RG Exia

Let the variants begin! lol

Ugh…another Exia I’ll need to buy. Hell with it. I’ll just buy the RII whenever they decided to release it.

this is awesome.

Awwww, I was kinda hoping it would be a UC suit. I bet it will look great, but I’ll pass since I already have the Metal Build version.

Really nice to see 00 kits showing up again, though. Maybe there’s still hope that the other suits will get MG versions.

I was thinking this would happen. Now the 50 million variations of Exia will all be P-Online Exclusives. Though this would make for a good 1st Exia kit for me.

Sweet. Now all it needs are some parts to make the Repairs I and II plus a RG O and well be good to go lol

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I’ll be modding one into a RG Astraea.

Glad 00 is still alive and kicking.

Haha, RG 00 after Exia I foresee.

It would be fabulous if they released MG Thrones. Bandai only has too make one frame, and remold certain parts for each. They could even use parts of the frame for the Arche.

Maybe they’ll do like they did with the RG MK II’s and release 2 versions at once? Or maybe they’ll be cool and make upgrade kits like the RG strike gundam. lol

… Anyone disappointed that we didn’t get an RG Gouf?

Put me in that list. I was hoping for it. Oh well, there’s always next year.

I am. I don’t want RGs of crap like Exia which already have fairly solid MGs. I want RGs of things that either don’t have MGs yet (like my Justice) or only have really old (Gouf Custom) or sub par Master Grades (I’m looking at you GP02A).

I was hoping for a RG Psyco Gundam for some reason.

I’m with Zeta-G. A GP02A RG would have been amazing.

Bandai is going for what the Japanese market wants sadly. I think once the lead suits are done we might get more grunts. I’m still hoping and waiting for a gp03.

Do they really want 00 over UC and CE? Really? I think it’s more likely Bandai is just trying to pump out leads and 00 is fairly recent.

It would make sense. The only ones that really don’t fit that bill are the GP01s. But they are a popular design. I think it’s highly possible we’ll see a RG 00 Gundam and a RG 0 Raiser add on similar to the RG Strike and Sky Grasper.

And if that happens, the 0’s wings and 0 Raiser will be a P-Bandai exclusive.