[RP]After War: Clouded Moonlight

The year is After War 0055, 28 year before our story began, catastrophy hit. A seemingly innocent meteor shower was scheduled to pass by Earth, the Colonies started their preparations to move out of the meteor showers path, but then several colony thrusters failed to fire. The shower struck several colonies at several key points, leading to meltdowns within 12 colonies. The Earth was left to deal with this new problem on its own, scattering the remains and sometimes the whole colony crashed again into earth. 27 long years have passed, while the damage was not as severe as the damage done so long ago, it did scatter humanity again. Reteaching the old surving generation and the new generations how to claw and scrape for survival. The Earth had barely began healing as it is, this new damage proved too much. Much of Asia and Austrailia are still sunless, while a wondering acid storm moves from Antartica up to South America and across the Atlantic.

With the old ways destroyed once again and with the colonies reeling, Earth again had to survive on its own. Much of the America’s and Africa have been retaken over by the Vultures, while Europe has stayed much the same small countries building up a force. We follow one particular Vulture group on our adventure, the ships name the Thundercloud. And its Captain, Adrian T’yfūn. What adeventures await? What allies will he meet? What enemies will he make? To find out we begin our story, After War: Clouded Moonlight.

There went out the call, April 1st, a message was passed around numerous towns that by May 1st the Thundercloud would be interviewing for new mobile suit pilots to join its’ crew. Today is April 30th, those who are interested have been in town for a few days to a week. Most are at the local tavern.

sound of a car pulling up

A young man 6’2" 200 pounds of muscle long dark brown hair and a nice short beard dark brown eyes, dress in jeans and a t-shirt with a large .50 pistol on his side and a bag around his shoulder comes walking thru the doors.

“Jim…it’s been too long,” as the young man pulls out a pack of something smokeable.

“Hey you know the rules no smoking in here.” said the bar keep

“Pfft…you sure?” as the man pulls out a box of cigars and a box of matches, “I did get these for you…”

“Well…I don’t wanna be rude,” as Jim takes the 2 boxes and pulls one of the cigars out and lights it up, “I assume you’re gonna want your usual.”

“Hell yeah, finally on a small break. Time to get wasted.” as he lights up his “cigarette” Jim brings him a double shot and a beer, “You wanna hit?”

“I’m good.”

the young man takes a big hit atleast a forth of it, downs the shot, then jugs the beer before exhaling

“Oh…shit…that’s good stuff…” as he coughs and takes a few more hits, he’s definitely under the influence

“Easy there champ.”

“Hahahahaha…you know damns well I won’t ease up…you know exactly what I have to do everyday…right now it’s time to get faded and be someone else until morning.” his words slurring and with some minor giggles

“Yeah yeah…the Thundercloud should be in town tomorrow.”

“They’re outside of town now. Doubt we’re gonna get anyone decent…everyone’s been either weak assed punks or overpaid jokes. I’m getting sick of it…no one gets it. Nothing’s important to anyone anymore…there’re no more dreamers!”

“You know there’re pilots in here right?”

“Yeah? So what?”

“Moron. How are you gonna get any pilots if you bad mouth them Adrian?”

he lights another up

“Gimme another.”


he brings another double shot and another beer

“Take it easy will you?”

“Nah…” as Adrian takes a huge drag, downs the double shot and jugs the beer, “Oh sweet god…this is great…”

“Alright that’s it…you gotta start paying now. That’s as much as these cigars are gonna get you.”

“Really? It was the good whiskey wasn’t it? Completely worth it!”

he turns around and looks at the other patrons, some are staring at him

“Yeah…that’s right! I’m Adrian T’yfūn! The Captain of the Thundercloud! What’re you looking at? I can’t have that captain’s stick up my ass all the time…I got the f***ing right to try and forget about this hellhole!”

Adrian moves to the corner both labelled “Captain’s Corner”

“Well might as well get this shit over with! HEY! PILOTS! Let’s just start the interviews…”

“Oi, Oi! You’re f***ed up. Can you judge people this wasted?”

“Who cares? Probably all weak or overpaid! Like all the other towns…” as Adrian pulls out a jacket from the bag, which is empty now and slips it on and places his pistol on the table, “Oh yeah…thanks for letting me use this spot, hope business has been good!?”

Adrian is still conversating with the bar keep from across the room

“Yeah it has…we can talk about it later.”

“Great! Now lets get this shit over with! Who wants to be interviewed for a spot on the Thundercloud?” Adrian looks completely hammered and such

A young man of 21 who was downing a good lager turned to see T’yfūn ploppin down in the Captain’s Corner. Ian Silver looked at the man and cringed.

“Son of a bitch…but hey…(Finishes the beer)…the F****** Merc Board wont do a damn thing so this is my only option…”

The man stood up and walked over to the Captains Corner. before he sat down, he plopped some of the last bit of cash he had left and asked for a couple shots of what the Captian was drinking. he took the two shots, placed the glasses in front of T’yfūn, and sat down…

“So…I take it youre the one i need to talk about for a job?”

“Yesh. Um da wuhn. Lest ya know how ta stert a conversation…boozes’s the best way, A take it one of 'em is for me? Sit down. Hey Jim? Glass of water please?”

Jim brings him a glass of water and Adrian takes a sip

“So…who’re you anyways?”

“First off Captain, the two shot glasses are for you…Secondly, the Name is Silver…Ian Silver…and im a man of talents that is interested in entering a contract with you…”

“Oh? Tats so? Drinkin’ alone ain’t no fun…take one…” as he downs the shot, “Ian Silver…dash sonds familiar…hmmm, but A don no where frum…anywho, wheres you from? Gots a suit? Unds whats’s yous conditions?”

“Well for one thing, im just a simple man who Indeed Has a Mobile Suit, but im also a Man who has a bit of a problem with a mutual pest…”

The Captain, while still in a drunken stupor, cocked an eyebrow…

“Are you familiar with a group of Quasi Government Organization called the New United Nations Earth Mercenary Board or NUNEMB?”

The Captian Scowled but nodded.

“Well as any Merc with their salt Knows that 30 years ago the New United Nations Earth formed the Mercenary Board as a way to regulate the, and i quote, '‘Lawless and rowdy guns for hire’…but on the other hand, they did have one benifit that i couldnt ignore. and that benifit is that if a Merc registers with the Board, they also get the benifit of using thier banking and savings system. Well, as you can imagine, i joined up, opened a bank account, and up until 4 months ago, i deposited a grand total of 1 Million in cash. Then some Numb Nuts Accountant named Wark Dillken. He asked me to do a job for him and in return hed deposit another Ten Grand into my account. seeing an opertunity to score some extra cash to help with my retirement fund i took it. little did i know, the job was also known as a ‘Grim Job’, or a Suicide Mission. Surprise, Surprise, i completed the mission and return. but i return to find my entire bank account drained…1 Million Dollars GONE!”

Ian Slammed his fist on the table…some of the guys got a little nervous…

“Well, as you can imagine, i went looking for the weasel. Turns out he is at Merc Board HQ. I demanded that they hand him over to me so i can get my cash back, but they refused and fired off a bunch of Bullcrap Beauruecrat talk and blew me off…So i closed my account and resigned from my registration. I was gonna do something about it but sadly that place is like a fortress and i cant just take it alone, even with my skill…Then, i heard of a crazy ass Captian who not only was willing to pull off something like what im proposing, but he too has a bone to pick with the Merc Board. I hear thats you…”


Adrian catches his breath

“Hahahahahahahahaha…oh dats funny…ones of da honests ones? I’m familiar with them, it’s more of a they have a bone to pick with me…I’ve kill atleast 3 of their presidents. You tryin’ for revenge is a waste of time…you should know most of us Vultures don’t work with them. Only 10% of the Vultures do. If we wanted to most of the Vulture captains could simply wipe them off the map, but they have they’re porpoise…all things considered, Vultures rule this continent.”

takes another sip of water

“You can probably get some sorta revenge on them. They try to take down most of us, but they can’t. We usually get a good haul when they try that…you can either join as a freelancer, they get paid decently but don’t get maintenance or free access to our parts, a permanent member gets paid like shit compared to a freelancer but you get maintenance and access to our parts and help from one of the best techs on this continent.”

Ian could not help but laugh…

“Oh Mr. Adrian, you are mistaken, i dont intend to get revenge…I intend to destroy them! As in literallly go into the base and tear the place apart, piece by peice…and what would you get ouf of all this? Well, besides me on a very low salary, id say any confiscated Mobile Suits they have in thier impound lots, any coin in their Treasure Vaults, and of course…Clout…”

The Captian cocks his eyebrow even more…

“Sure any Vulture can get respect, but it takess a Man of your caliber to gain Clout…Think about it…If you were to cut out the jugular of the Merc Board, as in ultimately destroy that flop of a department, every single country, Warlord, and what not would be knocking on your door to either request you do jobs for them or better yet be willing to do business with you on any level and cut out with the bullcrap. all knowing if youre willing to do in one of the most influential organizations on our mudball we call home anyone could be next…your reputation, your notoraiety, and yes your clout would skyrocket. that fear alone would bend nations to your will. and What do i get out of this? My Cash and that Weasel…alive…Thoughts?”

“Kid you picked the wrong Captain…ever wonder why we haven’t done that? It’s simple. None of us want that. Ever heard the tale of the legendary Freedan? They pulled something similar to what you’re talking about, and look what happened to them. They got dragged into that old war. When my grandfather founded this Vulture outfit the NUNEMB we’re just getting their feet off the ground. He’s the one who gained this ship fear, respect, and clout. Then my father took over and it all stuck, guess what happened when I took over 5 years ago? Same thing, it stuck. The fear stuck. The respect stuck. The clout stuck. We don’t take missions from countries and we don’t want that image of a stable organization.”

the Captain looks stone cold sober

“We’ll mostly likely cross paths with the NUNEMB. Outside of those encounters, we don’t care about them. They’re just what remains of what could’ve been a stable force on this continent. The New United Nations Earth forces still exist. They operate out of Asia and Australia mostly. On this continent, law doesn’t exist. It’s how we like it. Chaos rules.”

Ian Sighed…

“you dont disappoint…I like the fact that you can forsee the consuquenses…Yes i know its dangerous, yes i know its foolish, and yes i know i lack the foresight. However, have you ever had that desire to rid this continent of the NUNE control? now matter how small…it wont be long when that Mercenary Board will have the influence needed to put all Vultures in a postition that they have to register with them. wouldnt you in some corner of that mind of yours want to be remembered as the man who liberated this continent of NUNE control?”

The Captians face remained like an unmoved Mountain…Ian Sighs again…

“Alright, lets try this again. i was hoping you could help me raid the place to find that bastard as my payment, but seeing that has blown up in my face ill just say that my usual pay would be about 100 a mission. usually, my previous clients would let me sell any suits and vehicles, or anything for that matter i personally capture. but in your case if I were to give any and all items i personally capture to you to do with them as you please what would you consider a fair Commission?”

“You take a permanent contract and I’ll tell you the mission my grandfather started 35 years ago, that my father continued and that I’ve yet to complete. You might even see why we don’t take those major jobs.” Adrian grinned, “100 grand a mission? Seems fair. As far as items you find…that’s sorta the point of being an idependant Vulture force. You turn it over, I sell it and I give you part of what I make from it. Typical rate is 17% of the sell price for parts found, and 37% for intact working mobile suits.”

“100 Grand? Hell now you really have my respect. if youre serious, then that would make you the only client on my records to offer me the highest salary. when i said 100, i meant literally $100 a mission and those cheap bastards only gave me a 10% Commission no matter what the condition of my items, so im liking you already. but unfortunatley i have a conscience…the Commission ratings that you have offered i like and accept, but ill only accept a salary of 10 grand a mission. Now most mercs would think me insane or stupid to turn down a 100 Grand salary but im an honest man. my reputation of having that honesty and sense of honor has earned me alot of my own brand of clout sir…oh and the fact that im a sucker for swords…that should give you a clue what my silly nickname is…but that right now is not important, what is is besides signing on as a sort of permament employee on these terms, what other benifits will i get besides what you have mentioned earlier?”

“Well…all things considered…money is pretty worthless here. That’s why everything is so expensive…I’ve got friends in Northern Europe, I can get some of the hard to find nessecities here, over there by the handful. Then sell those to get all this worthless cash. 10 grand works too. You’ll find that most of the lone mercs ask for atleast half a mill, there are even those rare ones that ask for a cool million…it’s a giant waste really. This continent works better on information and items, not cash. Besides maintenance and access to our parts and help from one of the best techs on this continent. You get your own room, part of our hanger to house your mobile suit as well as far more access to my ship than a freelancer would, 3 decent meals a day, though as a consiquence of joining as a permanent crew member you’ll most likely have to help out around the ship. Cleaning, repair, maybe even have to take a post on the sensor watch, you know menial stuff. We all have to do it. Even me. It’s only fair. Though I must be honest myself, honesty is a trait I like in a pilot, but honor is quite rare. I don’t have that luxury, so having someone on my ship with it would be a nice change of pace.”

takes another sip of water and then goes wide eyed and turns quick and spits the water out

“F***ing Sword Freak! I knew the name Ian Silver rang a bell.”

When Adrian yelled out Ians Identity, it caused some if not all of them to draw guns. this forced Ian and Adrian to go for thier guns. Thankfully before any shots were fired the blast from the barkeeps shotgun restored order, forcing all to slowly put away their weapons and sit down…

“As i was saying…Yes i am the one Called Sword Freak…at your service by the way…and with that ive only got two questions: One, how good is the food? and Two, When and where do i need to be to start work?”

“Great. My mother is the helmsemen and the cook. And tomorrow when the Thundercloud moves in. I’ll go over the details with my command crew and come up with a contract, you sign it you’re on the crew. We like things on paper. So what model handgun are you carrying? Didn’t get a chance to see what kind.”

Ian pulled out the pistol and layed on the table…

“Its just an old Colt .45 Semi…notin fancy. as for the food, it sounds your incredibly confident about your moms cooking. i may have competition…thats right sir, i am also a good cook as well, a little talent i picked up over the years. but with that all said and done, ill be good to go. Just tell me an accurate place and time and me and my mobile suit will be there…Any other questions sir?”

“Believe me…when it comes in you won’t miss it, a second cook would be nice but remember you’re a pilot first. Well that’s one. Still need a few more pilots. And none of this sir stuff, just Captain. The command crew are really anal about it for some reason. No need to get bitched at, personally it’s not that big a deal. But the 4 of them get their panties in a twist. Haha…”

“Very well Capitan, I was just raised to show respect that way by sayin ‘Sir’ and ‘Maam’…its a force of habit. and yes i understand i am a pilot first, just informing that i have more skills than just a killing machine. Well…(stands up and places his leather jacket and boonie hat on)…i better get my gear together and prep for tommorrow…if your ship shows up earlier than expected, you can find me here…(hands him a card that says ‘Halloway Inn’)…Ill see you in the morning.”

Ian leaves the bar, as he does one of the Waiters steps over to Adrian.

“Id be careful if i were you regarding him. Silver’s a loose cannon…and a dangerous one to boot. if youre still gonna hire him on, a word to the wise: dont ever let him even think that youre gonna betray him. The last Group that tried to betray and kill him, didnt exactly come out on top. Remember Captain Renks unit?”

the Captian nodded…

“Well before that little incident involving the Weasel as he said, he was working for Renk and his Scorpions. The man tried to double cross him over some sunken treasure, ya know that old cliche, and well…lets just say that he, his entire 15 MS unit, and their landship are almost to the bottom of the Atlantic by now. Just consider yourself warned…”

“I’m fully aware of that incident. Renks was scum, I got sick about hearing his bullshit. I’m glad he’s dead. We just finished harvesting that wreck before coming ashore. He’ll be surprised when he gets handed cash after signing the contract. It’ll be wonderful hahaha.”

the waiter leaves

“Anyone else!?”

Vincent walked into the bar, a tired but pleased look on his face. He headed up to the bar and ordered himself a drink. Once the glass had been poured, he looked around the bar for anything that caught his interest. He heard Adrain call out across the bar, and called back. “For what?”