Removing clear coat?

So I partially painted my 1/100 Justice kit and it looked pretty good (even the white which was a damn nightmare). The next day I hit it with a matte finish and a few of my panel lines (done with gundam marker) bled out of their crevasses. I looks ok but being a perfectionist the runs are driving me nuts. Anyone have a good way to remove clear coat. If not I may just battle scar it to make the bleeds work.

What type of paint was your clear coat and base paint?

I’ve had this issue before with my Gundam Marker.

Actually upon further review, I didn’t use any paint on the sections where the Gundam marker bled. It was my first time painting a model and I couldn’t get the shade of light red right so I just left it as is. I just cleaned the pieces to remove any oils that may have been left over from when they were cast.

Just rip it off hahahahahahahah