Remember SD Gundam Capsule Fighter

Do you guys remember SD Gundam Capsule Fighter? I still do.

I remember gashapon machines in-game that would splurt out a random MS that would often be a lesser rank from C to S.

I remember some of the better ones needed REAL money to get a higher chance at some of the rarer stuff.

I remember a paint system that would either look cool or really dumb if you didn’t coordinate it right.

I remember leveling up each MS till it reached level EX, but then it turns out it failed simply because of RNG.

I remember the melee only matches that were extremely biased towards certain types and specials that would often glitch out both combatants depending on which one is used.

I remember spamming funnels and FANGs for a while and saying how awesome they were. And then they got nurfed to the point where they became useless.

I remember the operator in corner constantly, constantly telling me that my unit is down or in danger or some other random bit of useless observation.

Yep. Some good times, they were.

Yeah I remember that game. I really enjoyed playing it, but didn’t like it when they redid the EX set up. Its too bad that the EN version was shutdown though.