RG Force Impulse vs MG Force Impulse

Which version is better? Does anyone have both? if you could get just one, wich would it be?

RG is newer, so it’s going to have better articulation, panel details, color separation.

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I have the MG. And it’s a fun kit to build. But you can’t deny the RG Force Impulse. Personally I love the larger scale kits, but the RGs are inherently better all around.


Wow standing next to each other the RG looks way better. I had the RG already, and sold it because of mistakes, but was probably going to buy a new kit to start fresh on, and was thinking about getting the MG this time around instead, I think I should stick to the RG after seeing the pic you posted, thanks!

I have the MG, and it’s not a bad kit at all. The RG just came out more recently, and their tech has gotten better since the MG’s release. (It was released aprox in 2008)


Personally I prefer larger kits. MG impulse is one of the old school products that adheres to the original mechanic design in the animation. Unfortunately Bandai has multiple attempts in deviating from the course and the prime example would be the Wing Series, which is a complete disaster to me.

Considering it is a kit a decade ago, its articulation is definitely state of the art at the time. You can move the chest sideway despite with the core fighter design. Furthermore, don’t think you can bend the knee of Unicorn like this…