Recommended equipment suggestions list

so, along with the usual nippers, hobby knives, pliers, sanding impliments etc…I had the thought of throwing together a list of recommended tools for my fellow gunpla enthusiasts.

it can be ANYTHING, a bobby pin, sewing needle, cat whisker(freely donated aka SHED, please be humane!)

so, fellow gunpla builders, please post your unusual, and or exotic tools, and the purposes you’ve found them to excel at.

I will add all suggestions to this post, with citations for who posted what.

1-toothpick, useful for applying model cement to those few rare parts that just will NOT stay fitted/seated on their own. also useful for the odd part extraction(eg barbatos full mechanics ahab reactor polycap extraction) CAN also be useful for its intended application if snacking while model building(which is NOT recommended).

2- sewing needle, preferably of sufficient guage for safe handling. useful for lifting stickers of all kinds from the sticker sheet to apply to the gunpla. lift with point, flicking at sticker to start curling it up, slide under sticker, pinch sticker to needle with index finger when possible(Some stickers are too small for this step) and lift. locate intended sticker position on model, lay edge of sticker to plastic and roll needle out from under sticker. use point of needle to reposition into intended position, then tap sticker top side with needle point in several places to tack it down, now lay needle flat to sticker and lightly glide across sticker til you can barely see any transparent ‘sticker flashing’ against the plastic. set needle aside, press sticker flat with index finger.

really fine needles CAN be used with the paint pens to ‘wick’ paint into panel lines, say you want florescent green in lines on a dark blue part…you see where this is going.

3- no 2 pencil eraser, useful for a number of tasks here, from removal of paint(fair warning this CAN take a bit) to slightly roughening up plastic for weathering surface treatment(use brush type pens for this)

4- cotton swab(q-tip), useful for everything from paint removal, to, with brush type panel liner pens, producing quick, cheap to apply, and EFFECTIVE weathering effects. use in conjunction with no 2 pencil eraser. when using to remove paint…be advised, you will need to be VERY careful as it IS possible to lift paint from areas you do not intend to with this method.

5- kleenex, multiple uses here, from cleaning remover pens that have become fouled with paint removed from models, to cleaning paint off models that one wishes to remove and redo. also useful when purging paint pen nibs with remover pen fluid due to possible clogging issues.

6- light blue notepad, this one’s not obvious, but used for checking paint pen mix is even and consistent after shaking pens before use. blue color allows for checking of white paint pens.

7- one cup of coffee. if you need an explanation for this, you’re either under aged, or not a card carrying member of the coffee connoisseur’s club.

8- fabric bandaids, this one’s a SAFETY tool and one thats proven itself to me several times this morning in point of fact. apply to index and thumb finger of non dominant hand(eg the hand that will be holding the gunpla part) with the pad of the bandaid partially over the nail, and curving down over the pad of the finger. this will protect against accidental injury from use of hobby knives(provided you’re not REALLY pressing the blade into the plastic) I just had my thumb bandaid save my left thumb from a skip and dip, eg the blade skipped off plastic I was trying to gently shave and would have gone between the nail and flesh of my thumb if not for the bandaid.

@Dlinker supplied the following to the list.
9- Some kind of CA glue, which can also be used to quickly close up knife wounds if you’re too damn busy to handle them properly.
10- Popsicle sticks
11- Bondo spot putty for gap filling
12- Mr. Surfacer 1000 for tiny hole filling
13- Small tweezers
14- Bottle of ISO Alcohol

I’d like to add the following to the list:

  • Some kind of CA glue, which can also be used to quickly close up knife wounds if you’re too damn busy to handle them properly.
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bondo spot putty for gap filling
  • Mr. Surfacer 1000 for tiny hole filling
  • Small tweezers
  • Bottle of ISO Alcohol

adding to the list with citation.