RG 1/144 Nu Gundam #2 - Cockpit Demo

Cockpit Starup Effect
Cockpit specially built for Amuro Ray. Such flashing seem only can be handled by NewType

12 x WS2812B are used to build a LED wall for cockpit pattern effect. Many kind of effect can achieve with the combination of difference LED display pattern

Refer to connection diagram for the WS2812B for actual side by side placement and trying to pretend a ball shape structure. An Attiny85 will be use for the display pattern control. Without affact existing moveable structure

RX-93 Cockpit LED Wall Connection Diagram

Demo Video


That is some crazy small modification! Cool work…

Thank you :bowing_man:

Ohhhhhh that’s so cool!! I never thought that’d be possible!

Just curious though, and RG details aside, how come you do not do the modifications for the MGs? Should be slightly easier given the scale.

Thank you for your message,

  1. RG get more challenge and fun on modification. :grin:
  2. Land supply is a serious problem in Hong Kong. :pensive:

Personally, RGs are a tad too challenging…too many small parts.:expressionless:

Too bad, thought Hong Kong was able to get some cool stuffs at good prices.

Anyway, regardless of the personal preference, great work, looking forward for the complete Nu build up.