RG 1/144 Nu Gundam Finished

RG 1/144 Nu Gundam Finished with 220+ LEDs :hugs:


This is beyond amazing! :smiley:
Love the lights so much, especially on the funnels ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much😀

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Holy Guacamole!

Very Nice!!!

So far I’ve only built 3 RG kits. Excitement Embodied, lol Bandai should change it to RG Gundamnit - Frustration Guaranteed!!! My first RG was the Tall Geese followed by the Crossbones and Im now in the middle of a RG Sinanju. I felt like I was going from bad to worse. There are times when I wanted to throw the RG Sinanju out the effin window. lol The HG Sinanju wasn’t this bad. Sorry for the rant.

Great job on the Nu Gundam.


You sure said it! On my RG Sazabi even I have lost atleast 5 parts while sanding (found four of them) stupid funnel fins are so small.

Yup, dropping small parts then trying to find it on the carpet makes me want rip out the entire carpeting and just replace it with bare floors. lol

Here’s the Crossbone next to the Tallgeese. I didn’t even bother to cut the nibs cleanly. Nor did I even put on the decals. Also, it’s balance is way off, you would’ve to tilt the body way forward in order for it to stand upright. Even then, it falls over easily. Just breathing on it is enough to make it topple over. It really needs to be on a stand.