted.

“I’ll do it.” proclaimed Tera

“No, I’ll just do it.”

“Good show up at Anaheim tomorrow, we’ll hand you off you’re mobile suit and give you a pretty awesome shuttle that’ll get you to where you need to go.” said Dr. Anon

“What the hell am I gonna be piloting?”

As Kahrys’ questions goes on ignored, the night proceeds and as all thing must come to an end so to does this visit. After the grandparents leave, we tuck our son into bed and then go to sleep soon after that. Only to wake up and get a car service to AE in the morning, barely after breakfast. But the entire family goes, I couldn’t stop my wife or my son if I tried.

“Guess I don’t have a choice.”

As we get to AE, Kahrys gets a weird feeling.

“I don’t think this was a good idea.” he thinks to himself

After a small tour Kahrys notices someone familiar

“Excuse me for a minute.”

Kahrys walks over to a man with blond hair wearing large sunglasses

“Excuse me, but may I have a word with you sir? In a private manner…”

the man seems unfased

“Sure not a problem.”

they go off to seperate section to get some privacy, and Kahrys reaches into his coat and pulls out his mask

“Look familiar?” Kahrys grins

“Not at all”, though he does smile a tad

puts the mask away

“You’re probably wondering who I am?”

“Not at all, if I recall you worked on one my old mobile suits during that old war.”

“Yeah…that war…you know I still feel her presence…Lalah that is…ashame really…I was only just getting to know her when I got reassigned, seemed so kind…”

the man is shocked at what he just heard, but regains his compure none the less

“Hmm, you’re no average person are you?”

“Nope, my name is Kahrys Anon and I know who you used to be…I felt this presence around the same time Kycylia died…” as Kahrys alludes to something, “but that’s all in the past.”

“My name is Quatro Bajeena now, may I ask why you’re here?”

“Sure, my parents work here at AE. They’ve been having their helium3 orders pirated, and with the help of my father in law got a prototype mobile suit for me to pilot and go deal with them.”

“Is that so? Tell you what, when you’re done with that go to a Dr. Fielding and tell him Quatro sent you to learn about flowers. He’ll understand. Well, it’s about time I left. I look forward to our next chat, if there is one.”

“Same here, later.” Kahrys says “always nice to chat with the red comet” said softly

Kahrys gets back and they go to the hanger

“Well what do you think? It’s a friggin’ gundam!” proclaim Tera

“No, no, no no no no no no. I’m not piloting that, it goes against everything I believe in.”

“You really don’t get a choice, it’s the only thing we got. It’s a 6 year old prototype, the Gundam NT-1. But with your color scheme it’s not really an Alex it’s more like an Azra.”

“I don’t get a choice in this matter do I.”

“Nope not at all, this is a powerful suit built for a newtype. You’ll need it’s power, not to mention that since it’s a small shuttle I’m going to pilot it and our son is coming with us.” glared Tera

covers Jakeys ears so he doesn’t hear this

“This is some god damn bullshit, I never want to step foot in that F’N piece of shit…I’m Zeon thru and thru, I won’t pilot a devil suit.”

Kahrys is glared at by his parents and in laws and the glare from his wife hasn’t gone away

“God damnit” as Kahrys releases Jakey, “Get Jakey all prepped up and give me the manual to pilot this thing.”

what stands before in the Gundam NT-1 “Azra”, whatever was white is painted black and any other colors were repainted crimson. it’s armed without the full armor, just it’s shield and beam rifle and additional equipment, the bazooke won’t fit in the shuttle that it’s being loaded into

“Well, we’re off. Later everyone, I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Kahrys and his family set off with Kahrys reading about how to pilot this gundam, Jakey is on comm control and Tera is the pilot

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Wolf was packing the Gear in one of the old Duffle bags he had during the OYW. he then looked toward an old wooden case and opend it. inside it was his old Colt .45 complete with Clips. As he finished putting in the gear he needed, including the Normal Suit he had all these years, he zipped the bag up and turned to see his Wife, Barbara standing in the Doorway…

“This is something i need to do Babs…I hate to do this, but if i dont do it Who will? that Anti Earth Union Group? Those Hippies will do nothing than what those anti-Titans did, and look what happend to them? if those Bastards Want a War then by God and Zeon theyll get a WAR!”

Barbara looked at him and to his surprise rushed up to him and gave him a hug…

“I know my love…the only thing that makes me angry is that i cant go with you…”

Wolf Smiled and touched the bulge that was beginning to grow inside Babs…

“Did you come up with a name?”

Wolf looked up and smiled

“Kaleas (Kay-las)…Kaleas Stark”

“thats a funny name…”

“Named in honor of a good friend…”

Barbara stood back, placed her hands on her hips and cocked and eyebrow…

“Now…If youre going to do this, and if You really are committed. I only have two conditions…”


“The first one is obvious: Come back alive”

Wolf smiled and kissed her.

“I can do that…And the second one?”

Several hours later We see Wolfs old Transport, now with two Mobile Suits inside its Cargo hold heading away from Axis.


Azrael was ridding shotgun inside the Cockpit of the Small ship, with Wolf at the Controls…

“Oh Quit your bellyaching…Besides youre the one who wanted to get out of that ‘metal and rocky prison’ you said.”

“Yeah, but i wanted it to be just me and my Gouf, not with anybody else!”

“Well its too late now skippy! cause unless both of us want to face my wife’s wrath separately, were stuck together for now!”

Wolf Let out a laugh…

“So Pops, where to now?”

“To the Sea of Solomon…”

Azrael was alittle nervous…thats where his father Fought and perished during the Stardust incident…it was a little awkward to go in the direction of his grave.


“We need to pick up an old friend of mine…a really old buddy who played Double Agent for me during the War…his name is ridiculously long so he prefers to be called ‘Oz’.”

The Ship headed in the direction of the Solomon sea…

Location: Side 6 colony cluster.

“Hey, Nasir! We’ve got incoming! At least 8 suits!”

“Damn Titans! They never did give up.”

“What do you want to do, Sugar?”

“What we do best, keep them away from our territory. I’ll launch in my Guncannon. Start at point L3. David, I want you at S7, and Bart, at E4.”

“And where do I go?”

“You stay here, as a last line of defense. Just in case.”

“Pfft. I never get to have any fun anymore.”

“Pregnant women shouldn’t be on the front lines fighting, dear. You’re lucky I let you in a mobile suit anymore.”

“Yea, yea… and don’t call me ‘dear’. Only my husband gets to call me that.”

“Noted. Alright! Let’s show these Titans the power of the Silver Dragons!”

“Hell ya!”
“Never even know what hit 'em”

Nasir’s Guncannon sluggishly made its way towards his designated point, as did David’s Zaku II and Bart’s Rick Dom. “We need to upgrade if we’re gunna continue fighting like this…” Nasir thought aloud. “Is everyone ready?”

“In position!”
“Ready and waiting”

“Alright…” Nasir got the lead Machine in his sights. “Good, just Marasai’s. Still, be careful.” He took his first shot, taking out the lead machine, and causing the rest to scatter. Three headed towards Bart’s position, while the remaining four were breaking off for David’s. Another shot made it an even three for three. Changing locations, Nasir checked on David first. He had managed to get one Marasai by surprise, but was having some difficulty with the remaining two. Nasir evened the odds for David, taking out one Marasai that had broken off to fire at David. Shifting his position once more, he checked on Bart, who was fairing far worse. His Dom had lost it’s bazooka, as well as it’s left arm, and he had not managed to take out a single opponent. Nasir took two shots, one hitting dead on, the second, taking out the Marasai’s head. This gave Bart the chance he needed to use his Dom’s sword. Now it was one on one, and the last unit seemed to be losing his nerve. Wasting no time, Nasir went back to David’s battle, only to find that they were nowhere to be found. Keying up his comms, he looked for David’s signal. “David! What’s your location? Respond!” The comms crackled of a moment.

“Sorry, but it seems the pilot of your antique suit his fallen in battle. Impressive, though, for a bunch old relics from a bygone age. The Silver Dragon of Side 6 certainly lives up to his reputation. We’re falling back… for today.” came an unfamiliar, mocking voice. The two surviving Marasai’s left the battlefield, leaving Nasir and Bart.


“David’s gone, Bart. We’re down to three. Goddamn Titans!”


Location: Inside the Solomon Sea

Wolf guided the small ship into the debris field.

“Alright…(clicks on a few dials)…Now Azrael, i need you put the system down carefully by lining up the ship with that landing pad.”

Points towards a small Magellan ships landing pad…

“Got it sir…”

The Ship, at Azraels control, gentley lands on the pad…


“Good Work Azrael…(pats him on the back)”

“Thanks…but dont ever let me do that again!”

Wolf laughs as he placed the helmet of his Silver and Black Normal Suit on.

“Now i Want you to Stay at those controls until I get back to the ship with Oz…Can you hold out that long?”

“Yeah! Yeah! im not an idiot! God!”

Wolf Chuckles as he left the airlock, his Colt on his person. after several seconds, he entered the ruins of the ship. as he walks along the Ship…

“Oz? Oz? Are you in here?”

No response…Azrael, overhearing the comms, voiced his opinion…

“Um if hes not there…what if its trap?”

“Relax, Azrael…If anything happens, ill-”

Suddenly the barrel of a Semiautomatic Shotgun presses up against Wolfs temple.

“Dont Move or ill blow your Feddie Brains out!”

Wolf Turns to See a man who, even though he was wearing a suit, looked like hell…

“Hiya Oz…”

Oz kept his weapon leveled at Wolf.

“Did i tell you to speak?!”


“Oh! my mistake!”

Oz lowered his weapon…

“You must be the delivery boy! did you get all the toppings…Frenchfries and pickels?”

Wolf Caught on and responded…

“No…but i have Dog meat and Cat Gut…”

Oz, showing signs of Sanity, nodded.

“Oh! Who Needs Pizza! howya Doin Wolf?!”

“Better than you!”

Looking over Oz, Wolf felt a sweat of pity for the guy who had been in exile for a long time…

“got your package…”

“I thought it was an overnighter…took longer than i expected…”

“Well im here…and i need you to come with me.”

“Were havin a Family gettogether?”


Wolf and Oz Shake hands…Suddenly, both men had a Newtype Flash and looked up. above them and the Ship was a squadron of Marasai’s (these are the same guys that attacked Side 6 that are coming back to finish the job and are taking a short cut via the Sea) heading over them.

“hey Oz? you mind if i throw a party for our uninvited Guests?”

“Its always a party when youre around Wolf! ill bring the Cake!”

“Good! Get up top. theres a ship of mine waiting for us…just wait for me there…”

“Your not gonna leave at the altar are you?”

Wolf Laughed and slapped Oz on the back…

“Dont worry, youll have company up there!”

“Its not one of those Girls in a cake is it?”

“Sadly it is Ozzy…”

“She got nice Curves right?”

“Its raw but good…”

“Ill start skippin to me lew…”

Oz heads to Wolf and Azrael’s Ship…

“(Over Comm) Azrael, Oz is on his way up…send my Gelgoog out…we have some uninvited Guests!”

outside we see the ships hatch on top open to reveal Wolfs old Gelgoog and Azraels Gouf. the locks on the Gelgoog Jager release and the Machine float up. Seconds later, Wolf climbs into the old machine and powers her up…Meanwhile, Oz enters the ship and sees Azrael…

“Wait! this isnt a dancer in a tutu!”

Wolf Groans…

“Oz…This is…Blue…Blue this is Oz…”

Azrael looks at Wolfs Gelgoog cockeyebrow…


“Just Go with it!..Wolf in the Gelgoog Jager…Heading out!”

Wolfs Gelgoog Heads out to confront the squad of Titan Mobile Suits…

“It’s a small shuttle, it has Anhiem Markings, or so what seems to be, looks like it’s loaded with a Suit, we didn’t order anything.”

“I know…think they’ve caught on to our little raids of their stuff comeing in from Jupiter?” Shepard said.

“Don’t know…we can send a mesage, over the comm. Tell them you want to meet, odds are one suit won’t do to much to us.”

“You’re right. Still this is Aniheim we’re dealing with. Think it may be someone from the AEUG, geting more direct about joining their cause now?”

“It could be.”

Shepard got up to a terminal on the wall and sent a message to the incoming shuttle it read “This is Paul Frost. You will be subject to an armed escort to the base, I leader of this establishment would like to speak to you on what ever matter you have on your mind. Toodles”

Shepard walked over and huged his now wife. “So, I guess we’ll see who this is, I sugest you hide. Just incase.”

“Okay, okay. Becareful.”

“I will.” Shepard keyed a comm. to the Mobile Suit dock “Sortie on that shuttle, just escort him here…if he dose anything funny at all blow him sky high, show him that he’s along way from home, I want about fifteen of you on him. Bring the big guns.”

Various Mobile suits sortie, a Few GM’s, of diffrent varients, some Rick Dom’s armed to the teeth, a Gelgoog Cannon, and a heavily modfied Gelgoog Jager.

Shepard sat down “Hmmm. If this is who I think it is, then things got allot more intresting.”

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Wolf Flew in at the Marasais. Even though his Suit was an antique by this time, Wolfs Skills and Newtype abilities more than made up for it…

“Sir! What the hell is that monster?!”

“I dont know Ensign! just keep fireing!”

“Complete Amatures!”

Wolf Flew around one of the Marasais and sliced at its back unit, causing it to go limp. the other one, as if angered considerably, charged headlong with a beamsaber in hand…

“Take this Zeke Scum…for the Titans!”

Wolf hears that and smirks devilishly…

“I never intentionally kill an unarmed Combatant…but…”

Takes his beam machine gun and vaporizes the limp Marasai, causing it to explode…


Wolf then swooped around the second unit and shoved his beam machine gun into the enemy units back and pulled the trigger…Seconds later the Marasai disintigrated into scrap metal…Azrael looks on in amazement…

“Damn! Sounds like hes pissed!”

“Its that same anger Blue…that earned him the moniker: Hellhound of Zeon…”

“You mean…”

Azrael looks toward Wolfs Gelgoog, who had just tossed his now spent beam machine gun away, its melted barrel still glowing. as he did the third and final Marasai came carreening down, beamsaber in hand…

“He is…”

Wolf Took the right arm of the Gelgoog Jager and punched the Marasai in the chest, and as soon as the punch connected, the Gelgoog Jager discharged a shot from the Beam spray gun mounted in the forearm, destroying the cockpit but leaving the main suit intact…

“Frost Wolf…”

Wolf turns back to his ship…

“Well guys the parites over im afraid…Time to head to granad-”

Wolf had a Newtype Flash, looks to his back and smiles…

“Well Well, looks like we wont be goin to the moon after all…the man i want to see is in that direction…”

Wolf brings his Gelgoog Jager in and docks it. he then enters the cockpit and gets to the controls…

“Alright guys, strap yourselves in…were goin to meet another old friend of mine…”

Oz giggled like a schoolboy while Blue groaned a little bit as the ship moved away from the Sea of solomon and towards an old friend…

(OOC: This is where Wolf links up with Anon on his way to investigate the pirates.)

meanwhile back on the shuttle, Tera piloting and explaing how the comm works to Jakey

Kahrys is in the cockpit, fine tuning

“Ugh, even after 7 years it’s like nothing has changed…”, as he throws the NT-1 manual out the open hatch

“Umm dear? What route are we taking?”

hits the suits comms

“Whichever route takes us near the shattered remains of Solomon, no need to go past A Baoa Qu. That’s Titan space now.”

“Daddy are you done yet? I’m bored…”

“Almost, just fine tuning as best as I can.”

some time later, they’ve reached the outskirts of Solomon

“Well Solomon I’ve returned myself…” as Kahrys grins out

“Mommy? What does that mean?”

“Nothing dear, just your father remembering. We got a ship coming up on us Kahrys.”

“Crap, don’t have time to change into a pilot suit. I’ll launch like this, you take the shuttle out of this area.” as Kahrys reaches into his pocket, and grabs his mask. Which he puts on.

the shuttles doors are opening, prepared to launch a MS

“Kahrys Anon,…Gundam NT-1, Launching!”

a gundam has popped outta the shuttle, sporting a black and crimson paintjob, armed with a shield and beam rifle what from anyone can see

Wolf Sees the Ship and notices the Gundam type Mobile Suit heading their way

“Oh Great!”

“More Titans?!”

“Dont Know! stay here!”

Wolf headed to his Gelgoog Jager and launched it, as he gained control, he pulled out the Gelgoog Beam rifle on the back skirt, Folded the Gelgoog Sheild onto the left arm, and headed in the direction of the mysterious Gundam…

“alright buddy…lets see what you got!”

“Awww…great. a Gelgoog Jager! Hon, I can’t destroy that, there’s like 5 left…message that ship and tell them we’re from Anaheim Electronics”

“What? Seriously?”


Tera hits the comms

“Attention unknown vessal, this is an Anaheim Electronics shuttle en route, stand down. We repeat, this is an Anaheim Electronics shuttle en route, stand down.”

“Either way, if he goes on the attack you get this shuttle out. I can handle myself.”

“I know stay safe.”

“Later daddy.”

“Later kiddo, bye love.”

NT-1 is holding its ground, in a more defensive posture

Newtype Flash…Wolf halts his Jager…looks at the Gundam and as if by reflex flips the comm to the Gundams channel

“I wouldnt happen to be addressing the former ‘Demon of A Boa Qu’ Would i?”

“…well I’ll be damned…I knew that Jager looked familiar.”

opens comm

“Nothing former about it…demons can always rise up when needed.”

Wolf let out a bombastic laugh

“I knew it was you Kahrys! that paintjob and your Newtype Signature sticks out like sore thumb!”

Wolf turns to his comrades…

“Stand easy boys! theyre friendilies!”

Wolfs ship came out of hiding…

“Kahrys…permission to dock with you and come aboard…”

“Sure why not? Though I get the feeling that running into each other is more than coincidence…”

takes of mask, gundam back in shuttle, the shuttles are docked

“Well old friend, time to meet my family. Thats my wife Tera and my son Jakey.”

Tera is still a bombshell, and Jakey is the spitting image of his father.

Wolf looks at Kahrys’ family and is dumbfounded…a young and restless man able to have a family that idealic as that? not too bad on anons part…

“Miss mamm…young sir”

does a gentlemans bow…he then gestures towards his comrades…

“This gentleman here is Oz…and the young boy here is Azrael Gato, “Blue” for short…”


Wolf chuckels as he returns his gaze upon his old friend…

“So partner, how long has it been?”

“Long enough, haha! We’re on our way to deal with some pirates, you? I assume you’re back in this neck of the universe because of those Titans?”

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“Youd be correct that im back cause of the Titans…Lets just say that after witnessing some of their acts after the fact…i decided to launch my own war against them…”

Wolf, realizing that Anon was already on a mission, decides to kill two birds with one stone…

“Ill come with you to find these pirates, who knows, I may be able to convince thier leader to join my cause…”

The two parties agree, and the two ships make their way to where the possible location of the pirates are…


“Wha…oh crap” Kahrys sees the problem. The shuttles are surrounded, “Seems like we’ve lost a step or two huh dear?”

“Ain’t that the truth…we used to be so much better…”

“Looks like we’re gonna have to stand down, worst case scenario detonate the gundam and try to get out of here.”


“No buts. I’m still pretty pissed you two came along on a black op, but my first priority is your safety. Don’t argue with me on this one.”

both shuttles stand down and begin being escorted

“Don’t worry I got a plan.” as Kahrys puts his mask on.

“Dat’s what I’m worried about daddy.”

Kahrys and Tera laugh

“Good, they’ve made contact.” Shepard said as he looked at a monitor on his desk, he now had a light cigar in his mouth.

He opened up a comm., with the ship. With a rather convincing Australian accent he said “Don’t get any ideas, we have war ships, and allot more suits in here, and fixed particle cannons on the walls of the asteroid, all fixed on your position.” He then lossed a little laugh, so let’s play nice, I see that you’re Aniheim, I have good enough sources to ID your tail number, so why don’t we just have a little barnie and discuss what’s on your mind eh?"