[RP] Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Daybreak's Bell Discussion

Here you go fellas, you can start reposting.

Well, I forgot almost everything about my character, save his attitude and suits, so… ya. I’m gunna make a new one

Um… Same here. I don’t think I can post the same full bio, but he’s the same character as before.

Name: Maeror Meror

Age: 38

Occupation: Gundam Meister

MS: Gundam 1

Bio: Maeror used to have a family. He was a creator, and a doctor. Every day he saved lives, and his spare time he played games with his kids. The war took all that away. It destroyed his life, and turned him into a bitter man. Celestial Being found him broken. They took him in and gave him a new purpose in life: to eradicate war.

Appearance: Tall, dark, and brooding. Dark brown hair, sad eyes. A little bit of stubble on his chin.

Personality: Doesn’t talk much. Keeps to himself. Always glares at everybody.

Name: Artyom Yeager

Age: 40

Appearance: Brown Hair, Gray Eyes, Looks as he feels…like hell. Wears the Unions Colors but his pilot suit is black with a blue visor.

Personality: Hes a tough old soldier…nuff said.

Prefered Mobile Suit: Prototype Union Flag

Bio: Born in the Union, Artyom is the kind of man to be both respected and feared. Hes a tough man who has seen many a fighting over the years. Used to have a wife and children. But the children have grown up and moved on and his Wife passed away last year. Now all he has left is his duty to the Union and his mobile Suit…


Gonna hold off on posting my bio for awhile to see if they don’t get the missing data issue sorted out, they said they’re looking into it, so we might not have to restart. It’s also the reason Hostile Skies hasn’t restarted yet.

I’ll be using the same character I had with the same bio. I’ll repost all the info a bit.

Hey guys, I just ended up getting a pair of part time photography jobs, so I am too busy to run this RP. Sorry about that. If someone wants to take charge of it, you got my permission.