[RP] Gundam Shutsugen: Discussion

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The word Shutsugen is Japanese for advent, which means;
The arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

Here is the story in a nutshell.
In the year 2125 mankind made a major technological leap forward with the creation of the first Cold Fusion generator. It also coincided with the completion of the first General UNiversal Data Articulation Machine or “G.U.N.D.A.M” Together they were used to start, wage and win wars. The third and forth world wars came and went. With the planet Gaia (Earth was renamed this in 2035) in ruins the nations of the world made a unanimous decision: 90% of the current 5 Million inhabitants (the wars were very bad) are going to colonize the othe parts of the Sol System while the remaining 10% would stay on earth. Now it is 2857 and now there is a new war brewing. Every colony vying for victory and puling out all the stops just to win the Novus Rex Tournament, and claim leadership of the system.

Okay now for Bio requirments;
Only 1 OC and gundam per person. NPC’s and their info will be done as needed.

Genetic Type:
Human, Mutant, Cyborg, Animus (Human with animal Dna) or Hybrid (any mix of above, but give percents. Give why in history)
Race: Obvious and be specific.
Blood Type:
Appearance: (Be as detailed as possible)
Colonial Faction: (What planet, yes Pluto counts)
Sub-Faction: (if any)
Rank: (If any)
History: (Be as detailed as possible)

G.U.N.D.A.M. Info
Pilot Accommodations:
Mobile #:
Unit Type:
Special Equipment and Features:
Color Scheme:

Name: Dægo Suigetsuba
Age: 25
Genetic Type: Human
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 195 Lbs
Blood Type: AB-
Appearance: Black Crew cut hair, 1 blue 1 red eye, (heterochomia+rare eye color) medium build, no facial hair, wears black combat boots, long camo pants and a tan muscle shirt, has a ring on a chain on his neck that reads “My one and only”.
Colonial Faction: Jupiter
Sub-Faction: Aegis (they renamed one of Jupiter’s outermost moons)
Rank: Lieutenant
Personality: Smart, kind, but a little distant.
History: Born 2832 to two very kind parents his life was uneventfull until his 17 birthday, while working as a uranium harvester on Jupiter he met and fell in live with a girl named Maeleen Jogohyoto. They dated for a few years and on her 20th birthday (he is about 2 years older than her) he proposed. She accepted and they got married 3 months later. They had a son 9 months later whom they named Zeno Suigetsuba. About the time the Novus Rex was announced there was a freak explosion which put both Zeno and Maleen in the hospital. The injuries they sustained were so severe they had to be put in stasis because Dægo couldn’t afford the procedures that would help them. He then decides to enter the Novus Rex to get the money needed to save his wife and son.

I will be putting up info on each colony soon.

What’s this for? Welcome to the forums btw I’m new too :smiley:

Its the OOC thread for an RP I will be starting soon, feel free to join.

I’m slightly intrested, but, I think I’ll need more backstory info before joining, also what the Genetic types do, and what limits there are.

Though I do have something in mind for the Animal DNA spliced thing…

Wow what’re the chances of two different gundam stories being called “Advent”. Kenico and his brother’s story MSG Advent and now Gundam Shutsugen. Dunno if I’ll join this, not enough info.

Yeah, I’d join if there’s more info on the Universe and factions here soon, also the tech as well.

I mean I allready have ideas for a Super Happy Cat Lady whom is also a Char Clone. (Yes, I’m going there, I’m Mergeing Shrodinger from Hellsing, Puru, and Char…because I can, and he mentioned Animal DNA spliced people soo…)

Gundam Shutsugen Colony Info

Mercury: Has a high powered heat shield surrounding the planet along with a large number of solar diflectors to make the planet habitable. Jobs are mostly techincal.

Venus: Has orbital colonies which harvest gas from the planet for fuel and resources. Jobs mostly include repairmen and refiners.

Gaia: 90% of its land mass has been converted to farmland. Atmosphere is 15 tines purer than ours is today. Most jobs ate labor intesive with a few in commerce.

Mars: One of the only two colonies with no ACTUAL atmosphere (Pluto is the other) They have domed cities on the surface and a few stations in orbit. Jobs are maintenance, law enforcement and such. (They have a high crime rate)

Jupiter: Instead of being on the planet itself, this colonies cities are on Jupiters moons. Jobs are gas harvesters, radioactive element harvester, maintenance, and general municipal jobs and Enforcer. (Enforcers are like the judges from the Judge Dredd movies)

Saturn: This planets Colonies are in the uppermost part of the planets atmosphere, with a couple in the Cassini Division (the space between the first and second rings) Jobs include ice and mineral harvesters, thermal technicians (they found a way to collect the heat emmited from saturn as easily as we collect solar today.

Uranus: The colonists do live in the gas layer of their planet, they found that the reason for Uranus’ blue glow was a previously unknown element called Tartarium. (named after the pits of Tartarus) It has double the Atomic Mass and Atomic Number of Ununhexium (it is real look it up) but is extremely stable. So the mine it from the atmosphere. Jobs are miners, municipal jobs, and bankers. (There economy is the second largest of the 9 colonies)

Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Makemake and Haumea: These planets are all considered one colony because they are dwarf planets. There economy is the largest (because they import everything except people) and their crime rate/ population is the lowest. Jobs are Import management, bankers and paparazi. (Their social type is like the absurdly wealthy today: rude, snobbish and conceited)

Next is tech info, the genetic types and finaly G.U.N.D.A.M.S.

Gundam Shugetsugen Tech Info

The tech is basically Star-Trek with out Faster-than-light travel, food generators or teleporters. The top speed available for transportation is about half the speed of light using low-density tachyon engines. (Tachyons are particles that can theoreticaly go faster than light)

Well now here is the info you need:

Gundam Shugetsugen Genetic Types

Humans: A standard person with no augmentation. (Genetic or other wise) Standard biological limits.

Animus: Humans who through some means (either birth or artificially) they have at least 25% animal DNA. The most common animus alignments are;

Nekos: Essentialy cat people. Have high reflexes, balance, and agility. 5 senses are double the range of the average human. But are very excitable and prone to Trichebezoars. (Aka hairballs) Also they out number most Animi 2 to 1.

Taurans: Think Minotaurs. There bovine Dna gives them such strength that even the weakest Tauran easily outclassed the strongest human. But their intelligence is lower than the average human but they are the most stubborn of the 4 animus types.

Lycans: As you can guess the Animi have canine dna, as such they have enhanced hearing, smell, and sight. (Though some are color blind) They have enhanced strength, (though not quite to the same extent as Taurans) but their sense of smell can also be a weakness as strong enough smells can disorient/harm them. They have a fierce rivalry with Nekos.

Colubras: Animi with Reptile Dna, Most can see in infared. They have enhanced smell, they are the 2nd strongest Animus type and are also the most flexible. Most have fangs but very few have venom glands. They are also very conniving and have very low morals. They have an aversion to extreme cold and heat. (Being semi cold-blooded)
They also have a fierce rivalry with Taurans.

Gundam Shugetsugen G.U.N.D.A.M. Info

Okay using the form above your G.U.N.D.A.M. must use this: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/RX-78-1_Prototype_Gundam as its base. You may do almost anything with it but I have final approval. (The tournaments organizers give prototype frames because they are the cheapest to manufacture)

There are 3 cockpit types to choose:

  1. Standard
    Similar to a fighter jet this is the safest but most difficult type to use. This type of cockpit also doubles as an escape pod.

  2. Mobile Trace System
    Similar to Gundam Fighter but without the core lander. Offers higher reaction time but is more dangerous than standard. Offers an emergency escape system in which the pilot is disconnected from the Gundam then a rear hatch opens allowing the pilot to leave.

  3. Psychoframe
    The most dangerous but easiest to use of the three the Psychoframe system uses a cyber-neuron interface to interface directly with the pilots nervous system. The pilots consciousness is shunted into the Gundam’s control circuits effectively putting the pilots body into a controlled coma but allows the pilot to control the Gundam as if it was their own body. An ejection system is not compatible but instead in the event of catastrophic damage or mass system-failure the system is shut down and the cockpit seals shut. The main problem is that any damage the gundam suffers is felt by the pilot and may cause massive psychological trauma. (For example lets say a Psychoframe pilots gundam has an arm torn off, the pilot upon re-entering his body may think their own arm is severed or may simply not be able to use it)

Name: Selene Price
Age: 17
Genetic Type: Animus (Neko)
Race: Caucasian/Cat
Height: 5 Foot 6 Inches
Weight: 124 Lbs.
Blood Type: A
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Bobed to about three inches under her neck, unkempt bangs, Black Cat Ears that poke out of the top of her Head (She has Human ones as well though they’re under her hair) Black Tail with a White Tip, Purple Eyes with Cat Slit pupils, silver Pendant arround her neck that she frequently plays with much to the dismay of people trying to get her attention. Red Jump suit, similar to that of Seras Victoria’s, Gold police Badge on her right chest.
Colonial Faction: Mars
Sub-Faction: Police Department
Rank: Cadet
Personality: Extremely Girlish, easily Distracted, extremely cheerful, cocky at times, doesn’t like killing but likes fighting
History: Born on Mars 17 years prior to the Story, Selene was born a Neko supriseingly geting allot of the traits from her mom (her Father was a normal Human). When she was six her mother and father Were Gunned down before her eyes she attempted to fight both of the suspects but was easily bested, leaving her with a shot though the Stomach. She was found and put in an overcrouded Orphanage where she was quick to temper and didn’t get along with any of the Fellow Orphans, and frequently caused trouble.

When she turned 17 she left much to the dismay of her former Caretakers to join the Martian Police department like her father, aside from her personality quirks she was well suited for the job being quicker than a normal human, and far more accurate with a Gun as well, not to mention able to pick up trails and evidence far better. Despite this she has a tendency to drive her Partner, and her Captain nuts, frequently not listening to them, or running off distracted, but she has a tendency to get down to business when it’s needed most. Eventually she was picked to pilot a Mobile Suit.

G.U.N.D.A.M. Info
Name: Nyan Nyan Buster Neko Gundam (Unofficially called that by her) Real Name: Physicality Gundam
Height: 16.7 Meters
Weight: 42.2 Metric Tons
Power-plant: Nucular Fusion Reactor
Pilot Accommodations: Standard Cockpit
Armor: Reinforced Super Light Weight Titanium
Manufacturer: Martian Millitary/Law Enforcement
Mobile #: GMT-004
Unit Type: Prototype Close Range Mobile Suit
Pilot: Selene Price
Armaments: x1 Heat Long Sword x1 100mm Gatling Cannon x1 230mm Anti Material Long Rifle x1 Spike Launcher (Sends out a giant cable attached the to spike Like thing on the left side of the Skirt)
Special Equipment and Features: Physicality system: Basically it’s like a Heat System on Roids, it’s on all the Guns as well, for short burst it super heats the rounds so they can do damage compairable to a Beam Weapon, but at half the cost to manufacture, though it can overheat the weapons making it so they have to cool down for a time after extended use the 230mm Cannon can only be fired once in the full out put due to the size of the round, and the ammount of heat produced for instance.
Color Scheme: See Below
Description: (Just Give it Cat Ears, that she put on there much to the dismay of everyone arround her)

Of Course under it is a standard Prototype frame, but they had a Flare for the Dramatic on the outside, it’s supposed to look imposing. (Cat Ears hurt them on that but she won’t take them off)

I won’t lie the concept is intresting, so if I’m correct, there’s going to be a big tournament similar to G?

@ZRC yup, just tweaking the rules for the tournery.

And this will be a story based RP not a Stat based one, okay?

G.U.N.D.A.M. Info
Name: Kaiser-Rex
Height: 20 Meters (MS mode), 25 Meters (Jurassic Mode)
Weight: 50 Metric Tons
Power-plant: Cold Fusion Generator
Pilot Accommodations: Mobile Trace System
Armor: Re-Inforced Tungsten/Titanium Alloy
Manufacturer: Janus Industries
Mobile #: JI-Kr∅
Unit Type: Prototype Transformable Mobile Suit
Pilot: Dægo Suigetsuba
Armaments: High-Powered Assault Drill, Pneumatic Jaws (Jurassic Mode)
Special Equipment and Features: Transformation; Kaiser-Rex has the ability to chang into a mode similar to a Tyrannosaurus.
Color Scheme: See Below
Description: See Below

Jurassic Mode

Gundam Mode

I bet you all though I was going to use the one in my avatar. Lol.

I figured it’d be story based, it’s how the others are. If it was stat based, wouldn’t have joined. I prefer story.

I prefer story to. I saw some stat based ones on other foruns, they didn’t last long.

Yeah story ones are allways better with stat based you get people making them selves out to be gods, and no one is having fun.

Quick couple of questions; First, what are the limitations for the MS? The one I had in mind is heavily influenced by the Gaia from Seed Destiny. Second, I had a character concept that would have a potentially uncomfortable situation for people. My character would have been the product of a rape. Does that make ANYONE uncomfortable in the slightest? If so, I’ll change it. PM me if you don’t want to post it here, I’ll keep it confidential

I had two ideas for a MS design. One being similar to that of the Sinanju Stein but upgraded and more customized. The other was something similar to Jehuty from Zone of the Enders. Would either one of these be fitting?