[RP]After War: Clouded Moonlight Discussion

The year is After War 0055, 28 year before our story began, catastrophy hit. A seemingly innocent meteor shower was scheduled to pass by Earth, the Colonies started their preparations to move out of the meteor showers path, but then several colony thrusters failed to fire. The shower struck several colonies at several key points, leading to meltdowns within 12 colonies. The Earth was left to deal with this new problem on its own, scattering the remains and sometimes the whole colony crashed again into earth. 27 long years have passed, while the damage was not as severe as the damage done so long ago, it did scatter humanity again. Reteaching the old surving generation and the new generations how to claw and scrape for survival. The Earth had barely began healing as it is, this new damage proved too much. Much of Asia and Austrailia are still sunless, while a wondering acid storm moves from Antartica up to South America and across the Atlantic.

With the old ways destroyed once again and with the colonies reeling, Earth again had to survive on its own. Much of the America’s and Africa have been retaken over by the Vultures, while Europe has stayed much the same small countries building up a force. We follow one particular Vulture group on our adventure, the ships name the Thundercloud. And its Captain, Adrian T’yfūn. What adeventures await? What allies will he meet? What enemies will he make? To find out we begin our story, After War: Clouded Moonlight.

As an fyi, cyber-newtypery is lost. In fact, newtypery should be downplayed. Outside of Gundams and Newtype based MS, anything is fair game. Modify how you wish if you want. I’ll explain a bit of how the world is, most of the world is still clouded by smog and alike, the sun shines mostly thru North America, the North Pole, and some of Northern Europe. Sunlight gets to the other parts thru reflections or other methods. Some parts of the Earth are still completely dark. Transmissions only go out about 1000 miles. Earth is cut off from itself and the colonies. You can find suits here, http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/x/index.htm

The list:
Exia - playing Adrian T’yfūn - GB-9700 Gundam Belphagor or RMSN-002 Febral
Zeon’s RedComet - playing Ishmael Karthwasen - GX-9900 Gundam X (custom)
Kenyon - playing Ian Silver - DT-6800A Daughtress Neo (customized)
Ghost Shepard, via Kenyon’s account - Le Morte - NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo (customized)
CharAznable - playing Vincent Hallsey - GT-9600-D Gundam Leopard Destroy (Gundam Leia)

Name: Adrian “T’yfūn” Adill (the ū is for fun mostly, this character doesn’t like umlouttes)

Age: 25 (as AW 0055)

Faction: Vultures, Captain of the Thundercloud

Rank: Captain of the Thundercloud, http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/x/trieste.htm the Thundercloud, Prince of Namur

Preferred Mobile Suit: Vashtaron, http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/x-msv/vashtaron.htm (colored as show in the picture except the orange is closer to a red-orange instead), Febral, http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/x/rmsn-002.htm
(Adrian’s standard colors are dark grey, with dark turquoise highlights)

Gundam Belphagor, http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/ggf/gb-9700.htm - currently disabled

Appreance: 6’2" 200 pounds of muscle long dark brown hair and a nice short beard dark brown eyes, wears a black coat (like jamille neates) white pants tucked into shin high boots and white gloves, wears a .50 cal revolver on his belt in plain view, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_%26_Wesson_Model_500 with the longest barrel

Personality: Arrogant smart ass, trigger happy, “his way or the high way”, shoot first ask questions only if needed, has no problem pulling his gun, watches out for his crew when needed

History: Born in AW 0030, 3 years after the meteor storms devastated the colonies causing the wreckage to come crashing down on Earth like all those years ago. The damage wasn’t as catastrophic as before, by AW 0039 the Earth started to recover, though parts of the Earth are still trapped in darkness. His mothers side is from space and his fathers side is from Earth. No one knows much about his past, only that his mother is the helmsman of the Thundercloud and that Adrian took the Captains seat when he was 20 years old. He’s becomed feared throughout the north eastern parts of North America. Recently put the call out that he needs a few new pilots, the old ones died on him.

Was recently outted the Prince of Namur by his still alive father King Allister Adill.

The Command Crew:

Ericka T’yfūn, around 5’7" 130lbs, long brown hair with some grey starting to show, little bit more level headed than her son but has the same attitude, the helmsman, generally considered the 1st officer.

Anna Sillen, about 5’8" 110lbs short blonde hair blue eye, she’s wears either a tanktop, no bra, and booty shorts that have “chief mechanic” on the ass and a pair of boots or full mechanics overalls with “chief mechanic” on the ass and a pair of boots, quite attractive, still has a thing for Adrian. 22 years old

Alexis and Connie Vega, 5’5" 110lbs, Alexis has long black hair while Connie has medium black hair, half spanish half american, Alexis is the the comms specialist and Connie is the tactical specialist. Alexis is the more serious one while Connie is the joker of the 2, quite attractive. both are 19 years old

Ishmael Karthwasen

Age: 29

Faction: Currently for Hire (I assume your charcitar will Hire him Exia)

Personality: Cold towards most people, prefers to be alone, cares about two things, getting Money, and doing his job.

Appearance: Six foot three inches tall, dark skined, muscular has curly black hair that goes to the base of his neck, wears glasses allot.

Prefered Mobile Suit: (OLD) Daughtress Hi Mobility Type “Fire Wallaby” Colorscheme Dark Purple (Titan’s Purple)
(OLD)RMS-014 Octape with a heat buster sword, lightweight Armor, and high powered thrusters on it’s Shoulders smilar to a Gerba Tetra. Painted in Black with Dark Purple Highlights.
GX-9900 Gundam X (OLD). Painted ‘Titans’ Purple and Black, left arm is completely riveted with Armor as are sections on the rest of the body giving it a somewhat old Aircraft like appearance. Hard points for mounting Long range ‘luggage’ racks 180MM Anti Material rifle Two beam sabers, and a Particle cannon, that takes 80% of the Reactors power. Needs around 20% to be able to bounce back after a short time frame, less than that and it risks collapsing on the field, at 100% he can fire a pot shot off once every 1.5-2.5 Minutes depending on the condition of the reactor. Has a cloak similar to the Crossbones but no real function besides covering the extra weapons and such in the long distance packs.

GX-9900 Gundam X Ishmael Karthwasen Custom II Painted Titan’s Purple
-High Output beam sabers (used the generators for two in each one)
-High Output Beam Rifle beefed up using Tech from the Pulse Cannon so it’s similar to how the Beam Magnum functions in Unicorn less powerfull though, slightly better fire rate, looks pretty standard.
-More Armor Non Ejectable basically looks like a beefed up X now.
-Sheild with two missle pods on the under side, two Micro Missles per pod, looks like the Double X’s Sheild
-Four Vulcans in the head as well as upgraded optics for when sniping with the 180MM Anti Material Rifle

Bio: Born in AW0026 He was a Son to Sharina Windown, a woman of Ill repute, in a small town in what was formerly known as ‘The Unitied States of America’ that was along time ago, of which no one know exactly. Ishmael lived his life with his mom untill she passed when he was 25 of illness, liveing a peaceful life. Ishmael’s father he never knew, though he did have a father figure in a man, who’s last name he took, Jack Karthwasen a Mercanary much like Ismael became. Jack and Sharina met when Ishmael was 4, and he became his adoptive father there after, and began training him at the age of 9.

Long time Mercenary he used to work for the top bidder doing just about anything that needed to be done, for the going rate of a Million dollars up front followed by another three after the job was done, whether that job was one mission or several over the course of a conflict. He also makes money selling Mobile Suits and other weapons he acquires, and will gladly take weapons as payment if money isn’t available, especially if a profit could be made off of it, or it could make him more effective at his trade.

He had a Merc comapany for awhile going out to the highest bidder, with the only people he’s ever considered ‘Friends’ though most of them died a few years back while on a job, or just flew the coop and went their ways.

Yes, yes I will. Eventually.

Yeah it could make for a fun convorsation. As in his long list of stipulations of hireing him (as in he needs a room with allot of room for his weapons, as he doesn’t use anything from his employer as they use that as a way to screw him out of money), and negotiateing payment.

Money is pretty irrelavent, look at the ship. Earth and Land, with a lot of customizing done, can hold up to 20 suits. Sure in North America and northern Europe, money is important. But in those sunless places or other places, it’s more “what can you do for me so that I can do something for you”. It’s the main reason Adrian stays in the light, less of a chance to get screwed over.

I know but I want Cash to be part of his Charictar. That and he does live in North America, so that works out to why he wants it.

But like I said he will work for Millitary equipment, weapons, etc. or hell even Info basically anything he can use to advance himself in his trade.

Yeah, this beginning part is going to be spent in NA. And it’ll come into play. It’ll be a huge change from playing Kahrys. Adrian is gonna be a dick a lot of the time in the begininng.

Yeah, same here it’ll be a departure, Ishmael is gonna be pretty inward, and not want anything to do with anyone outside of Work. I really don’t plan on changeing him much either in that respect he may soften up so to speak but he’ll still be for the same things at the end of the day.

So how was the intro post? Did it grab you? I tried to make it sound horrible and exciting. This is my first time ever running a roleplay, online or tabletop. I usually just play a character. So this is way new.

Ian Silver AKA Sword Freak

Age: 21

Faction: Merc…Currently “took care” of the last client that tried to betray him

Personality: Usualy has sense of humor when not in a combat situation. Very Focused when In combat, not to mention silent unless spoken to. Very nice guy to hang around with and a dependable team member if you gain his trust. meticulous and detailic when it comes to the configuration to his mobile suit much like most of his life. Is also an incrediblly talented Cook. Very kind and loyal but on the other hand, when provoked the “wrong way” as he says it or someone betrays him and he can be a cold blooded killer. he relies mostly on melee combat and if he can find a sword of any kind, hell either pay you or fight you for it, Hence his nickname “Sword Freak”.

Appearance: 6’1", 200Lbs of muscle, Brown hair, Blue Eyes, gritty but charming complexion. Sports Blue Jeans, Gray Tank Top but wears a Black Tee over that and then wears a Leather Jacket over that, and Wears worn Combat boots.

Prefered Mobile Suit: (Current) GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster. Mods: Pretty much every thing is the same except the V Fin in a traditional configuration, and besides the Buster rifles, he also has some Large Beam Sabers stored in the shoulders.
Color Scheme: Midnight Blue as the Base, Black as the Secondary, and White for the Trim. Solid Blue for the Optics.

(Formerly) NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo.
Mods: External Mods include Instead of its traditional Head it has the head of the GX-9900 Gundam X. On its back, it has some modified recharge racks for the suits’ Two Large Beam Swords (See Weapons). On its lower legs are recharge racks like the ones found on GT-9600 Gundam Leopard for the suits Four Beam Daggers (See Weapons). On its body are several hard points for heat knives (See Weapons). And finally, the Daughtress Neo’s Beam Cutters/Guns are still there only the blade has been lengthened for longer reach and are in a position so as for better manipulation; however the price for that is that the blades can only be used for 4 consecutive minutes. Internal Mods include the usual onboard electronics that Silver originally had but this time he has a new mechanism. A “Cool Button” that allows him to cool his suit on the fly. Drones BEN and a newly modified JEM Return except the latter is redubbed HAWKEN (it’s a pun on Jim Hawking’s and the new mech game HAWKEN) and it’s essentially a supped up version of its former self.
Weapons: X2 Large Beam Swords (I decided to abandon the idea of a Buster Sword and went with a more conventional approach. He will now have two Large Beam Swords. There just like regular Beam swords except with longer handles and longer blades) located on backpack, (they kinda look like the ReGZ beam saber save bigger) hand carried in use. X2 Beam Daggers stored on recharge racks that are on the lower parts of the legs, Hand carried in use. X Many Heat Knives located on hard points across the body, hand carried in use. X 2 modified Beam Cutters/rifles (See Mods) Other armaments: Vulcans in head, and one pissed off pilot (that last one was a joke Lol).
Color Scheme: Light Gray with Blue accents and Blue lenses for the eyes…

(Formerly)DT-6800A Daughtress (Moddifications include two custom recharge racks. Melee weapons include a Custom* Beam Saber stored on a Rack on the Backpack and a Heavy Beam Buster Sword stored on a Rack on the Back Skirt Armor, the latter requires a cable connected directly to the reactor for maximum power. Defensive equippment is its standard Sheild. Finally Ranged Weaponry include a light machine gun and two Micro missile packs stored on the shoulders. Can use any weapons that it can get its hands on in a scrape. The Head remains the same. UPDATE: Sheild now sports an experimental Double Barrel Vulcan Pod for more multipurpose role…Sports also as right shoulder mounted Vulcan Smart Gun right next to its right shoulder mounted micro missile pod)
Colorscheme: Midnight blue with silver accents and the camera lens are silver

Bio: hailing from what was once known as the “Deep Southern United States”, Ian is a combination of dynanism and wit. Came from a family of Deepwoods farmers mostly raised by his paternal Grandfather after thier parents died with his brothers, but he wanted something more out of life. he got the chance at great cost when his two younger brothers and Grandpa were killed by a group of Vultures. He found a dierlect Daughtress and hunted the Vultures down one by one and got his revenge, but there was no going back, he was hooked on Mercenary work. he spent the next 14 years as a mercenary picking up a nack for being a jack of all trades, but his most defining trait is his skill with a sword and of course the obsession of anything with a blade, hence his infamous moniker “Sword Freak”. now at 21, he is growing tired of killing and hopes to reach his goal of gaining a substantial amount of wealth to start a Farm and walk away from the path of a mercenary…but fate has other plans…

(Update) Silvers suit is destroyed, hes reuinited with an old flame, his long lost brother, and his father…kind of…and is having a bad day.

not much of a departure, but just imagine my AF character starting out before he became the legend known as Wolf.

(Questions, What kind of Melee weapons will you be allowing, like say custom Buster Swords? and by modding how we wish is putting a Gundams head on our grunt mech fair game?)

*When i mean custom, i mean aesthetically. simply put its shapped like a hand and a half sword. same thing for the Heavy Beam Buster Sword, except its two handed…plus the blades are more Exia flat than Traditional Rapier style if that mattered lol.

Simple things. No gundam anything, atleast for the first couple “Arcs”. I’ll make a post when gundams are on scene, even gundam parts.

You’re gonna wanna use that beam buster sword you found right? I’ll allow it, but it has to be a power drainer. Maybe even cabled directly to the reactor to power it fully. And only 1.

Im down with that, ill have him pack some smaller beam sabers on recharge racks on the back (if thats cool) and in case things get really hairy, he can pull a Heavy Buster Beam sword from a rack on the skirt Kadaj style that is connected to the Reactor via cable. that will do. as for that head…ill say that the original head got blown away and he later found an old NRX-016 Rasveht (seeing its been years since the series…and its the HEAD ONLY! no Newtyperry!) to replace the lost Daughtress head. As for other weapons, just Two very small Micro Missile Packs on his shoulders, a shield, and a light machine gun thank you.

I’m fine with all but the head. The Rasveht is a newtype suit, no dice. Even if there’s to no newtypery. No newtype suits or Gundam suits. Sorry, I have to be firm on this one.

Its cool ive got another head canditate (get it Head Candi- oh never mind), the head of the NRX-011 Britova sound ok?

That’s an experimental mobile suit, I will ok this on the condition that if the head gets destroyed you afix a standard Dautress head. Honestly, you’re going overboard. I’m going to have to limit beam sabers. You can have the 1 buster beam saber, that doesn’t count. By Kadaj, I assume placing that sword behind your back on your waist? Limited to 5 beam sabers. Or 4 beam sabers and 2 beam daggers. You can afix the daggers to the machine gun and/or shield if you’d like.

im down with it. plus ill keep the beam buster sword and scale it down from two to just one standard beam saber so ill have only two, one for usual combat, and one for when things get hairy. the micro missiles, rifle and Shield stay and when the time comes to swap out heads ill have Ian find an old Daughtless Command Dype head to replace. Cool? and yes in order to draw the Buster sword he pulls it from the back skirt. as for a Beam Dagger? Ill think about it…thanks for that allowance lol.

Yeah, the command head would be fine. Remember all this pre-setup for when I get around to starting this RP. Your “testing the waters” can’t be as extreme as in the UC RP. Granted it’s mostly because that sort of tech hasn’t been recreated or destroyed…remember to do a full post up of your weapons when you’re all sorted.

Will do. ill keep refining it down and once ive got down what i want, ill post the mods and weapons loadouts…

EDIT: Finished up with what i want for now, and i decided to keep the Daughtress’ head for now. when we get to the Arcs were Gundam and Gundam type parts show up, ill say the Daughtress’ head gets shot off and he has swap out with either the Rasveht or (if youre willing) the X’s head.

Excellent. That’ll help with visualizing.