[RP]After War: Clouded Moonlight Discussion

Sweet! when does this show boat get off the ground? i like this already and i like the premiss. honestly, this now kinda reminds me of Armored core.

Vincent Hallsey

Age: 20

Faction: Freelance

Personality: Undecided. Will see where RP goes

Appearance: Tall and muscular, Light brown hair, Green eyes, Crooked nose.

Preferred suit: ENG-002 Pyron. A suit he “liberated” from Estard. http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/x/eng-002.htm Customized colors of Red and orange, with flame decals along the shins and forearms. Standard weapons, with a physical MS sword if I could

Bio: Taught to fend for himself from an early age, Vincent is no stranger to hardships. At 15, he left his home to join a mercenary group in Estard. Two years later, he left, and has not returned since. Recently, he has become an independent Mercenary, or Freelancer, as he likes to call himself. This has given him the freedom to choose what missions he wants to do.

I’m giving everyone a fair chance to join before starting up. And I still haven’t bothered with my mobile suit. That’s why it’s “unknown at this time”, I haven’t even picked.

@Char, what style of phsyical sword? Like a normal longsword?

Yea, 2-handed, preferably. It’s for that moment that people charge me, and I can’t kill them fast enough… or I run out of ammo.

Something like this? If so, then yeah.

That will do quite nicely, thank you

Awesome. Now all I have to do is pick a mobile suit.

I’m gonna hold off before posting the RP. I’ve been up for a while, 31ish hours straight, I’d rather approach this when I’m feeling a lot better. And I’m still going thru mobile suits. I’ve got it down to 6, maybe 7.

Well good luck mate on finding youre poision. I gotta hit the hay and get some sleep. i gotta head out in the morning to deal with bearueucrats. wont be back till this afternoon. so go ahead with it when ever you do it. just a suggestion when our characters meet. they both are aware of the others reputations and know what the other is capable of…what ever you want to do after that is up to you…

Oh, I think everyone is going to get a kick outta the opening post. Not to give too much away, but I’ll be meeting everyone on “accident”. Maybe once names are said then whoever can realize they know/heard of Captain Adrian T’yfūn’s terror.

There’s gonna be an awesome (atleast I think it will be) moment once greetings and meetings are done. I will say it does involve that Acid Storm. My idea for that was based on the giant storm on Mars. If you haven’t heard about it, you weren’t paying attention in one of you high school science classes :-P, and that it’s a perpetuel storm constantly moving around Mars (if I remember right). That’s more or less what the Acid Storm is. It means certain death if humans are caught in it. Plus one of my favorite bands is called “Acid Bath” and I thought an Acid Storm would bathe people in acid…Acid Bath. My way of getting an awesome band in the RP haha.

Anyway I have to get off the internet, my eyes are starting to see black dots, minor side effect of staying awake for so long. For the record, I absolutey hate when I have to stay up for so long. So no need to show concern, it’ll be dealt with within the hour.

Couldnt sleep lol. as for the way all of us meet i like it. a whole lot better than what i imagined, and that is it all starts with bar fight lol. but seriously i like it. and i look forward to it gettin off the ground.

First thing I do when I wake up is make the opening post, unless the UC RP is about to get serious then that one first.

my brother wants to jump into the action, is it cool if we did the same thing were doin in the 0086 RP Here, as in he does his dialouge in my posts?

Sure, as long as his posts are in a color font. Hope he goes basic on the suit he wants so I don’t have to yay or nay things…:stuck_out_tongue: lol.

I decided that since the ship I’m using is pretty big, I’m gonna have 3 mobile suits. You might think I’m pulling DM power, but trust me when I say you will not expect what happens to 1 of them and that the other 2 are going to show a part of the Captain’s past, since the bio I put his past is a mystery to most.

Real name unknown, Goes under the Alias: “Le Morte” (“The Death” in French) “Death” for short

Age: unknown

Faction: Mercenary

Personality: Flare for the theatrics, loyal, fierce fighter, a bit clingy.

Appearance: 5’9", 190Lbs, muscular, wears Victorian style attire with a cape and masklike helmet that covers his entire head.

Prefered Mobile Suit: NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo (Moddified with hardpoints on the suit for his custom heat knives, plus packs on his thighs usage unknown. the Beamcutter/Beamrifle on the right arm is removed and in its place is a custom heat whip. main chest plate is reinforced and appears thicker. All of this covered by a custom cloak that hides most of the suit and its weapons, which itself is reinforced with segmented plates.)
Colorscheme: total Pitch Black with Red Eyes.

Bio:not is known about him but it is suggested that he hails from New Zealand, though his Accent is neutral. Never takes off the mask, so making his description and origins are a mystery since he appeared almost 7 years ago. has a reputation for scaring the living hell out of his opponents. specializes in Gurella warfare. His first recorded appearence was off the coast of Somalia where he decimated an entire mercenary group consisting of almost 50 veteran Mobile Suit pilots and thier units without ever being discovered until the last minute of the units destruction, thus earning him the nickname, “the Cloaked Demon”. now hes in the Western Hemisphere looking for work, and he will be gettin alot of it…

color font: Maroon

Yeah…so, I can’t keep playing drunk. It’s hard considering I don’t drink at all and the last time I was drunk was several years ago. Hence the change in Adrian’s words. I tried really hard, I mean take this line, “Yesh. Um da wuhn. Lest ya know how ta stert a conversation…boozes’s the best way, A take it one of 'em is for me” all phonectically it sounds drunkish or scottish…but that latter one might just be me. I’m watching the Voyage Home (star trek 4), Scotty’s on camera. Haha.

@Kenyon, you set the ground work. Don’t think just cause I’m trying to get away from the whole NUNEMB that it won’t come up in a later “Arc”. Techically this is Arc 0, everyone meeting the Captain and a chance to join his crew. Arc 1 starts when everyone’s on board or there’s enough to start a storyline.

Of course, i had been thinking about it since you incepted the RP. i needed as sort of “MAN” that would antagonize us latter on down the road. to be more clear, the reason why Ian is taking this job is cause that Weasle stole his money about 1 million, and the NUNEMB is protecting him. originally, i was thinking that a Capitan like Adrian would be arrogant and ambitious enough to see this as an opertunity for more prestige, power, and glory. but the way you showed some underlining decernment and Solomonian wisdom kind of caught me off guard…im impressed. and yeah i dont mind that well be drifting away from that for a while, but at least we now have a sort of Antagonistic organization that will sooner or later come to harrass our merry band of badasses.

They won’t be the only ones…“but the way you showed some underlining decernment and Solomonian wisdom” honestly don’t know what you’re talking about? Either way thank you thank you lol.

What i meant is that underneath that devil may care hard ass arrogant attitude is a level head. another thing, did i forget to mention that Ian is a good cook. just look at his last name and what other cook that has the last name Silver ring any bells?

Nope don’t got a clue.