RMV-1 Guntank II -3d build

Hi all,
It has been awhile since my last visit.
I don’t know if there is a 3d print forum here, just want to share my recent WIP
RMV-1 Guntank II -3d build


Looks great! I’m assuming you used CAD for this, right?

I may as well ask, now that I’ve seen this:

Do you draw your own lineart when starting a projecting like this, or do you just images already out there?

Do you scale a picture to scale or do you just wing it/eyeball it and scale it later on?

That looks amazing. I have two 3D printers myself. And have printed a few projects. But nothing as good looking and custom as this.

I use Fusion and Lightwave and zbrush.
It is a ground up operation.
I used a lot of reference. from the anime, web to the battle ops game for dimensional accuracy.
There are ripped assets but I find them only good for reference. Then you have to add your own product development to get things to look good and print nice.

Nice, if you don’t mind me asking. What modeling software are you using?

I use Lightwave, zbrush and Fusion . mostly with this it was Lightwave. Blender would be my second choice.

lil more work today

Wow, that is something. :astonished:

Looks like a 3D printer would be a worthwhile tool to have. How limited is the articulation on it?

tracks are stationary
mid turret rotates
side missle launchers up and down
head with 120mm guns rotate and elevate

Were you using newer 3D printer such as the Phrozen one? They definitely looked better than the old filament type.

Wow this looks very crisp and clean. It makes me want one in 1/100.

gray is mars3, dark green gray is phrozen mini 8k

should hold up at 1/100. I may have to test the res

assembly instructions…not in order :sweat_smile:


Model available on Cults3D

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So the tracks move or no? Looks like they might from one of the layout pics.

This is awesome!