RG RX-93 vGundam. Missing Part! Advice Needed

Hello Everyone!
new to this forum, but I have been building model kits for a while about a year and a half now. I recently purchased the real grade Nu Gundam and after stropping and starting it periodically I seemed to have misplaced a particular part, g28, which is vital to movement and support of the leg unit. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for replacing this piece or was willing to let go of a spare if anyone had one. I have contacted Bandai, however, I live in Australia and I understand that getting replacement parts outside of Japan is no easy task especially in AUS. I have checked several websites and their stock for the G runner is, as far as I can tell, 0. I am quite the casual builder with my skills levelling around panel lining and some part line removal so scratch building this certain piece seems like a formidable task, but if that is all I can do at this time I am happy to give it a crack.
Any advice regarding the above information would be much obliged.
Thank you.

I saw on on a another post that eBay listing sometime have the part you need. You can try that.

There is a service that will send you parts. As part replacement is only available in japan. These services charge a premium.

You can also try places like Zenmarket that sells runners or built parts that have what you need. Sometimes it’s more convenient than looking to buy a part.