Rebuild of Evangelion

Has anyone else seen this? I was kind of sceptical, considering what happened in End, but I’m glad I braced my nerve to watch Evangelion 1.0, I really enjoyed it.

What do you guys think of the Rebuild movies?

Compared to the original stuff, I like the Rebuild movies way more. Animation is better, dialogue isn’t boring, and the pacing overall feels better.

Yeah it made sense too. I might be wrong and forgetting about it, but in the original, Misato didn’t show Shinji Lilith after that diamond shaped Angel blasted him to the hospital. And Kowaru got introduced early. I just hope they don’t make Shinji and Asuka end up the only humans in that crazy ending.

Haha, yeah, the ending needs a bit of improvement. Or maybe a huge improvement, depending on your mileage :slight_smile: It looks like they added more humor too, which I felt was very welcome. Everyone knows it needed more of that.

Definitely huge, the ending of End was a real cliffhanger (if it can be called that). I’m hoping they kind of skip that part of the Third Impact. I can’t say most fans will be pleased with it, considering the ammount of negativity director Anno recieved after episodes 25 and 26, and End of Evangelion.

I don’t care for series or movies

Wasn’t that because of his crazy depression/suicidal thoughts? I guess what we should hope now is that whoever is in charge of producing/directing the new movies is all right and proper in the head, haha. What I’ve been wanting to see is the Eva-on-Eva bloodbath at the end. Assuming they changed that part at all.

He’s directing it AGAIN. But it’s his thoughts to change things around. He’s not with Gainax anymore, he has his own production company, though these new films are being co-produced with Gainax, he has the ultimate say.

I havn’t seen 2.0, but 1.0 is pretty much a remake of the original series before episode 15,16… somewhere along those lines.
From what I’m seeing in the preview, they’ll be actually going into space this time around.

I know this goes against the law of the show, but don’t you just ever wonder, if they can afford to produce giant artificial human cyborgs, why don’t they just spend the money developing MP real robots? That way we don’t have to put 14 year olds at risk. Meh, Gendou is such a douche.

Really? That actually makes me want to watch it even more now. Just to see if he hid any remnants of his craziness behind the scenes, haha. Having more control does do peaceful things to the mind so long as nobody decides to step on his toes. Let those toes be, I say.

Space, you say? That be an interesting tidbit there. That was completely off-limits in the original and the series. I’ll wait until I watch it to find out how it was fit in. Must resist the urge to google it up…

Very good question and aside from the rule of cool (or rule of mindf#ck in this case), I read somewhere that it was because those kids possessed the highest ability to pilot the Evas thanks to the spirits of someone really close to them actually residing inside said Evas. Now, that still doesn’t make sense due to a number of reasons (namely, why use kids when adults can do the same thing? and if the mass-produced Evas are so effective, why not use them instead?), but it does provide a better explanation. And yes, it is also likely due to Gendou being an insensitive a-hole :slight_smile:

Okay, since you’re resisting, I’ll tell you about it a little bit. There are going to be 4 films, and they’re remakes, not compilation films. The reason it all looks so familiar is they’re trying to stay faithful to the original. Hideaki Anno also says he’s aiming for a new conclusion.
3 films are made, 2 are in english. No spoilers.

Back to the point of the eva suits, I agree it doesn’t make a lot of sense. From what I’ve seen, mothers that died after the second impact-. Their souls where put into the evas. So only those kids who lost mothers at that time, where able to pilot them.

A lot of things gone wrong with Shinji, it all leads back to Gendou. Like when he first introduced Shinji to Unit 01, if he hadn’t of been such a douche about it “I called you here because I have a need for you!” etc, Shinji might actually get into that damn thing without much hesitation.

I’ll be damned if they say Shinji’s lack of confidence is key to events.

Yep, that seals it, I have to watch the rest of the movies now. Maybe I’ll wait until they get to Netflix first, assuming they get picked to join the streaming service.

That’s what I don’t get about Gendou. For someone who has this grand master plan, he’s pretty bad at making sure it happens without any issues. Why does he have to be a jerk to Shinji? Just be nice to the kid and get that over with so he can pilot the robot and further your plan. But no, he has to be super secretive, brusque, and inconsiderate. I understand he went through a number of horrid ordeals, but he’s an adult so he should suck it up.

And he wonders why his plan blew up in his face right at the end… It did blow up in his face, right?

It did. It’s a huge messed up story. Rei’s the clone of his dead wife, and she also happens to be Lilith ??? (didn’t make much sense)
And he hoped to merge himself with her. And the stupid part was, Rei got close to Shinji, so she eventually chose Shinji instead of Gendou.
Man, that was a freaky ending. The part with her arms just falling out… creepy.

As for Gendou, he did see numerous terrible things with his own eyes. But so did Misato Katsuragi. But Misato gets along really well, she lived right through the second impact. Look at her, you can never tell this woman had been traumatized once. Misato was more of a mother to Shinji than Gendou was a father.

A character I really liked, Kaji. He was understanding to Shinji, and he cared for Misato.

I find it ironic in this series that the people who supposedly want the best for humanity are the ones who are cold-hearted, cruel, and indiffferent to everyone. Meanwhile, the average Joes are the ones showing human compassion and understanding, as well as the spirit to keep moving forward despite your troubles.

I remember that scene where Rei’s form was falling apart. I thought I was watching a Director’s Cut version that wasn’t meant to be seen, haha. Same thing for the giant Rei (aka. Lilith). Well, that one was more of a WTF moment than disgusting/creepy.

That’s true, most of the ones in power are cruel. Most of the SEELE members are cold to Gendou, and he in turn is cold to others he works with.
I’m uncertain if they really wanted to save the world, as SEELE wanted the events to happen so they can experience evolution. If not for those other winged Eva’s in End, everything would have ended peacefully.

I’ve read more on Gendou, he apparently did have some hardships before meeting Shinji’s mother.
Okay, so that explains why he’s so cold to the boy, but I can’t help but wonder why he cares for Reik when- they can clone bodyparts for her at any time, and why he doesn’t care for her well being when sending her out on missions.

I think I have time to check out 2.0, I’ll have to get back to you in a non spoiler manner once I’ve witnessed this.

Sounds good. My brother is a huge Evangelion fan so I’m sure it won’t be long until we get somehow get a copy of the others when they’re ready and subbed.

Maybe he cares for Rei to a certain point only. She’s key to his plans, but as you said, they can clone her pretty easily so it’s no biggie if she dies or gets horribly injured in battle. Assuming she does die in battle. Herself being Lilith may prevent that from happening.

As for saving the world, yeah, that was the wrong statement to use for their intentions. It can be argued that they do want to save the world (evolution, turn into something more, remove human faults, etc), but really, all they care about is the end result. They don’t care how they get there and that can be seen as selfish and inhuman.

I might be wrong, but Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo has been available in Japan since last year, so you might be able to get it subbed on dvd, I wouldn’t know though. 2.0 is definitely subbed and available everywhere.

Which ever way you do look at it, SEELE and The Angels, they did win in the end, or was it Lilith? All the humans where turned into LCL and merged together, that might be their perfect ideal of evolution. Only Shinji and Asuka rejected this, and I’m not sure why, Asuka did.

I personally believe that Shinji and Asuka (in the original series) where meant to symbolize a new beggining of humanity, and start over again.

I’ll have to take a gander and see if 3.0 is out there. If so, I need to set aside time to watch it, haha.

You’re right, everyone got what they wanted at the end. Not sure who won the most though. SEELE and the Angels practically ceased to exist as an individual entity. Maybe Shinji and Asuka did, now that they were the only humans physically alive and intact. I agree with your unique assessment of their situation too. You can say it was similar to the story of Adam and Eve, although in their case, what created them back was making a simple choice in the face of overwhelming odds. Live beyond or live as you are, and they chose to live as they were without anyone else around to control them.

Just got back from watching Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance.

Wow, I must say, Gendou, Rei, things I’ve said about them before, I might have to take some of it back. I can’t say much without breaking the spoiler barrier.
This movie gives the series a lot of justice. It explains a lot of things, kind of like the previous movie did, the characters themselves are outstanding. I wasn’t as terrified as the series, but I think this is because I’ve seen it before, that or it was episodic, and waiting to watch the next episode was like a cliffhanger.

I can say one thing, don’t pass this one up, you won’t regret it at all. Everything about it is… amazing… If you’ve seen the series and think you know what’s going to happen next, you’re deadly wrong. It’s very different, for the better.

Yes. This remake film is different from the original series, and I’m liking this more than the original. The introduction of a new pilot is interesting too.

Oooh, I like what I’m reading here. I’ll bug my brother to see if he can get a copy of 2.22.

Looks like someone finally got over their suicidal/depressing thoughts.