[RP]After War: Clouded Moonlight

“A job! Interviews are happening now!” Adrian yelled across the bar

Ishmael Karthwasen walked into the bar. Despite it being rather dark, he still kept his sunglasses, on. His outfit consisted of a Leather Duster…over a somewhat dirty business suit, an odd combination.

“I’m here for the job.” He said not even looking straight at Adrian.

“Easy there…there’s an interview first. First things first, name? Got a mobile suit of your own? And are you looking for a permanent job or a just a freelance gig?” as Adrian finishes his glass of water, “Hey Jim, just bring me the bottle! We both know I’m good for it.”

“Heh heh, yeah I know…but what happens if one of your crew catches you shitfaced!?”

“Simple. My mommy will yell at me. For not saving her a shot!”

Jim starts laughing as does Adrian, the bar keep brings Adrian the bottle and a few glasses

“Hehheh…that’s rich Adrian. Try not to finish the bottle, this is some good stuff.”

“Yeah I know…anyway. You wanna shot before we start talking?” as Adrian pours himself a shot and downs it

“Call me. Ishmael.” Ishmael said, sitting down acrossed from him. “Second I only work freelance, hire me as long as you need, Third I have a suit, a Daughtress High Mobility, I also bring my own on foot arsenal, so I will need a larger room than most, Fourth I have some stipulations.” Ishmael sighed “First of all, I don’t want people asking me questions, about my personal life or other wise unless it pertains to a mission also I don’t want to be bothered in my room, or hell even out of it unless it’s business, second, I use my own weapons, no one uses those weapons, second I will take non-monitary payments, suits, guns, ammo, information, anything to advance me in my trade. Third if your organization happens to default on me you migth find things missing, I hope you understand I don’t like thivery but I need to make a living.”

Ishmael just leaned back a bit in the chair “Now you’re most likely wondering about skill set, I’m proficent at Ranged combat, more so than most, though I won’t say I’m the best marksman out there I prefer swordplay, I’m proficent in sever martial arts for foot combat that get’s close, I come with my own weapons, and I know how to use them in suit or on the ground, I only carry one load out on my suit, two beam sabres and a rifle. Something Explosive if need be.”

“Any other questions or can we negotiate?”

(OOC: He’s being Aloof this whole time, think of Darui from Naruto, looks a bit like him to same skin tone just Taller and black hair)

“Well, Ishmael, there’s a problem right off the bat. You’re freelance only, freelancers don’t get they’re own rooms on my ship. They board together with other freelancers, 2 to a room. As far as personal questions or your past, I don’t give a shit about them. Same can be said of my crew, so you’re fine there. Depends how much weapons you got, I’m fine with a few weapons placed in the quarters, but majority stays on a rack situated near your mobile suit. You’ll get your own combination lock, no one’ll touch your stuff.”

Adrian pours another shot and downs it

“As far payment, we’ve got cash. Though information and items works best in this part of the world. We work off commission rates, what you find while under my command is mine for all itents and purposes. 17% for items, 37% for intact mobile suits. Unless you change your mind about being a freelancer, you pay for your meals and anything else you use, not to mention limited access to my ship. If your suit breaks down, it’s on you to fix it unless you wanna hire my chief mechanic. If you need parts, I’ll gladly sell you the parts. Which I bet you’re thinking will be marked up, but you’d be wrong. All pilots under my command get a 20% discount. There’s a price for freelancing on my ship. You’ve heard the downsides. Upside is you freelancers get paid quicker and only have a “pay to play” contract, which we’ll have no issue negating if you so choose to leave. Now then, are you looking for the big “retirement” score or just tryin’ to survive 'til the next job comes around?”

“I thought you where looking for real professionals on this. It seems you mistake me for a common cut throat.” Ishmael replied in a still Alouf tone. “It works for me, I bring food, I have places to get parts from people arround North America mainly…some other contacts but they’re out of Range.”

“Also about commisioned rates, I prefer to be payed by the Kill, I’m not a salavage expert, I’m here to make the badies go boom, not make sure you get to play scrap yard. The going rate is $100,000 up front, that keeps be bathed in Ammo, not to mention helps me stay out of your hair and buy my things else where, then another $500,000 when we’re done, per kill can vary, but I do like $500, if that seems like to much I can negotiate, but if need be I’ll walk. Or better yet I can get info or parts tossed my way whatever works for you, the money is just to advance my trade, Info and equipment does just as well, can resell it or use it my self, what isn’t negotiable is the $100,000 start up fee so to speak. Also if it isn’t to much trouble, I’ll pay for a Room.”

“My dear sir, why would I need a “professional” in this day and age? No matter how good or effienct, at the end of the day killing is killing. It’s all about the items and information. You really have no idea what a steady gig is, do you? You’re throwing around this pittly ass numbers. You’ll find most dealers won’t be helpful if you’ve got a Vulture Captain’s backing, they’d rather deal with the big fish than some guppies. A good bit of dealers will have heard when my crew slots are filled, then they won’t wanna deal with you. They’ll wanna talk to me.”

takes another shot

“That’s the problem with you combat freelancers…you only ever do jobs when there’s gonna be conflict…newflash, there’s not always conflict and I won’t pay you for a day if you don’t do anything. When I “play scarp yard”, as you put it, I’m generally the guy who finds those parts or items or information you need or want. Then I overcharge the dealers I sell them to who in turn, overcharge people like you for said items. That all said, 100 grand is a simple starting point. No issues there. You’re not the first person to ask about just renting the whole room, that’s a grand a night, as far as kill price. All depends on the outfit we’re going up against. Usually is just basics, 500 bucks a kill. Typically more, depends on how the condition of the suit is.”

takes another shot

“You still didn’t answer my question. Are you looking for the big “retirement” score or just tryin’ to survive 'til the next job comes around? Cause something like that matters.” Adrian gives a shitfaced grin

“Survive until the next job,” Ishmael says “It’s all there is for me, I do this to do it as of late.” Ishmael rolls his head on his shoulders “Now if you want info, I can do recon, hacking things, I just don’t do Salvage, it’s not what I do, don’t mistake my request for payments on killing as me only having one set of skills combat isn’t all I can do, I can escort, body guard, etc. I can salvage I just chose not to most of the time. You also aren’t the first captian I’ve worked under in Vulture, done it several times, worked for other people too, who else is not to Important. But if you need a captain’s name I can drop one or two.”

“Why I don’t want a permenant gig is less freedom, I like to move place to place, wander, work when I need it, hell right now, I don’t know why I’m here, just wandered in awhile back, heard about this job decided…why the hell not.”

“Well that’s good. Those retirement score guys aren’t reliable. At all, from my expierence. I don’t need names. You could’ve worked with some of my enemies, best leave them in the past. You’ll find my crew less trusting with freelancers. Chances are high that whenever you leave your room, an armed escort will be needed. That’s non-negotioble. So lemme tally things up. You’ll pay for your own quarters, you can provide yourself with your own food/ammo etcetra, I pay you a 100 grand to start as well as payments for kills/parts/suits/information as well as take those for payment as well and at the end 500 grand when you leave, plus a certain level of privacy. I’m willing to hire you, once things are on paper with your signature and mine as well as my command crew, you’ll be conisdered a freelance operative under the Thundercloud. As well as someone under my command. Only question is, that upfront payment, you want it in cash, information, or some sort of items? What’re your thoughts? The Thundercloud will be damn near in town tomorrow morning, you won’t miss her.”

“Upfront payment is always cash, and I have a thing about Armed Escorts, I don’t like baby sitters, if I can get a room, hell it could be a storage bay near the hangar so I can be as away from the crew so I don’t need one or rarely need one, I’ll be willing to do that. Besides that, I think everything is squared away.”

Glad he budged on that no room thing…last ‘roomie’ I had tried killing me…and they don’t like it when I open fire on their ship

Ismael got up. “Well I guess you must know my last name, it’s Karthwasen.” He held out his hand for Adrian to shake no that Ishmael was one for formality.

“You may not like babysitters, but you’re going to have one. He won’t be up your ass with a stick, but you’ll know he’s there. Freelancers quarters are in the hanger, converted a couple mobile suit storage areas. It also has it’s own bathroom facilities, so far you’re the only freelancer on board so it’ll be plently private. It’s when you leave your quarters you get an escort. No need for one in the hanger, the Chief mechanic and her crew will watch you like a hawk. You don’t get much access to my ship. The escort is primarely there to make sure you don’t get lost. It’s happened before, even with some of the crew who’ve been on my ship for nearly a decade. Generally you’ll get lead to the bridge, the command room or the doctors office, though the escorts might deminish the longer you remain on board. That’s really the only time an escort is needed. Anything else and you’ll be on your own without anyone bothering you.”

Adrian shakes Ismael’s hand

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow…or later today…hey Jim! Is it tomorrow?”

“Damn near Adrian, damn near!”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow Ismael. Anyone else wanna interview?!”

Suddenly from out of the shadows steps a man in a black flowing cape topped by Helmet without a face. the only sense of a “Face” was the V shaped visor on the front of the mask. the man strutted forward and sat down without makeing a sound. the entire bar at this point was quiet enough to hear a pin drop…

“I heard you were looking for a man of my talents?”

“Fine then, but if I need to go to the Doctors…I’m doing my job wrong.” Ishmael left off to the Direlct house he was staying at in this town, he goes to the garage and packs what he’s taking, duffles full of weapons. Seems like he wanted a full crew member, no not my thing, so what I’ll Impress him like the last captain, and then just get more privligaes, I hope who cares, as long as he doesn’t default on payment, I couldn’t careless.

His suit was outside under a tarp, a Daughtress Hi Mobility type painted dark purple and black. He fell asleep looking though a hole in the second story roof.

“Perhaps. Sit down. First things first, name? Got your own suit? And looking to freelancing or for a permanent job? And another thing, is that mask just for show or is something messed up with your face?”

Vincent, seeing everyone else’s reactions, made a point of cutting the new man off. “Get in line.” He said, rather rudely, turning his attention back to Adrain. “So, here’s my offer. A hundred grand up front, and as an added bonus, I’ll throw in the loyalty bonus for an extra twenty grand. I come with my own suit, you don’t have to talk to me, and I reserve the right to salvage any enemies we defeat. What do ya say?”

“Not really how it works. You lookin’ to freelance or for a permanent job? And loyalty isn’t something that can be bought, I’m not someone you’d like to make an enemy out of.” as Adrian crosses his hand together and stares directly into the newcomers eyes

(OOC Be a freelance like me so there can be a mix up and Ishmael gets put in the same bunk room, make for some lol akward new roommate moment, if it’s cool with Exia.)

Ishmael couldn’t sleep so he kept stareing up, one of the few places not clouded up and even tonight it was exceptionally clear out, the stars where beautiful, Space, somwhere Ishmael wanted to go just once. Never gonna happen though. He thought.

The man in the mask grabbed Vincent by the wrist and judo flipped him to the bar Floor…

“I am terribly Sorry for the inconvenience…But first come, First Serve Asshole…(Turns back to the Adrian)…Sir my name is…(does a gentlemens bow)…Le Morte, and, i am in the market for a permament crew after my last employer was wiped out. my last Employer had…some financial problems that forced me to seek employment elsewhere. As for my Mobile Suit, its Daughtress Neo…Heavily Moddified. My requested fee is pretty substantial but affordable in your budget. does $750,000 sound well?..as for any other questions feel free to ask them now.”

“Oh, no problem…” Vincent kicks the man’s legs out from under him, knocking him on his ass. “But don’t think you’re something special.” He gets up into a crouching position, ready for a scrap. “And the loyalty fee means that I won’t work against you, even off your payroll. A fairly nice deal, if I do say so myself.”

“I assume that’s a one time fee. Permanent crew are expected to do other things besides combat and salvage. My percentage rates are 17% for parts and 37% for intact mobile suits. Sounds like you’d be fine with a standard contract, outside of your opening pay. Standard contract pays for your room and board, plus food and other acutraments. Anything you take down or salage is for all intents and purposes mine until I sell it, then my percentage rates kick in and you get your cut. I would assume you take payments in other forms besides cash?”

Adrian turns to the floor and has his pistol out

“You two wanna knock it off? I’m not the only one…”

the 2 notice Jim the barkeep with his shotgun set

“Quit acting like children.”