has anyone else seen this mecha related anime It’s set in the not to far future and plays off of It’s own universe version of Gundam called Gunvarrel were this anime has changed the world for them 7 episodes so far made by the same people who did Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate.

and to think in a Gundam forum no one responded to this It has very Gundam like Qualities to it

I’ve been watching it for a few weeks now. I like the ‘Gunvarrel as an alternate Japanese cultural icon’ play it has going, but I’m not certain I would say it has very Gundam-like qualities. The in-series anime is more Super Robot than anything.

actually it has many gundam like qualities you just have to look for them in the opening of the anime when you see Gunvarrel it looks like It has the wings of light from Victory Gundam on the forehead the three golden prongs just like the ones that are common on most gundams and how they have a legendary last episode that wasn’t aired just like how the original gundam didn’t get to air it’s last episode on television and yes it does seem more like a super robot anime in their universe but we also have G-gundam
their is also the mentions that it is a drama Gundam is the original robot drama

also forgot they call Kona Furugori Frau bow the name of Amuro’s close friend