Resin Kits

If this hasn’t been discussed before here goes…If theres an expert in the house that can enlighten me on the dos and Donts of Resin Kits id be greatly grateful. I know how to paint, but I have absolutely no clue on how to prime or assemble a Resin Conversion kit. Do I need to Glue it onto the Frame? Do I have to wash the Resin in Soapy water or can I just sand it down like normal Gunpla? Answers of all kinds are acceptable and appreciated :smiley: and I hope this helps others who haven’t jumped into this like im doin lol…

Instead of me typing out all i’ve learned regarding building resin, i’ll just link you to my friend Major williams blog. He does a pretty nice run through.

Another amazing source of info is from GameraBaenre. I learned so much from this guy and he’s been in the hobby for a long time.

Edit* i will add in since it’s not on majors blog is that resin is alot less forgiving than plastic. When you remove the gate marks/nubs, be very careful, as you can chip something off that you didn’t want gone. You should try sanding or cutting down carefully with your hobby knife. Don’t just go close to the part with your nippers.

Also, i said it already, but keep in mind resin is much more fragile than plastic!!! I can’t stress this enough. If you have a thin part, be careful when working on it, the thinner the resin, the more easier it is to break.

Thanks for the Warning. and thanks for the links I will use them wisely…

Anyone have any experiance ordering through e2046? I want to order a kit but its in preorder status. It has reviews from a year ago so its been released. There is also no release date for it. Does anyone have any advice about this?

It depends on how old the kit is. If it’s a preorder for a second run, you’ll have to wait until they get 10 preorders for them to have another batch cast. Mind linking what you wanted so i could give you a more definitive answer?

Thinking about ordering both of these

I like ordering kits from e2046, they are reliable. I think most of the kits they sell are recasts but I have never had problems with quality. I have a back log of about 4-5 kits from them. If the status is preorder it can take a while before you get it. They wait until there are enough people wanting the kit and then they get made. If it’s a popular kit it’ll get produced faster. It’s not so bad if you can wait. I’ve been waiting for the SD Shou Gundam kit to get made since last August but all my other preorders eventually got made.
C’mon, more people order it so it gets made!! :wink:

I think im going to give them a shot. They’ve got alot of cool stuff on there

Your little RAGE QUIT frog guy cracks me up. What it that show called again?

It’s called Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso, it’s one of my favorites next to Gundam, of course.

I remember seeing like part of an episode. Its was funny ill have to look it up. Thanks.