Review: Rick Dom (MG, 1999)

Hi, everyone. This is my second Gunpla model, and my first review. The only other one I own is the MG Heavyarms (hereby refered to as HA), so, I’m going to make a lot of comparisons to it.

Building Process
The first thing you’ll notice is that the box is gigantic (twice as big as the HA’s). The reason for this is that the pieces are huge. Consequently, there are fewer of them (234, compared to the HA’s 360). The building process was quick and easy (built it in 2 weeks; the HA took several months). For some reason, the black pieces were immune to stress marks, which meant that I was able to simply cut them out and use them; no filing necessary. I’m not sure what the secret is, but I wish all sprues were like that.

Plastic Quality
This kit is 15 years old, and it definitely shows. The pieces feel more dense and, therefore, a bit more flimsy. The biggest issue, though, is the molding. Upon opening the box, I saw that a lot of the branches were cracked. This meant that pieces that should’ve had 4 branches holding them only had 3. Thankfully, the pieces themselves were fine.

Unlike the HA, which has approximately 10 million decals, this one only has about 20. There are two types: dry transfers, and stickers (no water slides), and they bring a lot of life into the simple 1979 design. One of my favorite things about this kit is that not only does it provide extra decals for mistakes, but also badges and stars, presumably for displaying the pilot’s rank.

As you might have suspected, the weapons are enormous. The Beam Bazooka, in particular, is almost 1.5x as tall as the suit is! It’s also very heavy and irregularly-shaped, which means that poor Ricky has trouble holding it, even with its moveable fingers. Even more unfortunate is that both bazookas are a single, solid color, which means that they need some panel-lining (and/or decals) to look good.

Another disappointment is that the Scattering Beam Gun isn’t yellow like on the box; you have to either paint it, or find some way to get a tiny, yellow, circle-shaped piece of paper in there (a hole puncher and yellow Post-It note do the trick).

I had a lot of fun with this kit. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s either new to Gunpla, or likes huge suits with huge weapons. :slight_smile:

I’m really impressed, for just a n00b, you’ve done very well.

I actually debated for 6 months whether to buy an MG Dom or not, and now after seeing this, I will in the future. I really like the look, and after everything you’ve mentioned, I’m even more motivated to do so. Stay Golden.

I have a mg dom also. It was one of my first master grades and still one of my favorites. For such a huge bulky kit you can actually pull of some decent poses and i love the articulated fingers! This is one of the more solod kits out there.