RG Strike Freedom

Oh yeah! I’m pre-ordering that bad boy!

Well, what do you know. I’m guessing this is going to be the November release.

Strike freedom eh? What’s next bandai? A full burst mode with a super bling bling frame? Lol

Don’t even need that, I’ll paint the frame myself.

And Zeta, if you look at the card it actually says November release.

Ah… so it does. I missed that. Thank you

Not a problem. I might hold off on getting my GP01 combo for this. Not sure though.

The first RG it I want is the Gundam Mk.II in A.E.U.G. colors.

I have the Titans. Great kit. All around awesome kit.

Just found out web exclusive effect parts and stands are forthcoming, like it wasn’t expected.

Hmm, now that is interesting. I might hold off on the GP01s and pre-order the inevitable combo package.

I probably won’t buy this kit, but I’m super psyched. It’s gonna look legit. We all know the RG Infinite Justice is next.

Wouldn’t be hard, just modify the existing RG Justice a bit here and there.

Got a couple of new photos regarding the upcoming RG Strike Freedom