RG Optimus Exia

RG 1/144 Exia painted like one of my all time heroes, Optimus Prime. Purchased the RG kit at Target. Sprayed with mystical maroon, navy blue, blush rose gold and light gun metal.


That looks amazing!

I’d never have thought of using an Exia for Prime! Well done!

Personally, I’d have not used the V-fin and puttied an extension to the head sight to be like the silver thing on Prime’s head, but for a non-customized build, you’ve got it looking great!

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Thanks! Next I’m building the RG MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type (Johnny Ridden Custom) and painting him like OG Megatron!


Will post some better pics soon:

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One shall stand, one shall fall.

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