Requiring E-mail confirmation.

This buddy has newly composed a message and sent it to me

His nickname is bb4ninja.

Admins please, fix this.


D-scythe and bb4ninja

Strange enough, he also messaged me.
I told him to message thwalker, as we seem to push our burden to him a lot recently JK

Nice that you created this thread for him.

I just tried to change his status to Registered Member. However it doesn’t seem to be applying the change to his account. It might be up to the Admin to make that change. I’ll send him a message and see if we can get this resolved.

Edit: I just sent m1ck3y a message about the issue, with your friends user name. He is in the system, and it shows that it is awaiting registration confirmation. So hopefully this will be resolved quickly.

Walker, I don’t know if these people are bots or what… there is another person that asked me… his name is “QANT-00”.
I’ll forward it to you.

If they are bots, then they are getting smarter. Most bots have a really strange looking user name that makes no sense. “Qant-00” is clearly talking about Gundam 00. This would be a new tactic for them.

Bots- or people hired to spam. I just find it wierd that not 1 but 2 people would pm, asking for email confirmation.

Also, I think it’s their email. Whatever they’re using is sending it to the junkbox, probably.

m1ck3y has said that the site has been having some issues with the confirmation emails not being sent out properly. However there has been new members on here so obviously they are going out. I have a thought…

Edit: My thought was correct. They are both using gmail accounts. So it’s possible that the issue has something to do with gmail.

I tried to register 2 or 3 times using my various gmail accounts. Never received an account confirmation email, so I just ended up creating a hotmail account specifically for joining this forum lol

Hmm, this seems like a really bad issue that needs to be addressed. I just glanced through the user base and there are numerous accounts with the same basic user name, all waiting for approval. And then 1 that is a registered user. So it’s happening to more and more new users.

I’m willing to believe that Yahoo, Gmail and other services other than Hotmail/Outlook seem to believe the email to be junk and automatically delete it.
I can’t say for certain as I’ve not used Gmail or Yahoo in 4 years, but this is what I think is happening.

Sorry about the problem, mate. I’d be annoyed if I had to sign up with several accounts too.

Have you looked in your junk inbox, etc? Anything there?

I used my personal Yahoo email to sign up here when I did. Had not issues at all.

I checked all the filters and spam folders in all my gmail accounts, and there was never anything from gundamforums. I don’t believe there is an auto-delete feature in the email client unless you set the filter to automatically delete anything with a certain line or whatnot. But I don’t recall ever setting such filters anyways. Luckily I created a hotmail account and got confirmed for the forums :smiley:

Yeah email services don’t delete emails automatically, cause there is always that one chance that something extremely important will get sent to the junk folder. I believe it’s something to do with this site, not the email providers.